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Chalk it Up by Mash Foundry (in the making)

Mash Foundry from Hamilton have made this choice vid of their latest work “Chalk it Up”. They have also released art prints of this chalk illustraiton too.


Linocut Print Making Process Video by Linocutboy

It is always a pleasure to watch an artist and see how their process of making art prints works. They are all different, some are protective of this process, some share it in beautiful videos. We just discovered linocutboy : – ) Check it out, talk about steady hands and thumb cramp. It makes you realise the extraordinary effort that goes into creating art prints. It is not as simple as some may think. This “Deep Sea Diver” print is an edition of #25 and took a few weeks to make!

via thirdman


BMD – The Multi-dollar Feature

We first saw this short film as a curtain raiser for DREGS. Been meaning to share this for ages. The scale of BMD’s street work is crazy. We’re quietly amped about their talent and look fwd to what they do in 2013.  Check more recent street art by BMD here or follow their tumblr here.

BMD – The Multi-dollar Feature from Emulsion Burns on Vimeo.


Black & White. aMBUSH Gallery Sydney

One of our favourite art galleries and arty event curators/creators aMBUSH had this show called “Black & White” at the end of last year in Sydney. Looks dope. Amoungst the 67 intl artists were locals Erin Forsyth and Askew.



Eat some pedestrians on the way to work…

Student designer Daniel Disselkoen came up with this awesome little lo-fi idea to make the otherwise-dreary daily commute as fun as playing a video game. So clever.



Behind the scenes: relaunch video

One month ago we relaunched, it feels like yesterday, here is a behind the scenes peek at the launch day.

Studio Alexander & endemicworld took four weeks to conceptualize, plan, gain sponsorship, and create this relaunch in the basement of Imperial Lane, Auckland, NZ. Within each of the four ‘room’ scenes, a computer displayed the new website, while recording the event time-lapse style without anyone knowing.

This is a 20 hour day in 2:30 minutes.

Filmed & edited by Natasha Vermeulen.
Shot with Canon 5D mark II and iMac desktop cameras.
Music: No Life on Saturn by Bastard Jazz

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What we do all day

Here is a quick video of what we do… we love prints!



Let’s Press

This sweet short gives great insight into the various steps of the Letterpress process.
Made by students at the University of Arts in London, it shows the step-by-step creation of a typographic print.

To check out our range of Letterpress prints and other prints and posters, click here.