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Amsterdam Posters

Great site to pooozle the street posters of Amsterdam. Posters in Amsterdam

One thing we have noticed over the years is that the quality of poster design in New Zealand is improving everyday.


Public Access 5 Opening Night

Last night we headed down to the opening night of Public Access 5. An exhibition that’s put on every year by Cut Collective and other collaborating artists.

This year it is in the silo 6 pack in Wynard Quarter on Auckland’s waterfront. It was a balmy night, great crew, cold beer, hot pizza… and a show that was so worth heading out to see.

If you’re not familiar with the area, the silo’s are in the old tank farm, next to docked super yachts and flash new bars. Each silo has an instillation, from fine art prints, painted crates, music videos being projected onto old machinery, interactive mirror light show, lasers and sound activated lights….

When inside, you forget you’re on Auckland’s waterfront. We suggest you go at night to get the best out of the show.

It’s on until the 13th of April. To top it off, Shake & Bake is on tomorrow at the same spot (Sat 7th April, 12pm – 6pm). Live painting, live music, all thanks to Basefm.


Melbourne Street Art

Some of us have been in Melbourne recently. Lucky for us “the City of Melbourne recognises the importance of street art in contributing to a vibrant urban culture”.

Unlike an art gallery, the smell here lingers between urine and fresh paint. And the art, as a result, is not like what you would find hanging on clean fresh walls. There is every kind of style and subject you can imagine, mish mashed, side by side, covering every nook and cranny. This is just a snippet of the walls we saw…

Here is a quick list of must visit Melbourne Street Art Websites & Resources.
Melbourne Street Art
Melbourne Street Art Tours
Streets of Melbourne
Melbourne Graffiti
Ever Fresh Studio


Cut Collective paint for Nokia

The Cut Collective are in Wellington and Auckland painting some huge billboards with Nokia. Follow their progress, daily pics. Not a bad office.


Local Teaser

Mates since school, local talent Cinzah Merkens and Karl Sheridan are making a doco. Check the teaser.


Germany Street Art vs NZ Street Art

Street Art has a rich history. There is a primo article on smashingmag about the development of street art in Berlin. The image below was taken by us while visiting mates in a student town in Germany. The council understands culture.

Check the recent over size “unlike” facebook hands in response to a grey’d wall near K’road in Auckland.


“Graffiti Fine Art” teaser

This new documentary about graffiti artists gets the industry talking about what is “fine art”. We have never really understood the term “fine art” either. Who gets to say if art is “fine” or not. Maybe the price tag decides, surely not as Banksy destroyed that myth. It’s a theme that probably wont stop being debated.

In our books it’s all art. You can choose yourself if it’s “fine” or “tight as” or “off the hook” or “epic” or “mega fine as”. That should be the only rule about art, call it what you want. Just like whisky.


Homemade Signage in Wellington

For Wellington locals this is a notorious intersection by the Mt Vic tunnel. Somebody obviously decided enough was enough. One of the finest executions of meaningful “road art” we’ve seen in a while. Props to the maker, whoever you are.