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Resene Colour x endemicworld Art Prints

Nothing we like more than a cool colab, and the crew at Resene have been colour matching their huge range of paint colours with endemicworld art prints! Here are some of our favourites. To check them all out, plus loads more colour inspiration, follow them on instagram. Photos & styling by Amber Armitage.



Wood Block & Stencil Prints by Ina Arraoui

Nothing we like more than hand-made low edition art prints. New artist Ina Arraoui from Auckland creates her art prints using traditional wood block & stencil printing techniques. Her first release is a series of mixed media cacti ornaments. Editions of only 4 or 6 per print makes these very special indeed. We have a full set framed up in-store and only a couple of each unframed. Check them out and find out more about Ina Arroui here.


Gift Guide – NZ’s Most Wanted

Some of our most popular art prints (new and ‘of all time’), plus the best of desirable design from around New Zealand – for someone who’s been a good girl all year…


Dreamy Ink Moon art print by George Sand Studio - from just $59.

The perfect match – she’ll have sweet dreams in this Contrast Teddy in taupe from Lonely.



Such a great little gift pack! NZ artisan soda syrup, enamel cups and a metal carry crate, all in this Picnic Kit from Six Barrel Soda Co.

Get her something pretty from New Zealand’s most well-known female street artist – this Tui and Hibiscus Giclee art print by Flox is a very limited edition of just 50 copies.


The marbled look is right on-trend. She’ll dig our Wave Study No. 6 art print by Wild Wagon. Available in sizes right up to a huge A0 poster – so cool.

What woman doesn’t want something sophisticated and special from coveted NZ brand Deadly Ponies? Yeah, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t either.



Blush pink and copper foil journal, oh yes. This is My Year 2016 journal, from MiGoals.

The perfect match – this blush pink and gold foil Nordic Sunset art print, by Duett Design. From only $49!


One of our all-time best sellers, the contemporary, Scandi-style Grey Blossom art print by Inaluxe. Looks even better framed!

How ’bout something soft and stylish from cult-status-cool brand Kip & Co? This is the Kip & Co Swash cushion, available from LETLIV.





Oh yes. Yes. Now you’re talking. You’re about to be very, very popular indeed. Axel shoes in black from Chaos & Harmony’s new SS16 collection (and one of the collection’s best sellers)

For Ms. Monochrome, our hugely popular Black X art print by Duett Design. Priced from just $39 and looks super hot in a black frame.





Meet the Artists: Lisa Baudry

Lisa Baudry is an Auckland-based creative who, after many years as a successful graphic designer and design studio director, has rediscovered her love and talent for tactile creation. She now works out of her own amazing backyard studio cottage, exploring and developing her style through painting and stencilling, and turning her folk-style art into stylish art prints. 



Can you tell us a little bit about your process – from concept to the finished print?
For most projects I’ll collect images to create a concept board. I am always pinning to Pinterest or saving on my computer so I have a big image bank of stuff I find inspiring in look and feel.

From there I may make a list of things I want to draw/paint. I have my laptop set up in front of me and usually get my reference straight from the internet using google images. I paint/draw everything as icons that can be scanned into the computer.

This is where my music comes in. It takes a while to get into flow when painting and I need to paint for quite a long time to get familiar with the subject matter. I have to get quite lost in it to paint well. Eventually I’ll have elements that I think I can use. I scan the stuff I like and then play around in Adobe Photoshop to compose an image, or trace/re-draw elements in Illustrator then adjust colours until I’m happy with it. The composing on the computer can take a long time for me!

I like the look of hand-painted work but the flexibility to edit on my mac.



Scenes from Lisa’s studio – creating painterly elements for a new artwork 

What are you working on at the moment?
I took an online course last year to develop my artwork, there were ten assignments altogether which lasted a week each. I am part of an online group who are re-working their assignments at their own pace, with another year of growth we are seeing if we can improve our work. The one I’m re-doing at the moment is a cover illustration for the Aesop Fable, The Tortoise and the Hare.

What has been your most exciting/inspiring/rewarding creative project to date?
One of my projects this year was to paint directly onto a cross-section of wood. I had to design something that worked for a circular format. I looked at a lot of chinoiserie plates (willow pattern). I love the ultramarine blue, but I wanted to create something that had local imagery. I had been up at Bastion Point for Waitangi Day and out in the Waitemata Harbour that summer sailing so those experiences were woven into the design. What I painted for that assignment became the background for the Kaimoana art prints that I now have at Endemicworld.


Two of four from Lisa’s Kaimoana series of art prints

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
Sew. I love to make things with my hands, and sewing is something I learnt as a child that I always loved doing. When I had my daughter, five years ago I started sewing again. I use vintage patterns mostly but have just started learning pattern drafting which is really interesting for me.

Getting outside to explore and roam either at the coast or in the bush. Camping and cooking on fires outside in summer is a love. Probably my idea of fun is to light a fire, sit around, sing and tell stories. I think I belong to another time sometimes.



Two of Lisa’s sweet little sewn creations

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
I have lots! Wallpaper! Textiles! Ceramics! Collab with an established design houses. My own exhibition.
Food illustrations for a recipe book that celebrates home-cooking from scratch or outdoor cooking in the wild.

When are you at your most creative?
When I’m well rested.

I’m learning how valuable time away from the work is, probably equally as important as time working on it. I need fresh eyes and a fresh mind to see what I’m doing. It’s been a long journey to learn the importance of self-care as an artistic person. Getting enough sleep, getting outside, having a good routine and staying positive are some of the self-care stuff I have to keep coming back to.


Lisa is lucky enough to now have her own studio, recently built  in her backyard. Inspired by NZ’s iconic back country camping huts, it features recycled windows and doors and has wooden floors and whitewash walls inside.

What’s one thing you couldn’t do without when you’re creating?

Creatives give the best recommendations: Tell us about a good movie to see, a book to read, a website to check out, somewhere we should visit…
It’s not a recent one, but the wonderful Bright Star by Jane Campion. Poetry, Love, Sewing. Unbelievably beautiful and moving story of John Keats and Fanny Brawn.

Last year I churned my way through so many books on food and diet. The ones that stood out were Michael Pollan’s. He’s a US food intellectual who speaks powerfully about eating what he calls ‘real food”, the stuff that you’ve cooked yourself from scratch, respecting food traditions and avoiding scientific reductionism in regards to what we eat. In Defence of Food and Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation are amazing reads.

This Ivy House  is a beautifully curated site which the creator describes as: “A haven for faded beauty, artful neglect & stylish dilapidation.”

Somewhere to visit: The Antique Textile Fair. I go every year – it’s a buzz.


Lisa’s latest series of folk-style kitchen art prints are inspired by her love and respect for good wholesome food.
Both designs are available in two colourways (we love that!)

Explore all Lisa Baudry art prints at endemicworld




Photography by Vernon Rive and Lisa Baudry




Meet the Artists: Duett Design

Recently, popular NZ illustrator Greg Straight and his wife Hannah joined forces on a new print brand – Duett Design – and dayymmm is the Scandi-geometric Duett aesthetic proving popular! 


Two of the prints in Duett Design’s debut range – Directions and Align (look awesome in a bold black frame!)


Hannah and Greg discuss ideas in their regular Monday meeting – at a fave neighbourhood cafe

We already know lots about your husband Greg Straight (being one of our fave endemicworld illustrators and someone who’s been with us since we started). But tell us a bit more about you, Hannah – and how you came to join forces as Duett Design?

I’m probably Greg’s biggest fan. What a talented guy! I’m also a real interior design enthusiast and have wanted to collaborate with him for a few years now, using him as a kind of medium to get my ideas down on paper. My own graphic design skills are very basic but I have a good eye for design and can spot a trend a mile away, so together we make a great team.

We didn’t really start Duett very intentionally. It all began because I wanted some custom artwork to fit with our living room décor. We started playing around with some geometrics and came up with our Deco Gold print and Mint Maze print, this was the humble beginning, but we showed them to a few people and they all seemed to really love them so we spent a few more long evenings sitting together at Greg’s desk building up a collection. The ideas just seemed to flow, I’d be researching colours, shapes and texture and Greg would interpret my ideas. Sometimes, they would end up quite different from my original concept but I loved that it was a real combined effort. Before we knew it we had an online shop and were getting great support from bloggers and retailers (Endemicworld being the first) so the momentum had built up enough to keep this baby going.



Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
For art, I’m a big fan of Inaluxe’s abstract shapes, composition, colour and texture.

I also love furniture designer Tim Webber for the clean lines and simplicity of his pieces.

There are heaps of interior designers and stylists that I get inspired by every day on Instagram. If I named them all it would be a very long list but I’m going to give a special mention to two… Emma Flint from Raw Styling – I wish I had her talents in the product styling department, I think I’d sell a lot more prints. To me it’s just perfection. And of course Michelle Halford (The Design Chaser), her photos are always beautiful and rekindle my love for Scandinavian design each and every time.

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
- Our Greg Straight ‘Tikitastic’ screen print – an all time classic, we hung onto the last one in the edition.
- Our three custom Duett prints in natural frames
- Ikea picture ledges, I love to change up how prints are displayed from time to time and these make it so easy!
- Drawings by our son Leo (this boy has his Dad’s skills)
- A photo of our daughter Chloe, when she was about 2 years old
- Our wedding photo – we only have one on our walls but it’s a goodie.
- My round Tim Webber etched edge mirror


Super on-trend and fun decor at Hannah’s workstation

What’s coming up for Duett?
We’ll soon be revealing our new direction for spring/summer. Our minimal, scandi-style prints have been really popular and are reflective of one of my favourite interior styles, but we are not afraid of a bit of colour, especially in the sunnier months. I’ve been really inspired by some beautiful watercolour art lately so we are bringing a touch of that into our new range whilst still remaining true to our geometric foundations.




Exciting little sneak-peek at a few ‘coming soon’ styles from Duett Design!

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
I think our designs would lend themselves perfectly to homeware. I can see some of them working well as rugs, cushions, throws, blankets, duvet covers, pillowcases etc. So yeah, if Freedom wanted to hook up, that would be kind of cool! But seriously, something along those lines, an in-house range with a credible brand such as Citta Design would be amazing.


Hannah and Greg spend Monday mornings working (and being caffeinated) at their favourite local, Manna Cafe

Designers always give the best recommendations – Tell us about a good movie to see, a book to read, a website to check out, a place to visit…
This is a tough question for me! We’re a bit behind the eight ball on TV & movies as we often work in the evenings after the kids go to bed (for example we’ve only just started watching Suits on Netflix).

A website I’m enjoying these days is the Australian version of Houzz (which also covers NZ). It’s a bit like a never, ending copy of Your Home & Garden. The photos are nice and big; there is a good mix of stories covering interiors and architecture as well as a bundle of useful articles full of advice and tips.

There’s also a great new little café in our hood called Manna Coffee & Bread Store (Birkenhead). The décor is scandi-cool (with sidekick stools from Paper Plane), the owner-barrister knows his coffee and the menu is tasty and healthy with many sweet-tasting-but-sugar-free options, I’d really recommend a visit, its been very well thought out. Maybe we’ll catch you there as we’ve chosen it as our ‘Monday morning meeting’ venue where we plan out what needs to be done in the week ahead for Duett Design, Greg Straight Art and another little venture we’ve started working on.


Reflections art print and Assembly art print (available in a range of sizes, framed or unframed)


For lovers of Scandi-monochrome, Hannah and Greg have designed a range of black and white art prints.


We love us some gold foil action!  Nordic Sunset and Deco Gold art print (shown in the yellow colourway, also comes in a mint with pink).

Discover the full Duett Design print collection here
(with even more coming soon!)


Meet the Artists: Rowan Oswald

Recently back from a huge overseas adventure, we caught up with full-time teacher and part-time typographic artist Rowan Oswald. From his letterforms to his outlook on life, we love this guy’s style…

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview10

NZ artist and designer Rowan Oswald


You’ve just been overseas – where did you go? Tell us some highlights from the trip!
We were lucky enough to travel to LA, NY, London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Gallipoli, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Samos, Athens, Amsterdam and Tokyo.  It was a whirlwind world tour as we have our first little one on the way.

It is so hard to decide on a highlight! Each place was amazing in its’ own right. I would have to say NY/London, Athens/Rome and Tokyo.

I always love going back to NY as the city has so much character! I hadn’t been to London before and I saw a lot of similarities between New York and London – in each you can hop on the subway, pop up somewhere new and it feels like you are in a whole new city. We also had the chance to catch up with old friends and family in both places. Cycling around Manhattan was definitely a highlight.

Athens/Rome were awe-inspiring. Walking amongst the ruins in the footsteps of giants, touching the marble and seeing everything I had read about blew me away. My wife often found it quite hard to drag me away from key areas like the Acropolis and the Roman Forum.

Tokyo and Japan are a home away from home for my wife and I. There is such a great mix of old and new, the future and the past. The people are so kind and helpful and all the little quirks fit perfectly with my personality. Japan is always a highlight!

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_art print

Art Prints_by-artist-Rowan Oswald

Checking out Rowan’s sketchbook…

What’s your ‘day job’?
I am a full time Teacher of Classics, History and Social Studies as well as an Assistant Dean. Being a Husky owner is part of the day job too, with the dog walks required!

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview11

Rowan’s rad home studio and best fur-pal

We love your typographic art prints. Describe your style in 3 words?
Personal, dramatic and stylised.

When you’re not sketching/coming up with ideas, what else could we find you doing?
Something in the outdoors! I try to get outside as much as possible and explore. This could include dog walks, rugby (playing or coaching), going to the beach, hiking or even the odd farmer’s market! I take up any excuse to get outside.

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview07

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview04

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview03

Getting a little inspo from nature…

What’s your favourite font at the moment? How about of all time?
My favourite font at the moment would have to be the original Times New Roman. While in Italy and Greece I was able to see the carvings of the font up close and I’m baffled by how they were able to get the lines so crisp and clean! They were perfect.

I don’t have a favourite font of all time but I do like the old school signwriting style that you see at the circuses and festivals.

I also love imagining walking down the streets 100 years ago and seeing all the names of the stores hand painted in different colours hanging above the entrances or in the windows. It must have been really beautiful.


Tell us about a couple of creatives/designers you are personally inspired by?
Casey Neistat: Film maker and daily vlogger. The guy just has the most positive outlook on life. He is so determined and makes me want to work harder.

Shepard Fairey: Street artist, designer and mastermind behind Obey. He has a strong image, made the transition from the streets to the galleries and is an outspoken cultural, political and rights activist.

Tadashi Yanai: Founder of UNIQLO in Japan. UNIQLO is easily my favourite store and I routinely spend all my money there while in Japan. The store has such a rad mix of retro and new clothes and a great brand mentality.

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview09

Never not sketching!
What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
Clothing wise: A collaboration with UNIQLO. Designing shirts that would be sold in their stores would be a dream come true.

Art: Anything big and in the public eye. I’d love to work with other artists and the council to beautify our environment with either art or nature.

You’re drawing and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Who (if anyone) is with you? What are you listening to (if anything), what are you sipping/snacking on?
I like to draw whenever I get the chance so it could be at a bar, at the beach or more recently at an airport. However, I am usually at my desk with my laptop open either watching a movie/tv series or listening to music. I listen to a variety of music such as Tool, Enter Shikari, Brand New, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Mumford and Sons, Bloc Party and NZ’s own Nature’s Best collection. At my feet will be my husky Loki as he very rarely leaves my side. You’d often find me sipping on orange juice and snacking on potato chips, squiggles or green tea Kit Kats from Japan. Super healthy!


Friends art print (available framed or unframed) by Rowan’s Art on

What inspired your ‘A small group of friends can change the world‘ print?
A lot of my work is inspired by what I see or hear. Songs that I can relate to influence my work a lot. A small group of friends can change the world is inspired by a song from the British band Enter Shikari. It is a positive message and an inspiring quote. It is a nice thought to think that a small group of friends can make a difference and it encourages me to try every day.


rowan oswald art prints

Constellations art print and Drunks & Lovers art print


Photography of Rowan thanks to the talented Brijana Cato.


Meet the Artists: Justine Hawksworth

Auckland’s Justine Hawksworth has been creating her most recent works on wooden board and even vintage oars. The backdrop for each piece is an old marine map showing a part of the New Zealand coastline, overlaid with intricate imagery that Justine paints with amazingly fine detail, each one taking many many hours of quiet focus to complete. A collection of these seriously beautiful paintings have been produced as art prints for endemicworld – so you can have an affordable rendition of the original artwork on your walls. Yes please! We had a chat to Justine and a wee look around her studio…

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_art

Did you always want to be an artist? How did you get to this point? What has been the career and life journey to this point?
I always loved drawing and making things as a kid. I took art at school and had a great college art teacher who encouraged me to keep taking art and then apply for Art school. I gained a BFA at Elam majoring in Applied Design and then did my years Diploma at Teachers College. I taught Art and Design at Macleans College up until I had my kids. When the kids were little I tried to paint while they were asleep, and as they have got older its become a more full-time thing.

artwork by NZ artist Justine Hawksworth

One of Justine’s superbly intricate artworks, combining the writings and imagery of a historical explorer with the femininity of lace, all painted on a vintage oar.


More of Justine’s oar artworks. She also uses aged copper (see gannet oar at top) and other mediums in various pieces.

What other creative projects have you worked on that endemicworld fans may not have seen?
I have another side business that I have started with a friend – The Bach Book – is a journal for recording the history etc of your kiwi bach, that we designed while on holiday over a couple of glasses of wine! This has now spread into a range of stationery items – visitors books, journals and cards.


The Bach Book – awesome gift idea for the true-blue-bach-loving kiwi!

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio

Justine’s produced her own line of notebooks, cards, coasters and other gifts from her artworks (available here)


Intricate paintings on rocks – love these

New Zealand seems to be a real muse for you. What is your favourite spot in the whole country?
NZ is a real inspiration – particularly our love of the kiwi bach and all the memories they create for us. We have a family bach in Whanarua Bay on the East Cape. It’s a mission of a drive from Auckland – 6hrs! – but so worth it when you arrive!! Gorgeous views, great fishing and sea life, beautiful bush and birds. The bach is a no frills classic with no cell phone coverage or TV so very peaceful!

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
I love to go fishing but I suffer from sea sickness which slacks me off!

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
A huge and very cool underwater photo by my niece Jenna Smith, an old whaling oar that we found washed up on the beach, and a turquoise ‘kina’ sculpture made from cable ties by Andi Regan.

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio 3

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio 2

Scenes from Justine’s home studio

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Don’t be afraid to start small and to ask advice – you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from another artist!

You’re drawing and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Describe the scene…
Most drawing for me happens at my studio table – generally I’m on my own with just the sound of the washing machine or the dishwasher keeping me company! But if I am in need of music – U2 live at Slane Castle or a bit of Ella Fitzgerald. Sipping? – probably just water but I would prefer it to be a large glass of Shiraz – possibly not a good idea at 10am!!

Justine Hawksworth_Artist

Who would you love to create a piece of work for (or where would you love to see your work)?

I still get a real buzz out of selling a painting and its always been a goal for me for my prints and paintings to stay affordable so that lots of people can own them. I’d love to be asked by a winery to use an image as a wine label – I’d even take wine as payment!!



Two of the Justine Hawksworth NZ art prints we have available over at endemicworld – Bay of Islands, and Taupo Tui



Close up of some of the delicious detail in Justine’s work.

See the full range of Justine Hawksworth art prints here


Wintery Wildlife Art Prints by Chloe Ruby

Christchurch artist Chloe Ruby never ceases to impress us with her new designs. Not only does she accomplish intricate detail, Chloe’s drawings show she has an amazing eye for colour and creating art with true character.

Her three new art prints featured below don’t require much chat. Simple, well executed drawings full of spirit.

Chloe Ruby Art prints insitu

Jumping Fox Art Print Chloe Ruby

Jumping Fox art print by Chloe Ruby

Stag art print by Chloe Ruby

Stag art print by Chloe Ruby

Wolf art print by Chloe Ruby

Wolf art print by Chloe Ruby

To view more of Chloe’s art prints head to her artist page at