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Original Calligraphy Art by Kate Hursthouse

A wee while back on the blog we interviewed architect and calligrapher, Kate Hursthouse.

When Kate dropped in to show us her collection of typographic works we fell in love with her original calligraphy piece, Realise. After we wiped up our drool we took some shots.

Would love to see this one floated in a box frame…

Kate Hursthouse Realise hero shot

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy signature

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy detail shot

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy deckled edge

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy hero image

View more of Kate’s work online at endemicworld.


Three, two, one: Mini Q&A with artist Kriselle Poy

Wellington based Kriselle Poy’s art prints are in the fresh produce isle here at endemicworld. Explosive colour combines with delicate watercolour patterns to create her refreshing, uplifting designs.

We’ve asked Kriselle a few questions about her practice as an introduction to you all.

Kriselle Poy Art prints endemicworld


What are three words that describe your artistic practice or the way you work?

Experimental yet considered, intuitive

Blue Fireworks Art Prints by Kriselle Poy

Blue Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy

Two things that most influence your style/subject matter are…

To me really the simplest of things like textures and patterns in our everyday life are the starting points for any work. You can get ideas from anywhere if you are open to it. One day I might like a certain kind of flower, the next day I might be into geometric shapes, then the next I might want to try a new watercolour technique and so it’s always changing. I just like to be really open minded.

Midnight Bloom Art print by Kriselle Poy

Midnight Bloom art print by Kriselle Poy

Do you have one favourite quote which you live by?

There’s this quote which is more like a saying, “Never lose your childlike sense of wonder”.

Fireworks Art print by Kriselle Poy

Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy


View all of Kriselle’s art prints online.


Kate Hursthouse – New Art Prints and Originals

Kate Hursthouse NZ Artist

NZ artist and designer Kate Hursthouse visited endemicworld a couple of days ago bringing with her some typographic treasures.

Kate is a former architect turned designer, illustrator and calligrapher who is based in Auckland. She currently works on commercial design and typographic projects, however her new series of art prints have just been released at endemic. Kate’s original ink and calligraphy illustration works are available instore, along with a series of seriously trendy limited edition letterpress prints.

Kate says she is “currently exploring how you can manipulate letterforms to the point where you can create texture from language.”

Kate Hursthouse Hi Art Print

Kate’s Hi From NZ art print

Kate-Hursthouse_NZ Artist

Letterpress print

Calligraphy art print

Freaking awesome art print

Freakin’ Awesome art print by Kate Hursthouse

Difference Art Print

Point of Difference art print by Kate Hursthouse

Black and white Alphabet art print

Calligraphy Alphabet Art Print by Kate Hursthouse


View more art prints by Kate Hursthouse here.


Free Endemic Wallpaper Downloads

It’s that time of year again, and most of us are back at our desks (including the endemic team!) So we thought we’d brighten up the days by creating some summer wallpapers for your devices, free to download. You know, like art prints for your tech! We’ve tried, tested, and styled them ourselves, but we’d love you to tag us on instagram if you do the same at your place…

Oh! One more thing before you download… These wallpapers are free and strictly for personal use. You can share this post on Pinterest and social media, or blog about it yourself, but please tag or link back to

Happy Downloading!

print wallpaper insitu 80s

To download your wallpaper,
just click on the size you need for your desktop or device.

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art print style desktop wallpaper

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umbrella print iphone wallpaper

To download your wallpaper,
just click on the size you need for your desktop or device.

2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800 / 1024 x 1024 / iphone / ipad


Endemicworld invited to attend Supergraph 2015!

Endemicworld has been invited to attend Supergraph 2015! We are stoked to be one of only 6 international art spaces and stores chosen for the event.

Supergraph is Australia’s Contemporary Graphic Art fair celebrating design, print and illustration.

From the 13th -15th of February, emerging talent and award winning artists come together in the fair to showcase their works for a range of budgets, tastes and styles.

Inspired to get stuck into creating art yourself? The fair includes workshops, artist-led masterclasses and family events to get those creative juices flowing.

For us, Supergraph is a chance to proudly show off some sweet local talent and NZ art prints to the Aussie design industry. Artists being exhibited at the endemicworld booth in the International Salon include:

Cinzah SeekayemChloe RubyNatasha VermeulenGlenn JonesWalter HansenToby Morris and Greg Straight.

Follow Supergraph on Instagram.



Meet the Artists: Alisha Brunton

Young New Zealand artist Alisha Brunton is one to watch. Her works include beautiful illustrations of wild animals adorned with intricate patterns, through to dappled, feminine watercolour text, all in lovely soft colour palettes. We especially love Alisha’s watercolour typographic art prints and their uplifting, positive messages. We caught up with Alisha to find out a little more about what makes her tick, and what’s keeping her busy…

Alisha Brunton

Alisha with her artwork for new illustrated guide to Auckland, The Auckland Book

You’re only a recent graduate, but you’ve already clocked up work doing commissioned illustrations for a number of NZ brands – can you tell us about a few of these projects?
The first project I did, in my final year of study, was a mural for Starship Children’s hospital. I worked with another girl, Andrea, and the mural was based on what the kids at Starship said they would like to invent. We basically ended up making the room look like the inside of a time machine, and through the windows you could see lots of imaginary flying animals. That project was really rewarding because the kids were so excited about it, and they came up with so many creative ideas!

I also worked on The Auckland Book, which has just been released. It’s a really playful, illustrated guide to Auckland. I loved working on that project because the illustrators were given so much creative freedom, and I got to visit cool places in Auckland to do research!

Possibly my favourite project so far has been working on a huge storefront piece for Lululemon in Takapuna. They wanted a big map of the North Shore, with all their partner studios on it, to honour their community. Being a yogi, I’m a Lululemon addict, and I love the values and culture upheld by the company. So this was pretty much a dream commission for me! I got to play with watercolours, bright colours and I drew lots of decorative patterns based on things from nature – pretty much all my favourite things to create!

Alisha working on a mural for Starship Hospital 

What are you working on at the moment?
I work full time as a Graphic Designer at the moment, so illustrating only happens on the weekends, or when I can squeeze it into my lunch break! I’m working on a few private commissions like logos, portraits and custom typographic prints. I also spending a lot of time feeding my growing addiction for brush typography. I’ve just released a small range of typographic prints, and I’m working on a few more. They’re all inspired by my love of yoga, and the belief that we all have the potential to live our dreams, we just have to believe we can do it. I hope that having some positive words on the wall can help remind people of this!


A few of Alisha’s newest typographic works as art prints; a work-in-progress with gold paint (love!)

Which NZ artists (of any discipline) do you most look up to? (or, tell us about a person who inspires you)
Oh, there are so many! I love Kelly Thompson’s work, and have done since before I knew I wanted to be an illustrator. Her work is just beautiful. I also shamelessly stalk Sally Shand (Ragdoll Illustration) and Erica Harrison (Supercrafti) on social media. I think part of me secretly wishes I knew more about screen printing!

What/s on the walls of your studio/creative space/home currently?
My two prized artworks are an art print by Sandra Dieckmann (one of my favourite international illustrators) and my Peacock screen print by Erica Harrison. I fell in love with it at first sight (I think endemicworld may even still have a few… endemicworld note: yes, we sure do!)

My studio walls are covered in all kinds of things – polaroids, work my by classmates, a world map and even some prayer flags given to me when I was traveling. If I like it, it goes on the wall!


A peek at Alisha’s lovely little creative space

Besides art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
Yoga! I absolutely love it, and I practice every single day without fail. It quiets my mind and challenges my body. I love that it’s not just a from of exercise, but a way of life. I’ve also found that you always meet the most lovely, open hearted people in yoga studios.

I also have a serious case of wanderlust, and have done since I was little. I’ll be taking my work on the road with me at the end of the year, to Japan, India and then to Europe. I can’t wait! It’s going to be be an inspiration overload. I love that I can work from anywhere in the world.

Finally, what words of advice do you have to anyone looking to make art their career?
The best advice I ever got was just to persevere. Keep making work and putting it out there, it takes a while to build up that first bit of momentum. This is something I still have to remind myself of every day.

The second best was to use your spare time to create the kind of work that you would like people to pay you for. I love typography so I do a lot of it in my spare time. People see that, and now i’m starting to get commissions for the same kind of work.

Lots of people will try to take advantage of the fact that you’ve just graduated by asking you to do work for free. By saying yes, you end up devaluing your own work as well as others in your industry. A job might only take a few hours, but you’ve worked for years to get your skills to where they are, and that’s worth as much as any other service. The exception to that is internships – they are a great way to learn and meet like-minded people.

Alisha Brunton art prints

Shop Alisha Brunton art prints here


Prints & Prods

What’s ALMOST as good as real shopping? Internet window shopping!
We’ve gone homeware hunting – for cool design items to pair with some of our newest endemicworld art prints – take a look…

Cactus art print and geo planter

Botanic beauties! Cacti framed art print by NZ designer Ivy Niu, and faceted geometric wood planter with succulent – handmade by NZ crafter Gwyneth Hulse and available from Felt.

Bunny art print and pillowcase

This pairing will make any bunny lover hoppy (haha, bad joke!) – the Ambrose art print from endemicworld, with the bunny rabbit pillowslip set from Teapea.

chalkboard art print

Love hand-drawn type? Hang some on your wall (with this art print by Cloud Nine Creative – from an original chalkboard drawing) and create your own any time with a sweet Chalkboard wall heart, from NZ’s Chalkd.

Floral art print and bedding

We love the new range of art prints by Amber Armitage.  A designer at a popular NZ interiors magazine, Amber knows what looks awesome in homes! Her deep blue Growing up in Blackberry framed print would look so elegant in a master bedroom, and we’d love to see it paired with this gorgeous velvet bedding by Australian label Kip & Co.

Fancy Man Tui art print by

feathers art print and blankets

Aw, what a couple of softies… we just love Cloud Nine Creative’s new Metallic Feather art print, and think it would be beautiful in a serenely-styled bedroom. Think calming neutral colours, and feather-soft bedding – like these Fog Linen waffle linen blankets, available from Father Rabbit.

metallic gold art print and cushion

We’ve gone gaga for Gold around here lately, and it seems we’re not the only ones. We’re loving seeing metallics make their way into homeware – like in this black and gold Shine art print by Cloud Nine Creative. We think it goes great with Pony Rider’s polka dot cushion (available in NZ from Superette).




Faves from Fave Bloggers – Alana from Fancy NZ Design Blog

We asked the curator of one of our all-time fave blogs – Fancy NZ Design Blog – what her fave endemicworld art prints were… Here’s Alana’s picks, in her own words:

Fancy NZ Design Blog Art Prints


1.  Put a bird on it!  I can’t help but love this sweet budgie art print by NZ artist Margaret Petchell. I mean, how could I resist - his name is Wilbur! He’s so shy and bookish.

2.  The Shapes & Symbols art print by Louise Sly would look rad in my home studio. Simple yet super modern, and hand screen-printed… two big ticks.

3.  I think Glenn Jones’ Icecream Dream art print was designed for children, but what adult wouldn’t like a deca-decker (that’s 10, I looked it up) ice cream! I’m also loving the candy pastel palette.

4.  Have you seen Pete Cromer’s stuff? Looove his style! My fave is probably this Man o’ War art print.

5.  I’m a sucker for birdies and bunnies, what can I say. If you made me choose between Wilbur up there, and this handsome little guy Ambrose well I wouldn’t choose, why are you making me choose?

6.  I’m such a big fan of Melbourne’s Inaluxe that I’ve picked two of their designs. This one’s their Lover art print, and I reckon it would feel sorta like having fresh flowers at my place every day.

7.  Ahoy Sailor! Super cute kid’s art print by NZ illustrator Beck Wheeler.

8.  I have this print in my bedroom – the Garden Party art print by Inaluxe

9.   It’s no secret I’m a lover of Scandinavian design and interiors. Plus, I also have a mini obsession with apples at the moment. So this vintage-style Apple art print by Josh King needs to come home to my place, pleasekaythanks.