Win – Exclusive Artist’s Proof

Congrats to Angela Malden, you’ve won this super cool print by Component !!!

This Competition is now closed, thanks for entering and sharing everyone. But don’t go away, in July we are giving away a $500 voucher, to enter just subscribe to our newsletter !! If you are already subscribed then you are automatically in the draw.


Time to give something away to thank you all for being endemicworld mates!
And it’s a very awesome something – the Wonder Woman art print by NZ artist Component.

A huge 500mm x 700mm, this beauty will look bangin’ on any wall at your place.

Valued at $220, this is the Artist’s Proof – signed by Component and completely one-of-its-kind.

Component NZ Art Print

print competition details

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To do that, you’ll need to post a link to the print (where it’s found on the endemicworld website).

Here’s the link:

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Then come on back here, and leave your name and email address in the comments below this post.

good luck for print competition

Winner will be drawn and contacted via email on Wednesday 3rd July.


91 Responses to “Win – Exclusive Artist’s Proof”

  1. Kelly Eteveneaux says:

    Love it!!

  2. Sarah McMullan says:

    I’d love to hang the Wonder Woman print in our big high hallway. She’d look over the stairwell and warn people that I don’t take any shit from anyone! :)

  3. Josh says:

    Sweet, shared

  4. Mel Johnston says:


  5. Bonny Hallett says:

    WONDER-ful prize. Shared link.
    Wooooooohoooooo hope it’s ME!!!!

  6. Tallia says:

    Gee, I hope I win. Is so cool.

  7. Shelley Watson says:

    wonderful wonder woman

  8. Andy says:

    enter wonder woman comp….check!

  9. Kathryn Pothecary says:

    Awesome Print!!. Would go nicely with a Roy Lichtenstein print :)

  10. Toby Marris says:


  11. Georgia McGill-Bannan says:

    Georgia McGill-Bannan

  12. Holly Jones says:

    Pinned, love it!

  13. Leyla Neilsen says:

    Yay ;)

  14. Ana Samways says:

    I live n a house of superman, spiderman and batman…womder woman needs to loom over all of them!

  15. Lee Turner says:

    shared on facebook ! Thanks

  16. Jono Park says:

    Just tweeted!


  17. Elyse Robert says:

    So keen to win this print for my little sister!

  18. Steph Hough says:

    Fab print ! I’ve pinned it.

  19. Claudette M says:

    Yay love this print. Have shared…. Fingers Crossed! x

  20. Fingers crossed!!

  21. Emma B says:


  22. Rachel says:

    pinned! I love it

  23. Siobhan Daly says:

    Siobhan Daly

  24. Luke Tarver says:

    Shared with care on FB, thanks!

  25. Awhina says:

    Pinned and tweeted :) love!

  26. Jo says:


  27. gael liddington says:

    my grand sons would love this

  28. Catherine says:

    Shared on Facebook :) LOVE IT!

  29. Cam Nicholas says:


  30. Vanessa says:

    Can’t wait to win =)

  31. Amanda says:

    Pinned and tweeted! Awesome print!

  32. Anna Kelly says:

    Shared on FB. So in love

  33. Andrea Spake says:

    Awesome artwork!

  34. Kaz says:

    Pop art and WW. Two of my favourites!

  35. Darren Rae says:


  36. This is a corker! Love it. Shared and cared!

  37. This is sweet! Would love to win.

  38. Eleanor Parsons says:

    Shared on FB

  39. Janine Copp says:

    Love this print.

  40. Karen says:

    Shared on FB :-)

  41. Nadeesha Bishop says:

    Shared on Facebook :)

  42. Liz Duncan says:

    Love this!! Very cool. Shared on Facebook.

  43. Edie-Mae says:

    Shared on FB. I LOVE this print!!!!

  44. Nat says:

    Cool, shared on Printerest

  45. Jenny says:

    link shared on Facebook X

  46. Tim Grocott says:

    Shared on Pinterest and Twitter…FTW

  47. Shared on Twitter. :)

  48. scott says:


  49. Sophie Parker says:

    Very cool print – sent out to the Twitterverse. :)

  50. Morgan Emery says:

    Yay, I shared this on FB! Love it!

  51. Sas says:

    This is one super Rad print!!
    Sas F –

  52. Christy Meads says:

    Awesome print! Trying to win for my wonderful Mum. Shared and tweeted! :)

  53. Dave Davies says:

    Want! Cheers!!!

  54. Mark Swann says:

    Be in to win this Beauty :

    Thanks for the oppertunity endemicworld you Rock

  55. Jade Bentley says:

    Wonder Woman LIKE!

  56. Emma says:

    Pinned! :)

  57. Lily Weeds says:

    awsome – gonna win this!!!

  58. Janet says:

    Love this print!

  59. pete says:


  60. Emma Hinton says:

    Love her!

  61. Keight says:

    I wonder if this wonderful woman will be won by me. She would make the perfect Component to my daughter Ella’s room of growing nz wonderful artworks. Please make her wonder struck!!!

  62. Jessie says:

    Love it!

  63. Sharon stewart says:

    Love it! Wonder women rock!

  64. angela malden says:

    Shared on fb :-)

  65. S Findlay says:


  66. Nick FitzHerbert says:

    Great work. Shared!

  67. Rebecca Byrne says:

    Shared on Facebook – such a great print!

  68. Melissa Bernstein says:


  69. Michael says:

    Nice one!

  70. Angela Beaumont says:

    LOVE this!!! Have shared on twitter :-)

  71. Karen says:


  72. Leah says:

    shared on facebook

  73. Siobhan says:

    Awesome! Would love this on the wall of my apartment:)

  74. Ben says:

    like and share

  75. Chris says:


  76. Debbie says:


  77. Rowan says:

    Consider it shared!

  78. Jo says:

    I would love love love love to win this print its AWESOME all shared

  79. Nat says:

    Fingers crossed!

  80. Jessica says:

    Pinned and linked on FB! Fingers and toes crossed…

  81. Kelly Saxton says:

    Shared on FB – I soooooo love Endemic World … and Wonder-women x

  82. Annie says:

    Shared on Facebook. I think she lifts.

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