Bespoke Framing: Make Your Art Prints Pop

Custom or bespoke framing is something that is often overlooked for being too expensive, too difficult, or something we just never get around to. However, there are loads of benefits to getting your art framed the right way!

Framing your pieces professionally protects your art, making it last longer by keeping it dry and dust free. We use archival glues and backing boards so there is no acid to eat away at the artwork. You even get the option of choosing a UV protective glass.

Framing adds value to the work! The right frame can add context and style to an artwork and also increase its perceived size on the wall.

Finally, custom framing makes your art prints look AWESOME. Pop in to see us at endemicworld (62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland) to discuss colours, matting and floating techniques, and types of frames. We can easily find something that makes your art print stand out as well as match your living or work space.

Camer Poster Antony Nobilo
‘Contax Camera’ Poster by Antony Nobilo
Black Box frame, set back and glued down for a super crisp modern style, $295 framed ($95 unframed)

Photographic Art Print by Georgie Malyon
‘Splatter Skulls’ Photographic Art Print by Georgie Malyon
White Box frame, cream mat, $450 framed, $195 unframed.

Photographic Art print by Jenna Smith

‘Sanctury’ Photographic Art Print by Jenna Smith
Raw Oak frame, set back and glued down for a natural feel, $320 framed, $150 unframed.



Meet The Artists: Swiden

Endemicworld’s online gallery is primarily stocked with art prints by New Zealand artists and designers, but every now and then we come across an international artist whose work we’ve just gotta have. Swiden is one of those brands that had us in love at first sight. And behind the contemporary, pastel-coloured prints we’re obsessed with is designer Charlotte Swiden, a Swedish national who now calls Melbourne home. Let’s have a chat, shall we?

Artist Swiden


What was the journey to creating the Swiden brand – were you working a regular day job at the time?
I was working full time as a senior graphic designer at Swedish stationery brand kikki.K here in Melbourne. It was a dream job, I had creative freedom and was designing over 300 products a year.

After three years at kikki.K I felt that it was time to do something of my own and slow down a bit. I always dreamt about designing homeware and doing more experimental designs, so I went home to Sweden for a couple of months, made my first products and set up shop. Also managed to have a summer holiday and get my inspiration fix.

The brand has grown and developed ‘organically’ over the years and I’m now a mother so balancing two passions can be tricky at times.

What are you working on at the moment (new prints, other projects)?
I’m part of a couple of group exhibitions this year in Melbourne which I need to start planning for.
As far as prints and products go, at the moment I’m immersed in the fun phase where I just experiment and play, throwing around colour and materials. So nothing finalised as yet, but something new is on its way.

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
Tove Jansson, mostly famous for her children’s books. I love her illustrations and story telling.
Karin Larsson, the wife of painter Carl Larsson. She was a great designer but I don’t think she has been acknowledged as much as she should have.

Swiden Art Print and colour swatches
Your prints make walls 250% more awesome – what’s one of your favourite things on the walls of your own home?
I’ve got an old String book shelf which was the first thing I bought for myself when I left home back in Sweden.
Reading is one of my favourite pass times and it makes me really happy just seeing my overcrowded shelf holding all these amazing stories.

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
I love the beach and the sea. The ocean clears my mind and resets everything. Unfortunately we live a bit too far away from the coast at the moment to get a daily fix but I go to our local pool a lot, it’s a good substitute. I think I was a fish in a former life, I need to be submerged in water on a regular basis.

Swiden art prints and paints

art painting

What words of advice would you have for anyone wanting to make their art their career?
Stick to your own style and keep at it. Get better at doing what you do best.

Check out all Swiden art prints here  


Print Pairs

It’s Saturday. We know none of you are doing any work, that’s why you are searching for cool design ideas!
Here’s our latest selection of Print Pairs for your Saturday procrastination.

Living room and Swiden art print

The Pool limited edition art print by Swiden  (available at endemicworld) would sit awesomely in this living room as part of an eclectic print wall. While the colours are matching, the different textures and sizes give a chilled vibe. Perfect if you loath the ‘matchy matchy’ look but want continuity in your room. Image:

It’s no secret we are in love with Jeremy Senior‘s new series of minimalist, clean photographic prints (and it seems you guys are too!). A clean, crisp interior such as this one found on Fancy blog, would really set off Jeremy’s ‘Cathedral Cove’ photographic art print. If you’re a fan of the framing style in this shot, come in to the store and discuss our bespoke framing options.
P.S: How lush is the black bed head?! Image: Fancy -

To go with the organic feel and dark walls, we’ve chosen Chloe Ruby’s Pinecones art print. Simple yet detailed, with a tiny pop of colour to brighten up the cosy room.
Here’s to the flatties who are forbidden to put holes in their walls! Put up a line and grab some bulldog clips for an instant hanging system that doesn’t cost your precious rental bond. Copper fairy lights would also look pretty sweet draped along it…


Kate Hursthouse – New Art Prints and Originals

Kate Hursthouse NZ Artist

NZ artist and designer Kate Hursthouse visited endemicworld a couple of days ago bringing with her some typographic treasures.

Kate is a former architect turned designer, illustrator and calligrapher who is based in Auckland. She currently works on commercial design and typographic projects, however her new series of art prints have just been released at endemic. Kate’s original ink and calligraphy illustration works are available instore, along with a series of seriously trendy limited edition letterpress prints.

Kate says she is “currently exploring how you can manipulate letterforms to the point where you can create texture from language.”

Kate Hursthouse Hi Art Print

Kate’s Hi From NZ art print

Kate-Hursthouse_NZ Artist

Letterpress print

Calligraphy art print

Freaking awesome art print

Freakin’ Awesome art print by Kate Hursthouse

Difference Art Print

Point of Difference art print by Kate Hursthouse

Black and white Alphabet art print

Calligraphy Alphabet Art Print by Kate Hursthouse


View more art prints by Kate Hursthouse here.


Video Interview with NZ Designer & Illustrator Kate Hursthouse

Welcome to the endemicworld fam, Kate! Kate Hursthouse is a former architect turned designer, illustrator and calligrapher based in Auckland, New Zealand. She studied at Unitec School of Architecture in Auckland and worked as an architect in Australia before pursuing design and illustration at CATC Design School in Melbourne. She primarily works on calligraphic and typographic illustration-based artworks for commercial projects.

Check out this awesome little short vid about Kate…

View all of Kate Hursthouse’s art prints here.


Bright New Prints by Greg Straight

There’s no rest for the wicked! As well as recently working with fellow designer Glenn Jones on a new art print collaboration, North Shore graphic designer (and father… and skater… and surfer… and all-round good guy) Greg Straight has just released a series of new art prints for summer.

Team them with white walls, crisp linen and a couple of bold accent pieces to create a fresh, summer feel all year round!

Coromandel art prints in-situ


Coromandel Gold Art print

Coromandel Gold art print by Greg Straight.

The Point art print by Greg Straight

The Point art print by Greg Straight

Pacific Vibrations art print by Greg Straight

Pacific Vibrations art print by Greg Straight

Big Sunday Art print

Big Sunday art print by Greg Straight

View all of Greg Straight’s Art Prints here.


Meet the Artists: Lukas Kelly of Lost Seas

From peaced-out, coastal Matakana comes Lukas Kelly, an illustrator and artist, surfer, and musician. When he’s not visiting clients in the US or Europe (Lukas owns Busy, the boutique creative agency), he’s at home in Matakana, working on his side project and ‘ideas outlet’ – an art prints brand called Lost Seas. Lost Seas art prints have an unmistakable style and sense of humour about them, and are created using a handful of techniques including pencil sketching, painting and digital graphic design. We’re big fans…
Art Prints Brand Lost Seas
Lukas outside his home studio; the Lost Seas brand
Is art a full-time job for you now, or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
 In some respects I guess art is my full-time job.. Trying to define exactly what I do is the tricky part… Mostly I’m working on Lost Seas art prints, graphic design, music or looking for waves. The majority of my waking life is spent on various mini creative projects throughout each day. The focus is forever shifting which I like as I can work in whatever area is inspiring me the at the time.
Lukas Kelly design studio
Lukas Kelly_NZ Art studio
What are you working on right now?
 At the moment I’m continuing work on Lost Seas, finding new ideas and themes around the concept & growing the plant afro on the roof of the studio, it’s almost getting Jimi like so soon I’ll be adding some facial features to the windows… More seriously I have a few music projects I’m finishing up along with developing some new business startups in design & media.
Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
 To be honest I can’t name a select few.. When it comes to finding inspiration through other artists / designers I spend a good amount of time picking a choosing from a massive pool of talented folks… My google image search can get pretty gnarly, tabs tabs tabs!
sketch_Lukas Kelly NZ Art studio
paints and sketchbooks
prints on desk_Lukas Kelly NZ Art studio
What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
My favourite would be the Ataturk poster from a friends magazine in Istanbul they had commissioned by Shepard Fairey. Second would be the Owl & His Mansion piece I purchased at an exhibition on K Road. Third would be a custom wooden surfboard from Hawke Boards, made by a good friend here at home in Matakana.
framed print on wall
Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
My career has been in design and creative direction. I used to own a boutique design and media company in Auckland, which I then stepped out of and established Busy. Busy now houses an office in Istanbul, Turkey and also clients in California, so I spend a bit of time between San Francisco & Matakana. My main passion that I’ve built my lifestyle around now is the ocean and surf and finding that balance between a more relaxed lifestyle but remaining productive on projects and ideas that resonate with that lifestyle.
surfboard_Lukas Kelly NZ Art studio
What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
This would have to be teaming up with a manufacturer and developing a range of Lost Seas surfboards, jewellery, homeware & other bits that I want around my own home.
Tell us about a good movie to see, a book to read, a website to check out, a place to visit…
Book to read – The Curse of the Lono
Website – Behance
Place to visit – Anchor Bay

New Summer Prints by MakusArt

Kiwi-born and Aussie-based artist Justina Maku Bisset (aka MakusArt) has certainly got it together. As well as exhibiting all around Melbourne town she’s been creating loads of new work and is currently in NZ (we can’t wait to meet you Justina!). Her latest series of art prints are full of beautiful blue hues and geometric details, three of which are featured below.

Her style is refreshing, oh-so-unique and totally on-trend.

The super cool new Wave art print and Geo Skull art print from MakusArt.


































































New Makus Art prints, from top:  Geo Skull art printUnderstated art print