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Print Pairs

Let’s play another round of ‘Perfect Match’ – where we pair our endemicworld prints with gorgeous interiors. Hey, a little daydreaming is good for the soul!

Ampersand Art Print and Studio

This Ampersand art print by NZ designers MASH is the perfect addition to any font-lover’s creative space. (P.S: If you’re unsure what colour palette to go for, Black and White never fails.)

Inaluxe Art Print and dining area

LOVE that dining area! Clean and bright, with cute pops of colour in the cute glassware and ‘mixed lolly bag’ of cushions. The Garden Party art print by endemicworld designers Inaluxe would be right at home here.

Erica Harrison Print and room

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a little quiet room to call my own – like this one. Add a Kilim rug and pop an art print on the wall to make the space feel a bit warmer and more inviting. The colours and geometric shapes of the Kilim rug match awesomely with our Peacocks screenprinted print by NZ illustrator Erica Harrison.

Pantone Art Print and design studio

Necessary ingredients for a super cool studio: Bright, statement chairs? Tick. A studio pet? Tick. A designer wall print? The colours in the Pantone Cosmopolitan print would be perfect here. Our I Love DA posters are limited edition art prints donated by New Zealand designers with the proceeds supporting NZ Design Assembly.

Cloud print and bedroom

If you’re redecorating your little one’s bedroom, check out this funky little number. The Clouds print by OSLO has a cool street art feel and comes in pinks or blues.

Botanic print and floral bedroom

This is dangerous, now I feel like re-styling my bedroom! This one has such a sweet floral and vintage vibe, and one of our vintage botanical prints would look awesome above the bed.

Bird Art Print and Minimalist Lounge

This lounge may be minimalist, but the upcycled railway sleeper coffee table and that caramel-coloured leather chair help it feel homely. A large print of a Margaret Petcell painting – we love her Sparrow – would be the icing on the cake, don’t you think?


We ♥ Large-Scale Photographic Prints

We love large-scale photographic prints – they bring so much drama and style to a space. It’s not surprising they’re so on trend right now.

Here’s a few gorgeous interiors where photographic prints steal the show…

Photographic print over bed

art print over bed

One big photographic print displayed at the head of your bed – instant increase in bedroom cool factor.

photo print over chair

Cool chair + cool print = very cool chill-out corner.

large photographic prints on wall

Love the boldness of these heavy black and white photographic prints… they lend a real air of sophistication to this modern space.

photographic art print in stairwell

Sure-fire way to turn heads at home? Display a large-scale photographic print in a more ‘unexpected’ place.

photographic print and dining table

We’re digging how the colours in the rug pick up the colours in this photographic beach print.
It would feel like summer all year round in this place!

Karen Walker art print wall

This gallery wall of art and photographic prints belongs to NZ’s queen of couture, Karen Walker.

Get the look at your place with our range of photographic prints…

Camera Art Photographic Prints

These beauties are from a series of vintage camera photographic prints

Photographic Art Prints

Pat Shepherd’s concert photos make you feel like you were there. 

NZ photo art prints

 We have a range of ‘quintessentially kiwi’ photographic prints like these ones


Shop Photographic Art Prints now at



Interior Inspiration

Happy Birthday, Queenie! Thanks for giving us the day off, so we can surf the net looking at inspiring interiors…

art print in fireplace

Digging this idea – a framed print becomes a fireplace cover.
(Whether its a working fireplace – to hide the mess and ashes – or not.)

prints and plate on a wall
So much to love here – but what caught my eye first was the decorative vintage plate on the wall.

art prints on wall

How’s this for a cute small office? Especially digging the contrast of old ornate frames with modern accents. Love those stripes too! via

Style doesn’t have to mean buying new. We love this coffee table made from stacks of a favourite magazine…

framing art prints with washi tape

washi tape art

I’m SO doing this next weekend – a few cool art and photo finds, framed with washi tape!

diamond print on wall

Heck yes, diamond-print walls!
displaying art prints
Vintage pants hangers make perfect art print hangers!



The Art of Display – 5 Easy Ideas

It’s been a long time since we posted great interiors… we had withdrawals!
This time, we went looking for inspiring ideas that are quick and easy to try out.

Art prints on patterned staircase wall

















Yes, a staircase wall is the perfect possy for a gallery wall of art prints. And we love the idea of making feature of the stairs themselves.

You could use washi tape on every second step, or just on the upper edge of each step. Or apply wallpaper offcuts/samples – all in the same pattern, or different-but-complementary styles. Very cool!
image source

art and prints in creative office space





















Clutter can be cool! Who says you have to frame all your prints? Not us! Grab all your favourite pieces of printed material (even an old airline ticket counts!) and put them up on one wall.
image source 

art print on chair


















1. Take one old chair – from a Garage Sale, op shop or a hand-me-down from a family member.
2. Add one favourite print onto the seat.
3. Step back and admire.
image source

the art of display

A whole array of mismatching frames from the op-shop. Costs very little, but looks awesome.

art feature panel on wall

A few metres of fabric can make a seriously cool feature panel – and when you’re sick of it, just peel it off. How do you get it to stick? Easy – spray on starch, then iron onto the wall! (See tutorial here).





Hang your art prints ‘side by side’

Two is always more fun than one.
On Valentines Day treat yourself and your lover to an art print each.

Hang them side by side, or above and below.
Choose two prints by the same artist, same colour,  or same style.
Perfect pairs usually have something in common : )

A and B: Bloom and Composition by Inaluxe

X and Y: Oh My Darling by Sarah Maxey, Hottie Bottle by Andrew Kennedy

Q and R: Tomato/tomato and Potato/potato by 326

F and G: Choice by iThink,  Tikitastic Greg straight


Navy Signal Prints by Hana Tanimura

This weeks displaying/hanging inspiration comes from Navy Signal Prints from Google Creative Lab designer Hana Tanimura. This is a shot of her own pad with some peopls initials on the wall. It’s the bold flat colours and mix of pattern and type that do it for us. The “M” reminds us of Scotland too. To top is off they are printed giclee (fine art ink jet styles) on nothing but Hahnemühle German Etching Paper.


Re-arranging, our favourite way to spend a day

We spent yesterday re-arranging the store. To some this might sound tedious but actually it’s one of the reasons we opened a physical space (that and being able to meet our lovely customers!).

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as creating vignettes of cool prints and objects. Sometimes we arrange by colour, sometimes by artist. Thanks to Junk & DisorderlyCheltenham Curiosity Shop and Real Time we have some beautiful vintage furniture pieces to work with.




Styled: Rad Pad

OK, you deserve an apology for that bad rhyme in the title. But as cringey as it is, it’s also true – this collection of bright beauties would definitely make your place a little more rad!

swissted design print and interior objects

1. Light it up with this seriously awesome e27 Socket Lamp in Yellow. From Douglas + Bec.
2. The inspiration for this little styled space – the Beastie Boys gig poster by New York-based designer Swissted. Available at endemicworld. At A1 size, this really makes a statement in any room.
3. Charcoal grey and neon are best buddies in this wall clock from Bo Concept. Oh, and it’s ceramic!
4. There’s nothing we designers like more than a nice grid. And the soft grey of this cushion not only ties in with our big wall poster, it also helps tone back the other bright colours in the room. From Freedom Furniture.
5. AMAZING SOFA from Bo Concept.
6. We love this purple coffee table, and it’s only $49 from Freedom Furniture… bargain.