Meet the Artists: Kate Hursthouse

Not to play faves, but this has got to be one of the most inspiring interviews we’ve done in a while! Artist and calligrapher (and qualified architect!) Kate Hursthouse shares how it’s never too late to follow your passion… How about we let Kate introduce herself?

Kate-Hursthouse-NZ-print artist

Did you always want to be an artist? What has been the career and life journey to this point?
I think I was always meant to be an artist, I just had a bit of a convoluted route getting here. In high school I spent all my spare time in the art department drawing and painting but somehow a careers councillor convinced me that I should pursue architecture school over art college. I am still not quite sure how that happened, probably the usual “an arts degree won’t make you any money” spiel.

I spent the best part of 10 years studying to be, and then practicing as, an architect in both New Zealand and Australia. I worked on a whole range of projects, the most fun being new schools where I got to play with a lot of colour and graphics. As much as I liked being an architect I didn’t love it, I think a couple of years went by where I barely picked up a pencil. After taking a couple of short courses in art and illustration and picking up a few small freelance projects I realised just how much I missed it and how much I loved it. It wasn’t too long after that I made the decision to take an early retirement from architecture and go to design school in Melbourne.

After finishing design school in Melbourne I made the move back to New Zealand. I have been based in Auckland for the last 2 years and have been freelancing full-time for the last 6 months. Now I use pen, pencils, ink, brushes and create everyday, I feel I have come full circle to my days in the art department in high school. It only took 10 years!

Kate-Hursthouse-at her studio desk

art studio Kate-Hursthouse

NZ Artist Kate-Hursthouse

Kate at work in her home studio; supplies at her fingertips

What are you working on right now?
I have quite a variety of client work on at the moment from branding and custom illustrations to the design of a vodka bottle. The range of jobs keeps things interesting.

I am also working on some new personal projects and artworks. I think the projects that I am experimenting with now are some of the most interesting I have done. I am focussing on calligraphic and lettering based works and am looking at working on different textures and with different materials. I have been experimenting with gestural calligraphy since doing a workshop in Italy last year and am prepping some pieces for an upcoming exhibition with the New Zealand calligraphers.

Kate-Hursthouse-ink calligraphy


Kate’s exquisite calligraphy, work for an upcoming exhibition

Fave music to create by?
I am a big Spotify fan, I like to create playlists by the seasons that reflect what I am enjoying at the time. I am still hanging onto summer so favourites artists from that playlist that I am still listening too include Carmada, Klingande, Kygo, Alex Adair, Jamie XX and Kid Koala.
What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
A limited edition screenprinted poster from a gig I went to at Red Rocks in Colorado, USA. It was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with the Alabama Shakes, it has the date of the gig as part of the design so when I look at it I always remember that experience.

An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed artwork by kiwi artist Veronica Green who I spent some time with in Venice last year where she how lives and works fulltime as an artist.

A print by Melbourne illustrator Renee Carmody which has all these key icons of Melbourne and reminds me of the 4 years I spent living there.

art prints on wall
Some of Kate’s fave artworks – a piece by fellow NZ artist Veronica Green (left), a Melbourne-city inspired print that reminds Kate of her years spent there

What has been your most exciting/inspiring project to date?
I have been lucky to work with artist Michel Tuffery over the last 6 months on the design of a bottle for a new Samoan coconut vodka called Koko Aulo.

Michel produced the artwork and I have undertaken the branding and bottle design. We recently went to Samoa with our client and I was able to experience first hand where the produce comes from and discover all the amazing hand painted lettering there is in Samoa, on their buildings, signs and public buses.
Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
Everyone on my Instagram feed!! There are so many talented people out there, it is both inspiring and overwhelming at times.

Inspiration comes at me in all shapes and forms. I get a huge amount of inspiration from friends and colleagues in the industry who are doing their own thing, pushing boundaries, carving their own path and producing really great work.

In the calligraphy world I cannot get enough of Luca Barcellona, Niels Shoe Muelman and Pokras Lampas who just produce the most ridiculously beautiful work that is a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Kate-Hursthouse-artwork close-up

art pens

artist supplies

More of Kate’s work close up; tools of the trade

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
A group exhibition with other artists I admire and respect. I would love to get a group together, who operate in different mediums and have different strengths, and assign a common theme to the exhibition. I think it would yield some really unexpected and exciting results.

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Some of the best advice I was given was to do work everyday and put it out in front of people. No one will ever discover you sitting in your studio.

A quote I like to live by is: “Do what you love, and don’t stop until you get what you love. Work as hard as you can, imagine immensities, don’t compromise, and don’t waste time. Start now. Not 20 years from now, not two weeks from now. Now.” – Debbie Millman

Follow Kate and her exceptional aesthetic on Instagram or Twitter or visit


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The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe Framed

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Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Gallileo Limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell. Framed in a white box frame with cream mat.

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59 Rivoli: Artists claim old building in Paris

This week we are admiring the French gallery space called 59 Rivoli, a building in Paris saved from demolition by a group of ever- changing and evolving artists. Entry is free.

Imagine all the old buildings that could be revived in this way! We know we’d certainly be keen for this in AK city…

Collaborative spaces such as 59 Rivoli are important parts of the art community as they involve the public, and give artists the opportunity to create an interactive dimension to their pieces.

For more on 59 Rivoli, click here. (You may need to get ‘yo French on’ to read it, but the pictures say it all really)

Entrance at 59Rivoli

Art at 59 rivoli

Mural art at 59 Rivoli

Stairwell at 59 Rivoli

Baguette art at 59 rivoli

mural art at 59 rivoli


Wintery Wildlife Art Prints by Chloe Ruby

Christchurch artist Chloe Ruby never ceases to impress us with her new designs. Not only does she accomplish intricate detail, Chloe’s drawings show she has an amazing eye for colour and creating art with true character.

Her three new art prints featured below don’t require much chat. Simple, well executed drawings full of spirit.

Chloe Ruby Art prints insitu

Jumping Fox Art Print Chloe Ruby

Jumping Fox art print by Chloe Ruby

Stag art print by Chloe Ruby

Stag art print by Chloe Ruby

Wolf art print by Chloe Ruby

Wolf art print by Chloe Ruby

To view more of Chloe’s art prints head to her artist page at


Meet the Artists: Carmel Van Der Hoeven

NZ artist Carmel Van Der Hoeven

This friendly face belongs to one of our newest artists, the beautiful Carmel Van Der Hoeven. A full-time mumma of two, Carmel also runs a small lifestyle block in the Waikato with her partner, leaving stolen moments in the evenings (or when her youngest is napping) for Carmel to paint and draw. Along with commissioned works and personal art projects, Carmel also produces a collection of affordable art prints under the brand George Sand Studio.


What are you working at the moment Carmel?
As of this moment I am working on some commissioned illustrations for individual customers. Plus, prints of ladies I think are cool (Frida Kahlo and Nina Simone with more to come) and a series of contemporary plant art prints.

When i get tired of doing illustrations I return to my personal project – 100 original nudes, which are mostly large ink illustrations/paintings. This project is good for my soul.

And then I am going to pottery night classes, whew! I don’t really have one set style, I like to learn and expand myself and if i can make something for peoples homes, something they can love, enjoy and afford then I’m happy.

Carmel loves to paint portraits of women she admires – her Frida Kahlo and Nina Simone art prints are both available at endemicworld


Two of the sublime works from Carmel’s ongoing personal project, 100 Nudes

Fave music to create by?
Ah music… I like the Hozier station on Pandora at the moment, I get a great mix of indie, folk, blues and soul.

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
In Fine Art, I like a mix of artists like Matisse, Penck, Hockney and Elizabeth Peyton and in regards to pottery, I think the work Wundaire and Houston design Co do with pottery is out of this world cool!

Artist Studio art prints on wall

Carmel’s dedicated creative space in her Waikato farmhouse

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
My mother gave me the old NZ bird print that we had on our walls growing up, funny I see they have started reprinting this particular piece of art but I have one of the vintage ones. I think its pretty special.

I used to do a lot of painting before George Sand (Carmel’s art prints brand) and I have this glittery primitive canvas that I love.


One of Carmel’s favourite possessions – a vintage NZ bird print that was in her childhood home

NZ Art by Carmel Van Der Hoeven

One of Carmel’s own favourite earlier paintings

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
Besides art I love to cook, haha – cliche I know. I’ve found I can’t do both art and elaborate cooking on the same day, it’s like I only have enough creative energy for one of them… so some days the kids are getting spaghetti toasties, and other days I’m cooking up venison with a red wine jus or Chinese crispy duck plum sauce and homemade wontons.

We love a good recommendation – tell us about a good movie to see, or a book we should read, a website to check out, a place to visit, etc…
I have an old all time favourite movie Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom. If you haven’t seen it it’s a must! The Australian accents, the glitter and ‘Fran’… it’s perfect!
I don’t really read books (no time), but I do thoroughly enjoy the articles in Smith Journal though I’m one of those information sponges where I can spit out intense facts in a conversation but never remember where i got them from!

A selection of Carmel’s George Sand Studio art prints – these and more available, framed or unframed, over at endemicworld



Olivia Bezett Art Debut Exhibition 2015

For those who can’t make it to Olivia Bezett‘s Debut exhibition, here are a few shots from the opening night.

18 year old Olivia Bezett’s first ever exhibition includes original coloured pencil drawings and hand- leafed limited edition art prints.

The opening night also marked the first exhibition hosted by endemicworld in the fresh new front gallery space.

The exhibition continues until Sunday the 3rd May, with Olivia drawing in the gallery daily.

Endemicworld Exhibition

Olivia Bezett Portrait

Olivia Bezett Original Drawings

Olivia Bezett Exhibition Endemicworld

Olivia Bezett Exhibition Endemicworld

Olivia Bezett Debut Exhibition
Olivia Bezett Original Drawings
To view a full range of Olivia’s open edition art prints, visit

Gift Guide – Mothers Day


Buy her luxe metallics to show her she’s gold. This art print by Alisha Brunton encourages her to live a life she loves and has been carefully hand-lettered with gold foil by the artist (looks great framed in black too!). Team it with the brass Scent of Home candle from Father Rabbit.



For the on-trend, interior design loving mum: this geometric art print by Duett Design, and a velvet geo cushion from NZ’s Citta Design.


Pared-back florals for a relaxing, feminine aesthetic. We’re obsessed with this light and lovely Flower Bomb art print by NZ illustrator Chloe Ruby. It would look beautiful above her bed, with a Bloom pillowcase from Iko Iko.


On Mothers Day, she should get to stay in her dressing gown all day. Make her a cuppa, and present her with one of our most popular prints of all time, Percy Circle by NZ artist Margaret Petchell. Oh, and if she’s staying in her dressing gown all day, make sure it’s a beautiful one. To match the ice pink in our Percy print, we spotted this divine-quality gown from Citta Design.


Kisses and Hugs, and a scarf that will feel like a nice warm hug any time she puts it on.


Remind her everyday how much she means to you with this colourful little honey of an art print. Inspired by the Scandi woodgrain aesthetic, we spotted the Diamond Box, an tiny treasure/jewellery holder (perfect for her bedside table) from Iko Iko.


If you’re gunning for favourite daughter/son award, you can’t go wrong with one of Margaret Petchell’s loved bird art prints (this blue babe is Wilbur), and beautifully-packaged artisan organic tea from NZ’s Storm and India.


Another pick for the modern mum – she’ll love this graphic, Scandinavian-inspired Grid Cross art print by Cloud Nine.  And if she’s been extra good this year, get her a matching cotton cross blanket (by Kate and Kate, from LETLIV) to go with it.



Meet the Artists – James Showler of W&AP

Full-time artist and designer James Showler is originally from England but now calls Auckland home. His bold, hand-drawn style is influenced by music, urban culture and a love of type, amongst other things. Not only does he have an impressive body of commissioned and commercial work (which you can check out on his website here), he’s recently launched a range of art prints through endemicworld under the brand name W&AP (Wing and a Prayer).


Is design/art a full-time job for you now, or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
Yes it is my full time job, I have wanted to do it for a long time. I remember at school back in England, they asked me what I wanted to do for a living. I told them I wanted to do something related to art or drawing for a living.

What are you working on right now?
I have just finished a commission which has taken up a lot of my spare time recently so I am looking forward to starting on some new personal art projects. I have lots of ideas so I really want to start exploring some of them.


art on desk

Can you tell us a little bit about your process – from inspiration to final piece?
I often just write things on my hand or on my phone when I see something interesting or strange, even if it is just an observation. I have notebook with lots of random thoughts written down which I often refer to. If I really like an idea I will not be able to stop thinking about it so it becomes really fun to explore it further. I reckon only about 5% of things I write down make it this far but it is immensely satisfying to see something finished and framed.

Tell us about your creative space/office – what’s in it, what things you do love to have around you as you create?
I don’t really like to sit in a specific space to work on stuff. I have tried many times to create a designated space but it always feels unnatural and I find myself just staring into space and getting easily distracted. I find it easier just to create when I am in the mood, wherever I am. As long as I have my laptop and a pen and paper I can work anywhere initially.


Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
I love to go to as many different places as much as I can with unfamiliar surroundings. As long as I am close to the ocean I am pretty happy.


What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
I love music, so anything links art and music is a dream project. I recently worked with an amazing band called Whistlejacket and helped create a crest for their band. They are four really creative guys so it was very satisfying to see something I had helped create, associated so closely with their music.

Another great collaboration project I was recently part of was helping create the look and feel for ‘Better Burger’ in Auckland. For me they were both great examples of how good it is to collaborate with really creative people.



NZ Band Whistlejacket; close up of the Better Burger wrapper – Better Burger’s logo and art direction was created by James

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make their talent into a career?
I don’t think I am really qualified to advise other people, but I do think that the sooner you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of your work and do what you think, the sooner you can develop your own style and focus more of what you want to do.

When are you at your most creative?
It’s definitely when I’m not trying to be. I think it is important sometimes just to switch off and take things in and trust that an idea will develop naturally, without trying to force it.


We especially dig that all James’ art prints are available in white on black, or black on white. Shop here.