Gift Guide: Love You, Mum

Whether you have an awesome Mum, are an awesome Mum, or are thankful for the awesome Mum of your children, it’s gift shopping time! (If you are a Mum, we reckon Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to treat yourself!) 

Sunday the 11th May is fast approaching… and to help, we’ve put together this no-fail gift guide for a modern Mum.

Mothers Day Art Prints and Gifts Guide

From top left:

Margaret Petchell’s series of bird prints are some of our most popular – especially with the ladies. We think your mum would love this sweet little lady sitting on her wall, the Sylvia Circle art print.

Let’s face it, when there’s household chores to be done, it’s normally Mum doing them. And we think – if she’s going to have to clean – at least she deserves beautiful things to clean with! Like this elegant refillable Surface Spray (in lovely scents like Australian White Grapefruit or Fig), from Father Rabbit.

Yes, yes she is. Make her feel it every time she looks at this Bee You Tiful art print by NZ designer Jared Trice. Choose from a range of sizes from just $49.

Lovers of interior design will adore the ‘coffee table book’ NZ Interior Style, with its visual tours of inspiring Kiwi homes of all types.

Our botanical prints suit both modern industrial and vintage-style homes. Our Green Tea vintage art print is available framed or unframed.

Citta’s new Copenhagen collection includes a great range of bathroom goodies (all available to buy online) – washbags, makeup purses, fluffy bath towels and candles, all in stylish Scandi-style patterns.

What she has given to you, what you wish for her – to Live, Laugh Love. This sweet art print is from an original chalkboard drawing and is really affordable at just $39.

What all-grown-up girl doesn’t love stationery? These lovely little notebooks are all ready for her lists and ideas and dreams. A two-pack just the right size for a purse, one adorned with gorgeous florals and one in luxe gold polkadots, and available from Paper Plane.

She’s a Wonderwoman, that Mother of yours. Remind her of it!


Prints & Prods

We’re a little bit (ok, a lot) addicted to online window shopping… Imagining all the awesome interior looks we could create with cool new art prints on the wall and matching homeware and accessories. Which is your favourite?

ice cream art print and lamp

We can see this sweet, quirky pair decorating a little girl’s bedroom. The Ice Cream Dream art print by NZ designer Glenn Jones, served up alongside this super cute Ice Cream lamp from Iko Iko!


Such a pretty, feminine pair – the Kokako art print by Holly Roach and the floral packaging of NZ fashion designer Ingrid Starnes’ first ever perfume – Vetyver Bargamot Parfum – available from Bon Weekend.

Coffee Art Print and Keep Cup

Is it your Mr. Coffee Lover’s birthday coming up? We think the Hard Man Art Print and a stylish Keep Cup make a handsome team.

Owl Art Print and Vase

Teenage NZ artist Olivia Bezett creates dreamy pencil sketches of woodland creatures – her Owl Art Print would be a fairytale addition to any little or big girl’s bedroom, and you could match it with one of these ceramic Owls from Collected.


Make a bold style statement with these geometric, minimalist goodies. Art print (one of a series to choose from) by NZ-based, French-born graphic designer Solene Constant, and Black vs White cushion from LetLiv.


Calling all type geeks! Give your home office a contemporary style injection with the Ampersand framed art print, and a porcelain letter cup (for coffee or for your pens) featuring the letterforms of famous designer Arne Jacobsen, available in NZ from LetLiv.



Interview: Interior Designer & Colour Queen, Alex Fulton

Interior designer Alex Fulton is well known in NZ for her fearless, playful love of colour. Along with her work styling homes and businesses, Alex is kicking off a series of interior design classes, and has just this week opened the door on her own store in Blenheim. 

Can you tell us how you came to be an interior designer?
I always grew up with the resolute plan of becoming an surgeon. I had a ‘thing’ for science and doctoring and as far as I was concerned that was it. Life, of course, is unpredictable and throws curveballs when you least expect them so when the medicine road was re-routed to a nursing degree and then attending Otago University I was a little off course. Not to worry. As it turned out there were many more twists and turns to follow, and now I’m in my 10th year of being a designer in the interior field.

100% self taught with a little help from an on-line course and many many hits and misses, I’m here now enjoying this moment in time. It’s hard work but I love it.

What’s been your absolute career highlight so far?
Can I have two? The first would be being asked to work with Dulux as their brand ambassador. After working hard, head down and creating by feel and gut instinct it’s really encouraging to be acknowledged by an international colour company that what I’m doing counts.

My second one would be working through my latest branding and website. It’s an excellent way to really look inward and to ‘find yourself’ in a design sense. My new branding really showcases my design personality and it makes me fully dressed. Two proud moments.

With rooms like these, we’d love to be one of Alex’s children! Photo: Larnie Nicolson

You’re starting the AFD School this year – tell us about that…
This is another idea I’ve had for a while. I’m a sharer and I want to pass on to others what I’ve learnt. Don’t think it’s all one sided – I also believe in the power of gathering creative and like minded people. I may be giving but I get a lot back too. A forum for self development and creativity – that’s got to be a powerful thing!

It will also be a chance to empower others to design their own spaces. I’m a huge believer in living in an environment that reflects who you are as a family, an individual or a couple. Who ever you are and what ever your taste is it’s about unlocking your ability to realise that. As I say, design like no one is watching.

What’s on your decor wishlist at the moment?
A huge Moooi fan (Dutch design firm, pronounced Moo-ay) and I have been spying the Altdeutsche Clock by Studio Job for Moooi. It’s a piece that houses everything that good design should be to me – creative, different, surprising, humorous with a big nod to the past. I’m already saving up.

What’s your favourite art print from our current catalogue?
My husband and I tend to be drawn to very similar aesthetic when it comes to prints which is lucky really but today we are split. He’s a real music head and would go straight to the Famous Kiwi Gigs Rejigged prints where as I would love a ‘Claris’ and a ‘Cyril’ from Margaret Petchell. They would look amazing hung on a dark wall with jumbo white frames.

endemicworld framed prints

What are some of your favourite current interior trends?
I love the fact that designers are not shying away from colour. It’s no secret that I love all colours and I am particularly fascinated by colour combinations. I think there are some very clever designers out there at the moment that are experimenting with new combinations. That makes me very happy.

What’s coming up for Alex Fulton?
Well… I’ve just opened my new store (in Blenheim), have my first interior design classes in May (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch), and off for a spot of product sourcing in Europe in June. In between that it’s daily grind stuff and family time. I try to balance it all out and generally do ok. I can’t help but feel very happy with where my life has taken me and don’t regret for a second that I’m not Dr Fulton.

Alex describes herself as a ‘colour maximalist’. Photo: Larnie Nicolson


Friday Inspiration: Marcus Magnusson

We love the animation work of Swedish designer Marcus Magnusson.


The Art of Display: Pinterest Inspiration

Inspired by some of our recent finds on Pinterest, we’ve come up with a few new ideas for displaying art prints at our place (or yours!)…

art prints bedside table

image source

To Do: Create a mini gallery wall at our bedside. Pick one or two favourite art prints, and keep an open mind for other printed lovelies that could be turned into unique art – perhaps a souvenir from a memorable time, a favourite photo, or even an old sketch or a cutting from a magazine that is meaningful.

art print above desk

image source

Do you have an all-time favourite print? Let it be the guide for the room’s colour palette. Pick out the neutral(s) – white, grey, sand, black, etc – from the art for furniture and larger items in the room, and then select other colours and tones from the print for your homeware, textiles and accessories.

art print gallery wall

image source

If you choose a box-style frame (one that sits out a cm or more from the wall and the print), you can also display small items on the top of the frame, or on the bottom lip. Like they’ve done in this image, with the geometric paper decorations.

image source

An otherwise-ordinary corner of a home, transformed into a little pocket of wow.
We love how they’ve used their gallery wall to ‘frame’ the statement chair (in this case, used as a small table) – great little idea!

art prints on black wall

image source

Two words: Black walls!

image source

Art prints aren’t the only thing that look good on display. Do you collect anything? Hats? Scarfs? Plates? Vintage Books? Grouped items can look gorgeous on a wall!



Inspired to get started on making your walls more awesome?
Explore our range of framed art prints and posters on




Meet the Artists: Georgie Malyon

After a decade-long career working for some of Auckland’s most high end florists, Georgie Malyon began to design installations using fresh flowers and handcrafted skulls, capturing each finished sculpture in a fine art photograph. The resulting art prints are utterly beautiful, thought-provoking and impossible to ignore.

Georgie Malyon Art Prints

Tell us a bit about your ‘day job’ – you’re a floral stylist, is that right?
Yes, that’s a fancy word for a ‘bouquet flower making machine’ and wedding/function consultant. I wish I could tell you that it’s a romantic breeze, that I casually play with flowers all day but the reality is that working in a flower shop is hard work, standing for hours on end and lifting, plus drinking lots of coffee and eating a little too much cake… but I love it!

The girls I work with make it fun, we talk like sailors and we all suffer the same addiction to flowers, so I’m in good company!

Georgie Malyon

Floral Artist Georgie Malyon

Could you describe the process you go through to create a finished piece – starting from getting the inspiration/idea?
What is in season will usually dictate what gets me inspired to make a print. The flowers will always point me in the direction of what colour to paint the back drop and skulls or which props to use; it never really happens the other way around.

I have always been obsessed with skulls and the slightly macabre. I have collected many unusual pieces ranging from vintage dolls and taxidermy to stacks of catholic vintage prints. This all sounds a little creepy and dark, but when combined with the lightness and prettiness of my love of beautiful flowers well… recently my work was described as ‘Goth-Lite’, which I thought was perfect!

The main concept behind the skull prints is based on the theory of Memento Mori which is Latin for ‘remember that you will die.’ Whilst this may sound morbid it is in fact quite the opposite. It’s a reminder to all, that we are only here for a short time, so live! Using the symbolism of flowers as new life and the skull as our mortality, its an idea that has been celebrated and used as artistic symbolism for centuries. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, just making it a little prettier.

What’s your favourite item in your studio/work space?
Boris the cat when he decides to join me and jump in my photos and try and help and also my little budgies Wayne and Bruce, they chirp along and keep me company!

Artist Georgie Malyon Desk

Goth and gorgeous – Georgie’s desk

What are you working on (in terms of a new print or other creative projects) at the moment?
I am always making arrangements and taking photos. I created only a few prints with the skulls so I want to push that further. I have found that people respond very positively to the works and so I figure, why stop. To be honest I don’t think I will ever tire of it… skulls, flowers, colour and composition are all of my favourite things. I’m considering taking my designs and creating fabric or wallpaper. I’d love that to be the next direction for my work.

What’s your favourite item in your studio/work space?
Boris the cat when he decides to join me and jump in my photos and try and help and also my little budgies Wayne and Bruce, they chirp along and keep me company!

Georgie collects vintage ceramic birds, often using them in her art

Handcrafted skulls ready to be used in Georgie’s installations

More of Georgie’s unusual-yet-beautiful collections

A cabinet of curiosities - from vintage dolls to taxidermy.

Fave music to create by?
So the music ranges from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The XX ,Nirvana, Pixies, The Cramps, Siouxie and the Banshees, and Black Sabbath to name a few. Pretty much anything i can sing along to really.

Fave flower(s) to work with?
Every season there is a different reason and it depends on the project as to what flower will best suit the job. If you ask anyone I’ve ever worked with they’ll agree that I often proclaim, whilst holding a flower in the air, “this might just be my favourite flower!”


Art prints by Georgie Malyon

Shop Georgie Malyon Art Prints here


Styled: Little Girls Haven

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of…
Inspired by new endemicworld artist Olivia Bezett’s darling animal artworks, we’ve imagined a sugar sweet bedroom for a little girl.

Kids Art Print Bedroom

On the wall:

Our colour palette inspiration (greys and pinks) and woodland animals theme inspiration for this space – the Bambi art print, framed or unframed, by Olivia Bezett.

Sweet dreams! Floaty pink cloud wall decals from Good Regards.

Decorate a wall with this felt heart garland from Collected.

At bedtime:

Lovely Candyfloss-coloured pillowcase from LeeAnn Yare’s new bedding range, available from Collected.

Kids’ Bed Linen from The Foxes Den.

A sleepy bear hottie cover to cuddle up with this Autumn, crafted from vintage NZ wool and made by Zippitydoodah, on Felt.

A friend at the foot of the bed – the Bambi cushion, also from The Foxes Den.

At her bedside:

bean bag ottoman from Lujo – great used as a low table.

Woodland rabbit night light with a soft glow, available from Iko Iko.

A shaggy round rug – in kids’ size, from NZ company Kidzspace .


Print Pairs

It’s that time again – Print Pairs!
We’ve picked some of our newest art prints, and matched them with interiors they’d look perrrrrfect in…

Art print and grey bedroom

A dreamy, feminine sleeping space deserves a dreamy, feminine art print. We love Christchurch artist Chloe Ruby’s whimsical pencil sketches – and for this serene bedroom, we’d choose the Sea Girl framed art print in a big A2 size.

kids art print and kids bedroom

Icecream Dreams! A sweet art print for a candy-coloured girl’s bedroom. Icecream Dream art print from only $39.

art prints and dining room

The effect of plain, painted walls, with one or two large-scale art prints, is bold and beautiful! In this space, we’d put two of NZ artist Anna Leyland’s art prints side by side. Voyage and Voyage II - both a limited edition of only 50 – would make a real statement, and they’d inject a little more needed colour and pattern into this minimalist space.

kids art print and bedroom

It doesn’t surprise us at all that the child of NZ interior designer LeeAnn Yare has a room this cool! A funky new friend in the form of this Rad Owl art print would be an awesome addition.

art print and kitchen

We’re totally crushing on this uber-modern black and white kitchen with all it’s graphic patterns. The glass would definitely always be half-full living here. The perfect match for our Half Full art print – framed or unframed – by Oslo.

art print and living room

A brand new art print from Inaluxe, Lover is a quirky little celebration of colour… much like this living room! Don’t be afraid of mixing up colours, patterns and textures – interior design ‘rules’ are there to be fabulously broken!

botanical art print and vintage kitchen

This kitchen is an oh-so-stylish combination of vintage and industrial. We love the pops of greenery from the potted herbs… but think even more greenery – in the form of this vintage botanical Green Tea art print – would be even better!