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Endemicworld X Mocka Giveaway!

We’ve been a fan of Mocka’s stylish and nifty furniture pieces for a while now, and when the chance to collaborate on a giveaway came up we jumped on it!

Head over to the Mocka website to enter the New Zealand and Australian competitions to WIN a $150 endemicworld voucher.

Check out the awesome co-lab shots below, too. Styled by Places and Graces, photography by Jenna Smith Photo for endemicworld.

Mock X Endemicworld Styled Clothes rack and art

Left: Something Forgotten art print by Amy Wybrow Right: Black X art print by Duett Design

Mocka x Endemicworld side table styled

Left: Wonder Woman aerosol print by Component, Centre: Blue Scooter art print by Pencil and Hammer, Right: Coke Truck art print by Jack Alexander

Mocka X Endemicworld Baskets styled

Left: Dream Seek Create art print by Alisha Brunton, Right: Lavender art print by Laura O’Connor


Print Pairs: The casual lean

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how we display art in our homes. Do we frame it? Do we pin or stick it to the wall with washi? Then there’s the hassle of making sure its actually straight.

Hallelujah, we have found a way to make hanging art prints simple… don’t hang it! Lean it. (Like your date when he’s trying to be cool.)

This week we have accompanied suave leaning positions with bold prints to fit.

Namaste Art print by Alisha Brunton leaning

image:, feat. Norm Architects

The Namaste art print by Alisha Brunton has everything this room needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Perfectly organic text, with simple composition.

Aztec in black art print by Cloud Nine Creative

image: via pinterest

This ledge is such a handy addition to a small bathroom; keep your beauty products dry, burn a beautiful candle, or bang an Aztec art print by Cloud Nine Creative in a frame to admire.

Helvetica typographic art print by OSLO

image: via pinterest

A whole wall- length side board free to stack with prints, books and treasures?! Yes please! This is also an amazing storage solution.

The art print featured is Helvetica by OSLO.

For other art prints by these artists and more, visit us online.

We also have a physical store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.



Bespoke Framing: Protect your prints

Our endemicworld pre- made framing option is easy peasy and no fuss, especially for those last minute gifts. However, for anyone purchasing an original work or art print which is limited edition or has special embellishment, we always recommend bespoke framing as an option.

As mentioned in our previous post about the importance of custom framing your art prints, keeping a space between the glass and the paper with a mat or set back frame increases the life of your print. Custom framing also allows you to increase the apparent size of the work and compliments the individual piece.

Check out the examples below of some of our latest bespoke framing work.


The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe Framed

The Nudes art print by Inaluxe in A2. Framed in Raw oak, set back.

$420 Framed or $160 Unframed

Australian raw oak varies slightly in grain and colour giving your print total individuality. It suits all genres or styles of work including illustration and photography.

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Gallileo Limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell. Framed in a white box frame with cream mat.

$475 Framed or $295 unframed

A cream mat compliments the earthy tones of a print such as Galileo by Margaret Petchell. The crisp white box frame keeps with a fresh and modern style.


For more art prints and frames check out or visit us in store to view more bespoke framing options



The Art of Display – Ideas for Unframed Prints

Eh – who says your art prints have to be framed? Sometimes, a more casual style looks even better than framing, and it certainly helps the wallet situation. Here’s a few easy ideas to display your unframed art prints…


Copper Nails

Copper Nails

Copper is super on-trend, and a set of copper nails is an affordable find at any hardware store (we’ve seen them in Bunnings and Mitre 10 Mega stores here in NZ). Hammer one in each corner of the print to make a real feature of the copper, or try just one nail in the top centre if you prefer a minimal approach (or if you’re displaying a few prints together).

Brass Clip


We’ve all seen prints hung by regular old bulldog clips, and that’s awesome and everything… but hello, brass. Brass is having a moment in interiors, and we think your art print deserves a little luxe. We’d hang one above our bedside table.

Washi Tape Frames


Create your own frame! Washi Tape is great because, if you’re careful, you can easily peel it off the wall (and your art print) without any trace it was ever there. Which also means you can change up the look as the mood strikes – four short diagonal pieces on each corner for a loose look, a perfect rectangle frame around your print, or maybe cut the tape into thinner strips and create wall art which forms part of an overall piece. Whether you’re into pastels, neon brights, awesomely-clashing patterns (print-on-print), luxe metallic or simple bold black, you’ll find the washi tape to suit.

Not Pin – Pon



We are obsessed with these new no-puncture push pins (called Pons!). Invented by a clever young American guy, who raised enough funding on Kickstarter to put Pon into production! You can now pre-order packs of Pon online.

Prints on Ply


Grab a sheet of ply, some favourite art prints and other printed material (wrapping paper you love, a fave photo or two, etc) and arrange awesomely. Done! A modern moodboard that you can move around your room or easily take to your new flat.

Magnetic Gallery Wall

art on a wall

Paint a wall with magnetic paint, and fix your art prints to it with tiny magnets.




Bespoke Framing: Make Your Art Prints Pop

Custom or bespoke framing is something that is often overlooked for being too expensive, too difficult, or something we just never get around to. However, there are loads of benefits to getting your art framed the right way!

Framing your pieces professionally protects your art, making it last longer by keeping it dry and dust free. We use archival glues and backing boards so there is no acid to eat away at the artwork. You even get the option of choosing a UV protective glass.

Framing adds value to the work! The right frame can add context and style to an artwork and also increase its perceived size on the wall.

Finally, custom framing makes your art prints look AWESOME. Pop in to see us at endemicworld (62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland) to discuss colours, matting and floating techniques, and types of frames. We can easily find something that makes your art print stand out as well as match your living or work space.

Camer Poster Antony Nobilo
‘Contax Camera’ Poster by Antony Nobilo
Black Box frame, set back and glued down for a super crisp modern style, $295 framed ($95 unframed)

Photographic Art Print by Georgie Malyon
‘Splatter Skulls’ Photographic Art Print by Georgie Malyon
White Box frame, cream mat, $450 framed, $195 unframed.

Photographic Art print by Jenna Smith

‘Sanctury’ Photographic Art Print by Jenna Smith
Raw Oak frame, set back and glued down for a natural feel, $320 framed, $150 unframed.



New Year, New Look

Ah, January. Our FAVE time of the year! A new diary (blank pages excite us), and a chance to refresh your rooms – to create a new space for the new year ahead.
Here’s a few easy tips to creating a new look for your bedroom, on a budget…


framed art print on black bedroom wall

Black is back! If you’re a little nervous (or budget-conscious) about painting a whole room black, just go for one wall, behind the bed, as they’ve done here. Simple and chic – and it makes any art prints you have on the wall really pop!

interior design

Buying just a few contemporary cushions is a quick way to totally revive your bed linen. Have a few sweet little plants around the house or outside?
Pop one at your bedside to breathe a little more life into the space.

Art Print Picture Ledge in bedroom

See what we mean about the little plant on the bedside? Nice!
Rearrange your art prints around the house – taking from one room and displaying in another, grouping them differently than you have in the past.
These small ledge shelves are perfect for above your bed – display 2 or 3 of your favourite prints and add a small keepsake/memento to break it up.

chair and bed

Speaking of switching things around… try a fave chair as a bedside table instead!

photos as art on wall

Relive your awesome summer hols with a casual-cool collage as art on your bedroom wall. Pick and print a bunch of fave photos, arrange, and pop on the wall with washi tape.
Choose colourful patterned tape or stick with one shade – up to you! The best thing about washi tape is how cleanly it removes, so you can play around with where and how you display the photos.

framed print on bedroom floor

Sick of your bedside table? Try a stack of your all-time fave books or magazines. So simple, so effective, and no-cost.
And who said art prints have to be on the wall? Take them down and try a few leaned up against a wall. We like it. We like it a lot!
large framed art print in bedroom

Large art print leaning up against the wall, a stack of good magazines, a little bit of green foliage and a beautiful candle… BOOM, instant bedside style.


Framed NZ Art Prints

Four of our newest art prints over at endemicworld -
Work in Progress by Chloe Ruby (NZ),  Never Ending Fun art print by Oslo (NZ), Love Machine by Inaluxe, and Pinecones by Chloe Ruby (NZ)





Oh, Print Pairs, We Missed You…

We’ve had quite a few requests lately for another round of print pairs… not that we need a reason, we love putting them together!
Here’s a little round up of stylish interiors, matched with the art prints we’d buy if we were decorating the space…

NZ art print and interior

This beautiful, light-filled space would be the perfect home for Capital, an original ink drawing by NZ artist Heath Brodie. This intricately sketched piece is part of a series called ‘The Journey Through’, and Heath has used ink made from Harakiki Flax.

art print and pink bedroom

We love the painterly style of NZ designer Alisha Brunton’s Let’s Run Away art print. A dreamy print belongs in a dreamy spot – right above the bed in a feminine but modern bedroom.

LOVE art print and grey bedroom

Grey is the most gorgeous colour for bedroom linen – it’s chic and contemporary with just a hint of luxe. Black and white is the best match for grey – we’d swap out that big framed print for our LOVE art print. It comes unframed, or framed in white or black.

apple art print and colourful room

Calling all colour lovers! This personality-packed dining room is a veritable feast of vintage and Scandi style… no boring people allowed. You could replace that rather busy gallery wall above the buffet with one big bold statement piece, like our limited edition Apple art print. An apple a day…

bright art print and bedroom

For big kids or little ones – if the room is modern, bright and fun, the Corals art print by Australian indie illustrator Pete Kromer will fit right in.

penguin art print and babys nursery

Nawww, so sweet! This Baby Penguin art print is one of a series of baby animal prints by NZ illustrator Emmaline Bailey. They’d be super cute on their own or as a framed diptych or triptych for baby’s bedroom. The soft pencil texture makes them an especially good choice for a neutral nursery.

vintage letterpress print and vintage kitchen

Our vintage-style Coffee print – a genuine letterpress print - is the perfect partner for a retro or vintage-style kitchen space. (Letterpress printing is an art in itself, each print is made using an antique press, one print at a time, one colour at a time.) We love the classic deep blue colour, which will play off nicely against white walls and timber surfaces.



Styled: Babe’n Bedroom

Something about this time of year makes me want to give my home a little interior makeover; starting with my bedroom. I’d hang one of my fave framed prints – nice and big – above the bed, and splash out on new bedding and homeware to go with it. Hmm… actually, the budget probably can’t stretch to the whole wishlist – but you really only need one or two new things (and some clever re-arranging) to make you feel like you’ve got a whole new space!

Bedroom with Inaluxe Art Print


1. Lots of fun colour, yet the black frame and grey background give this print a sophisticated edge – we love the Danish-style Blossoms framed art print by Inaluxe.

2. Why should the sofa have all the fun? This vintage-style pleated velvet cushion - in a similar teal colour to tie in with the Inaluxe print – would look perfect on the bed. Or on a reading chair in the corner of the bedroom.

3. Finally, duvets are getting the graphic design treatment. Long overdue, we say. This pastel Croc design from Australian designers Kip & Co. is just. so. cool. Available in NZ through Collected and LETLIV. 

4. Just like handbags and shoes, you can never have enough journals. Cosy up under the covers and write down your dreams and schemes in one of these bright (or pastel-coloured) recycled leather notebooks, available from Father Rabbit.

5. A funky rug would be an awesome addition to my bedroom. We love this ZigZag wool rug from Collected by LeeAnn Yare. (It also comes in grey, which would tie together nicely with our art print and bedside light.)

6. A super cute, colour-dipped bedside table? Yes please. This little beauty is available in black or white, also from Collected by LeeAnn Yare.

7. We love the combo of grey fabric with light blonde timber in this stylish bedside lamp. From Citta Design.

8. Finally, a little something special to keep jewellery in – this diamond trinket box looks lovely just as an ornament, but also hides valuables inside. Designed by Areaware, and available in NZ from LETLIV.