Print Pairs

Inaluxe Art Print and dining area

Let’s play another round of ‘Perfect Match’ – where we pair our endemicworld prints with gorgeous interiors. Hey, a little daydreaming is good for the soul! This Ampersand art print by NZ designers MASH is the perfect addition to any font-lover’s creative space. (P.S: If you’re unsure what colour palette to go for, Black and White never […]

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We ♥ Large-Scale Photographic Prints

photographic print and dining table

We love large-scale photographic prints – they bring so much drama and style to a space. It’s not surprising they’re so on trend right now. Here’s a few gorgeous interiors where photographic prints steal the show… One big photographic print displayed at the head of your bed – instant increase in bedroom cool factor. Cool […]

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Interior Inspiration

art print in fireplace

Happy Birthday, Queenie! Thanks for giving us the day off, so we can surf the net looking at inspiring interiors… Digging this idea – a framed print becomes a fireplace cover. (Whether its a working fireplace – to hide the mess and ashes – or not.) via So much to love here – but what […]

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Navy Signal Prints by Hana Tanimura

This weeks displaying/hanging inspiration comes from Navy Signal Prints from Google Creative Lab designer Hana Tanimura. This is a shot of her own pad with some peopls initials on the wall. It’s the bold flat colours and mix of pattern and type that do it for us. The “M” reminds us of Scotland too. To top […]

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Re-arranging, our favourite way to spend a day

We spent yesterday re-arranging the store. To some this might sound tedious but actually it’s one of the reasons we opened a physical space (that and being able to meet our lovely customers!). There is nothing quite as therapeutic as creating vignettes of cool prints and objects. Sometimes we arrange by colour, sometimes by artist. […]

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Styled: Rad Pad

swissted design print and interior objects

OK, you deserve an apology for that bad rhyme in the title. But as cringey as it is, it’s also true – this collection of bright beauties would definitely make your place a little more rad! 1. Light it up with this seriously awesome e27 Socket Lamp in Yellow. From Douglas + Bec. 2. The […]

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