‘High Mileage’ by Ina Arraoui

Ina Arraoui curiosity to discover and learn other cultures fed her academic pursuits and practice of printmaking. With a Masters degree in Anthropology in her back pocket and her artist’s hat on, Ina decided to travel to the mother of civilizations; Africa. After many travels there, Ina made the decision to live for two years in Morocco, where she studied traditional intaglio, monoprint and etching techniques. Ina’s artwork is reflecting her visual memory of patterns, light and colours. She uses her woodcuts to play with organic structures as it is developing unexpectedly under her microscope.

‘High Mileage’ is a print from her 2017 solo exhibition ‘Blowout’. This exhibition explores ideas of immigration and Ina wanted to challenge the way viewers see immigrants.


High Mileage

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