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Video Interview with NZ Designer & Illustrator Kate Hursthouse

Welcome to the endemicworld fam, Kate! Kate Hursthouse is a former architect turned designer, illustrator and calligrapher based in Auckland, New Zealand. She studied at Unitec School of Architecture in Auckland and worked as an architect in Australia before pursuing design and illustration at CATC Design School in Melbourne. She primarily works on calligraphic and typographic illustration-based artworks for commercial projects.

Check out this awesome little short vid about Kate…

View all of Kate Hursthouse’s art prints here.


Sign-writing by Auckland artist Nigel Roberts

We love the hand-craft skill of sign writing, the old way, with sticks, paint brushes, eye-cometer and soul. Thats why we got local self taught sign-writing legend and artist Nigel Roberts to do ours. We grabbed this little footage to show you how he does it, enjoy!

We have also just taken delivery of one Nigels Roberts woodcut art prints too.


62 Ponsonby Road by Nigel Roberts aka Dagar from on Vimeo.


Nigel Roberts, Wood Cut Art Print Process

Nigel Roberts (aka Dagar) is the the king of typography. A multi-disciplined artist who racks up sleepless nights at his studio working on his art. Self-taught in the art of sign-writing, he is keeping a dying craft alive. Nigel is a co-founder of the Carwash Gallery and part of Young Gifted & Broke.

Browse Art Prints by Nigel Roberts


Friday Inspiration: Marcus Magnusson

We love the animation work of Swedish designer Marcus Magnusson.


Art In The Dark – Open Late

UPDATE – Due to rain Art in The Dark is now on the 8th and 9th. We will now be open late on Friday the 8th.

This Thursday & Friday night is the annual Art In The Dark event at Western Park. Because thats just across the road, we will be staying open late until 10pm (7th and 8th November).

So come and check out what will be a primo night of art and light and awesomeness in “West” Ponsonby.

Here is a short video made of last years Art in The Dark by Natasha Vermeulen


A year ago we relaunched

1 year & 1 month ago we relaunched endemicworld. Moving away from NZ only design products & gifts and into NZ & INTL Art Prints. It has been a wild & fun year, we spent the last few days reminiscing, and can’t wait for the next year. Thanks for being part of it : -)


Art Not Ads Doco

Film student Leah Robertson made this short doco about the debate over the invasion of display ads in our every day life. Art by her bro Jaime Robertson (aka iThink) and Component.


3 Art videos you have to watch!

Short dark cold days means way more youtube hours, here are some great videos of recent local art happenings. Props to those who put in the time to document whats going down in the local Art scene.

AllFresco was a street art festival recently held on K road AKL.


Askewone x Auckland Print Studio for Semi Permanent.


Cut Collective and a Tauranga Tanker