Into the Mystic: Georgie Malyon’s debut solo exhibition

Last night under an almost- full moon we celebrated the opening of the debut exhibition by Georgie MalyonInto the Mystic. The exhibition is open until August 31st, and features a collection of incredible, large scale photographic prints.

Endemicworld would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed, especially our generous (and delicious) sponsors, Epic Beer.

Below is a collection of photographs for those who couldn’t make it. Photography by Jenna Smith for endemicworld.

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon endemicworld exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Georgie Malyon Into the Mystic exhibition

Invoke photographic print by Georgie Malyon

Mystical realm art print by Georgie Malyon

Summon art print by Georgie Malyon

All prints by Georgie Malyon in the Into the Mystic series are available online, but you should definitely drop by to check them out in the flesh(or should we say pulp…?)

You can visit us at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.






Meet the Artists: Sean Duffell

Sean Duffell’s massively intricate, symmetrical, saturated-colour murals grace buildings and walls around New Zealand (and now the world) – a bit like giant mandala, radiating vibrancy and soul into grey urban streets. Sean answered a few questions for us from Bangkok, on his way to create his next city-scale artwork…

Did you always want to be an artist? How did you get to this point? What has been the career and life journey to this point?
I always drew as a kid and was obsessed with skateboarding in my teenage years. The visual culture around skateboarding became the catalyst for my artistic endeavors, and as I continued to get older the more art overshadowed skateboarding. Melbourne in 2002 was hugely inspiring – street art wise.

Is art a full-time job for you now?
Yeah, I have been a full-time artist now for almost two years.



Them streets is lucky.

What piece/project you working on right now?
I always have multiple projects are on the go at once and am constantly thinking about what the next one will be.

Right now I’m about to go paint a freestyle wall in Bangkok but have 3 hand painted original works up in various group exhibitions around New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington x2, Napier and Christchurch). I am currently curating a handpainted typography show for September in Wellington, have 3 Street Art Festivals in NZ lined up for Sept – December, have a series of prints to release in August, two more group shows and several commission murals also ready for when I return from South East Asia in late July.

Fave music to create by?
Music is always completely dependent on my mood therefore I listen to quite an eclectic and diverse range.

Anander ShankarBlawannBonobo, Clap! Clap!Eb and SparrowEl PLemmy KillmiesterKing KrulePickachunesRun The JewelsSyd BarrettThe Gaslamp KillerWilliam Onyeaboy and so many others!


Sean’s work in endemicworld’s OE14 exhibition; Sean’s other passion is skateboarding and he’s designed many decks

What has been your most exciting/inspiring project to date?
I’m continually working on different projects with different mediums which is always inspiring and challenging but nothing beats kicking back and painting a freestyle wall with friends. I’d have to say the Tuatara Wall was easily the most challenging project I’ve had to date and really pushed me physically and mentally. Painting voluntary walls is also the most rewarding and humbling when I get to meet people from all walks of life and give them a wall they can also take ownership of and enjoy. Public engagement is a huge part of what I do and why I continue to create works in public spaces.

Who are your personal favourite artists (and why)?
I stopped looking at other artists for inspiration and really just follow my friends, contacts and local NZ artists I admire. Living in a country thats so geographically isolated I used to find myself feeling insecure when following international artists so I stopped and looked at nature for my influence and inspiration. NZ is such a young country and as I personally don’t have a history or a culture I feel I’m directly connected to (being an adopted child who grew up in a single parent family in the far farming south island) my aim in my artwork is to create my own personal culture and show others that they can too. I feel saddened when I see so many NZ youth imitating america’s consumeristic, fake pop culture for influence when either they already have a wealth of culture in their family history or they’re too scared to venture forward and create their own. Be yourself not somebody else.


Sean’s work is in demand at music festivals – this piece was done for Splore 2015

If money, time and permission were no object, what wall/space or place would you love to paint and what would you paint there?
Ultimately I’d love to just travel to all the small towns across NZ that are totally off the beaten track, talk to the youth, paint a wall and connect with the communities there. Coming from small town NZ I know how hard it can be growing up in an insular environment. Also of course more international travel!

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Be prepared to work extremely hard for the first few years just to get your name and style out there. Theres a lot of groundwork to do to establish yourself and can be very off-putting and tiresome but if you are a true artist you will always create work no matter what and making money shouldn’t be the main aim of why you make art. For me it’s a sanity saver and an outlet of expression and I also don’t know what else to do with my life, haha. I never set out to make this my career it just out-grew my day job which I am truly thankful for, and humbled that so many people believe in me and appreciate my work.


Artworks on wood – painting hand so steady you’d swear these were stickers…

We love a good recommendation – tell us about a good movie to see, or a book to read, or a website to check out, or a place/spot to visit…Dunedin’s always my home so I’m biased… the untouched architecture is amazing. Miss you Duds. But travel is my drug of choice. I’m currently in Bangkok, on my way to Cambodia and just love the the culture and food here in South East Asia. A friend and I cycled from Bangkok to Phuket last year and was absolutely fantastic (and surprisingly easier than expected!) Always on the road, always meeting new people – and being positive and open to absolutely any opportunities that may arise is definitely a soul cleanser. Seeing beauty in everything and realising that there is no yin without yang, so never stress the bad stuff as it will always be there to balance out the good. Negative experiences make you stronger, so relish them and never fight them.

Oh yeah books and movies… Mad Max was brutal, BirdmanMelancholia… I tend to watch more docos and true accounts of history etc. Learning’s more my cup of tea – Adam Curtis is amazing as far as documentaries go. No TV or mainstream media for me… Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is the best journalism out there as well as Charlie Brooker. I read The Cosmos by Carl Sagan recently, Kurt Vonnegut’s books, Catcher in the Rye, some Phillip K Dick, Stephen Hawking and a bunch of others I can’t recall at this point.





Untitled Character art print – a collaboration between Sean Duffell and Christie Wright


Pirate art print by Sean Duffell and Christie Wright


Deco Daphne art print (available framed or unframed)


Shop Sean Duffell art prints over at endemicworld, plus check out more of Sean’s commissions, exhibition pieces and outdoor murals on


I love Raglan! Screenprint by Denise Fort

The ‘I Love Raglan’ screen print by Denise Fort is inspired by Denise’s place of residence, her newly found home away from Germany, Raglan.  Since 2014 Denise has been working on her own brand with the aim to support fair trade and environmental friendly thinking.

The original designs for Denise’s screen prints are drawn straight onto surfaces, without any prior planning, guidelines or pencil marks.

Printed by Artisan Screen Printers on 300gsm ‘eco100′ environmentally friendly offset paper, with chemical free inks.

I Love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

I Love Raglan screenprint by Denise Fort

I love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

I Love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

 To view Denise’s Raglan print (and more!) in the flesh, visit us in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.


Meet the Artists: Rowan Oswald

Recently back from a huge overseas adventure, we caught up with full-time teacher and part-time typographic artist Rowan Oswald. From his letterforms to his outlook on life, we love this guy’s style…

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview10

NZ artist and designer Rowan Oswald


You’ve just been overseas – where did you go? Tell us some highlights from the trip!
We were lucky enough to travel to LA, NY, London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Gallipoli, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Samos, Athens, Amsterdam and Tokyo.  It was a whirlwind world tour as we have our first little one on the way.

It is so hard to decide on a highlight! Each place was amazing in its’ own right. I would have to say NY/London, Athens/Rome and Tokyo.

I always love going back to NY as the city has so much character! I hadn’t been to London before and I saw a lot of similarities between New York and London – in each you can hop on the subway, pop up somewhere new and it feels like you are in a whole new city. We also had the chance to catch up with old friends and family in both places. Cycling around Manhattan was definitely a highlight.

Athens/Rome were awe-inspiring. Walking amongst the ruins in the footsteps of giants, touching the marble and seeing everything I had read about blew me away. My wife often found it quite hard to drag me away from key areas like the Acropolis and the Roman Forum.

Tokyo and Japan are a home away from home for my wife and I. There is such a great mix of old and new, the future and the past. The people are so kind and helpful and all the little quirks fit perfectly with my personality. Japan is always a highlight!

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_art print

Art Prints_by-artist-Rowan Oswald

Checking out Rowan’s sketchbook…

What’s your ‘day job’?
I am a full time Teacher of Classics, History and Social Studies as well as an Assistant Dean. Being a Husky owner is part of the day job too, with the dog walks required!

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview11

Rowan’s rad home studio and best fur-pal

We love your typographic art prints. Describe your style in 3 words?
Personal, dramatic and stylised.

When you’re not sketching/coming up with ideas, what else could we find you doing?
Something in the outdoors! I try to get outside as much as possible and explore. This could include dog walks, rugby (playing or coaching), going to the beach, hiking or even the odd farmer’s market! I take up any excuse to get outside.

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview07

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview04

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview03

Getting a little inspo from nature…

What’s your favourite font at the moment? How about of all time?
My favourite font at the moment would have to be the original Times New Roman. While in Italy and Greece I was able to see the carvings of the font up close and I’m baffled by how they were able to get the lines so crisp and clean! They were perfect.

I don’t have a favourite font of all time but I do like the old school signwriting style that you see at the circuses and festivals.

I also love imagining walking down the streets 100 years ago and seeing all the names of the stores hand painted in different colours hanging above the entrances or in the windows. It must have been really beautiful.


Tell us about a couple of creatives/designers you are personally inspired by?
Casey Neistat: Film maker and daily vlogger. The guy just has the most positive outlook on life. He is so determined and makes me want to work harder.

Shepard Fairey: Street artist, designer and mastermind behind Obey. He has a strong image, made the transition from the streets to the galleries and is an outspoken cultural, political and rights activist.

Tadashi Yanai: Founder of UNIQLO in Japan. UNIQLO is easily my favourite store and I routinely spend all my money there while in Japan. The store has such a rad mix of retro and new clothes and a great brand mentality.

NZ Artist_Rowan Oswald_interview09

Never not sketching!
What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
Clothing wise: A collaboration with UNIQLO. Designing shirts that would be sold in their stores would be a dream come true.

Art: Anything big and in the public eye. I’d love to work with other artists and the council to beautify our environment with either art or nature.

You’re drawing and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Who (if anyone) is with you? What are you listening to (if anything), what are you sipping/snacking on?
I like to draw whenever I get the chance so it could be at a bar, at the beach or more recently at an airport. However, I am usually at my desk with my laptop open either watching a movie/tv series or listening to music. I listen to a variety of music such as Tool, Enter Shikari, Brand New, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Mumford and Sons, Bloc Party and NZ’s own Nature’s Best collection. At my feet will be my husky Loki as he very rarely leaves my side. You’d often find me sipping on orange juice and snacking on potato chips, squiggles or green tea Kit Kats from Japan. Super healthy!


Friends art print (available framed or unframed) by Rowan’s Art on

What inspired your ‘A small group of friends can change the world‘ print?
A lot of my work is inspired by what I see or hear. Songs that I can relate to influence my work a lot. A small group of friends can change the world is inspired by a song from the British band Enter Shikari. It is a positive message and an inspiring quote. It is a nice thought to think that a small group of friends can make a difference and it encourages me to try every day.


rowan oswald art prints

Constellations art print and Drunks & Lovers art print


Photography of Rowan thanks to the talented Brijana Cato.


Auckland City Tendencies: Milarky Exhibition 2015

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a brief visual recap of Auckland City Tendencies by Milarky, the latest exhibition hosted by endemicworld.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Milarky himself and everyone who came along.

Cheers also to Jonny Crow for taking some shots on the opening night!

You can view all of the works online, just a handful left, all on display in our gallery.

Auckland City Tendencies exhibition by Milarky

Unframed art by Milarky

Unframed art by Milarky

Reconnoitre framed drawing by Milarky

Reconnoitre framed drawing by Milarky

Framed Invasionism SQ V art by Milarky

Auckland City Tendencies exhibition by Milarky

Auckland City Tendencies exhibition by Milarky

Auckland City Tendencies exhibition by Milarky

Auckland City Tendencies exhibition by Milarky


You can view all of Milarkys work here, or in-store at our gallery 62 Ponsonby Road



Styled: Displaying art prints in your home

This week we threw more art prints into different rooms, to give you guys an idea as to what they look like out in the wild! Be free, prints. Go forth and brighten walls…

Waiheke Tapu Kaka screenprint by FLOX

Waiheke Tapu Kaka screenprint by FLOX

Punga with Pohutakawa by Greg Straight

Punga with Pohutakawa print on ply by Greg Straight

Detritis and Memories art print by Holly Roach

Detritis and Memories art print by Holly Roach

Muriwai Flotsam art print by Holly Roach

Muriwai Flotsam art print by Holly Roach

Blue Stripes art print by OSLO

Blue Stripe art print by OSLO

Puzzle art print by OSLO

Puzzle art print by OSLO


Photography and styling by Jenna Smith for

To view more art prints, head to or visit us in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.



Meet the Artists: Cristina Viscu, Wild Wagon

We’re considering ourselves lucky that professional photographer and artist Cristina Viscu has decided to call New Zealand home. This talented illustrator has a style like no other we’ve seen recently – with a bold, graphic vibe yet still a feminine edge. As well as her growing range of art prints, Cristina has just launched a range of gift-wrapping paper and greeting cards. It’s all part of her exciting young brand, Wild Wagon. Definitely one to watch!


You and your partner moved here earlier this year – where are you from? And are we treating you well so far?
We are both from Chisinau, Moldova, however, I have called Nashville, New York and now Auckland home. We have been here a little over 6 months and loving it so far!

You’re also a professional photographer. How do you think your photography practise inspires or influences your painting, and how do you think your painting informs your photography?
I think it is good to have knowledge of both but in my practice one doesn’t really influence the other. I shoot all the images for Wild Wagon’s Instagram as well as our catalogue and I think that it is a good skill to be able to take nice, styled product shots as it is vital in our day and age. It is definitely great when you can use your own resources but it can quickly become an overload of tasks so you really have to prioritise.



Cristina does all her own styling and photography for Wild Wagon

What are you working on at the moment / What’s coming up for WildWagon? (I heard something about stationery?)
Wild Wagon Co is a stationery brand but my vision for our future is not just stationery. I am currently creating and adding new types of products like gift wrap, journals and cards to our product line.

I think the most exciting thing for us right now is that we just launched our official online shop ( this week!


Gift wrapping paper and greeting cards by Wild Wagon (and hello, gorgeous styling!)

Cristina Viscu-Artist-wild-wagon-co

Cristina has been hard at work launching the new Wild Wagon website

We love a good recommendation – and creatives give the best ones. Tell us about a few things we should totally check out…
Because Wild Wagon Co is highly influenced by eastern european national patterns and colours, and an appreciation for nomadic cultures, I would definitely recommend watching this movie by Emil Loteanu, a Moldovan director. It is definitely in my top favourites (though I do not vouch for the english translation) and what influenced our branding and vision.


Gypsy babe’n – a screenshot from one of Cristina’s favourite movies

What has been your most exciting/inspiring project to date?
I think there have been many projects professionally speaking that were exciting and interesting, but as a whole they always lacked perspective and a long term vision. Wild Wagon Co is only 6 months old but I already have future collections in mind and a brand vision that I am really excited to share over the months to come. This is the project that I am investing 110% into so I hope that our followers can identify with our vision and our products.


Cristina in her Auckland home. On the wall are two of her new wrapping papers, used as art prints.

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make a career from being an independent creative?
I think being an independent creative means a lot of discipline and dedication. It means you need to very be self-motivated, eager to learn and not take failure close to heart. I’d say setting goals is very important for an independent creative as well as their character and how they present themselves and interact with others.

My all time favourite quote about artists is by Samuel Butler.
He wrote, “Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.”

What’s on your desk?
Never any less than two cups of coffee, piles of never-ending to do lists, painting brushes, sketches, notebooks and my macbook. It’s really never ever tidy, but I think many artist can relate to a short attention span and a need to have everything close at hand.



Cristina at work…



Four of the art prints in Wild Wagon’s tattoo-based series – clockwise from top left: Lover to Lover; Hold Fast; Rabbit Heart; Hold On


Cristina’s work is also inspired by botanics – Jungle One and Flower Bouquet art prints


Shop all Wild Wagon art prints here…


Original framed artworks by Hannah Jensen

Hannah Jensen is a longtime friend of endemicworld, and multidisciplinary artist. After visiting Hannah’s studio recently, we picked up three of her gorgeous new drawings floated in raw wooden frames.

Lotus indian ink drawing by Hannah Jensen

Lotus indian ink drawing by Hannah Jensen

Lotus detail Hannah Jensen

Lotus original indian ink by Hannah Jensen

Three Lotus Goddesses – original indian ink drawing by Hannah Jensen. $1450

Coiled framed print by Hannah Jensen

Detail of Coiled drawing by Hannah Jensen

Coiled detail shot Hannah Jensen

Coiled signature detail Hannah Jensen

Coiled - original pencil drawing by Hannah Jensen. $1450

Orchidaceae Drawing by Hannah Jensen

Orchidaceae drawing by Hannah Jensen

Orchidaceae pencil drawing by Hannah Jensen

Orchidaceae pencil drawing by Hannah Jensen

Orchidaceae- Ode to Haeckel – original pencil drawing by Hannah Jensen. $1450

Visit us in store to view or contact us for details


or Phone  (09) 378 9823

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