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Meet the Artists: Amy Wybrow

As a painter crafts scenes with brushes and oils, fine art photographer Amy Wybrow wields light and colour, immortalising their dance in her lens. Her debut series of photographic art prints capture lush plant life, in a style that gives contemporary voice to the Victorian-era art of botanic illustration.



Amy’s photographic art print series, available framed or unframed in a range of sizes, at endemicworld.

Tell us a bit more about your art print series – where (and how) were the photographs taken, what inspired you to turn these into art prints, and are there more botanic prints in the series still to come?
This collection of art prints is inspired by early botanical illustrations and photographic documentation of the natural world. Flora Conspicua by Richard Morris documents the history of a range of plants, detailing their medicinal uses, growth patterns and native origins. It is from this 1800’s work that I draw inspiration for my latest series of prints of curated flora and fauna, combining this with influences from early botanical illustrations and spending time in my grandmothers’ gardens as a child.

The photography series began with an interest in glass houses, beginning at the heritage-listed Cunningham House in Christchurch Botanical Gardens. I found that the architectural structure of glass houses created a structured contrast to the botanical subjects, the glass providing a muted colour palette and filtered lighting.
There are some further prints to come in this series and will be a matter of spending time on post production.

How would you describe your aesthetic, in 4 words?
Intimate, tranquil, sombre & sentimental.



Amy photographing and exploring Christchurch’s spectacular Botanical Gardens

Is photography your full-time job, or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
Yes and no, I’m a Photography Teacher by day at secondary level so I am teaching Photography, and using my weekend time for my own work.

In terms of creative projects/new work, what are you working on right now?
I am working on a series of photographs which will be titled – Structure in Nature. This will look at the delicate symmetry of plants and will also be a play on the theme of plants being housed within a man-made structure. As a glass house is an ever-changing world and always evolving, I expect to keep drawing inspiration from these places.




Amy at work in her light-drenched home studio


Tell us about a few creatives (from NZ or international) you are personally inspired by?
I have recently discovered the work of Botanical Photographer Daniel Shipp, from Melbourne. I draw inspiration from well known NZ photographers Di ffrench, and Wayne Barrar. One of my favourite photographers would have to be Fiona Pardington for her distinctive portrayal of the natural world.

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
A dream project for me would be travelling to places like San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew London to collect images and develop ideas.


Styling and photographing her framed print – Flora Conspicua No.1 – in her home studio space 

Your prints make our walls look good. What’s on your walls at home?
We have a very diverse collection of works, ranging from dark moody Jason Greig prints to beautifully executed floral paintings by Mary Mulholland. I have a collection of Di ffrench photographs that I was lucky enough to work on with her and some Peter Cleverley works on paper. My husband paints and my son photographs a bit, so there is always plenty around.


Amy’s photographs bring the freshness and femininity of lush botanics into any space (pictured: Something Forgotten framed print)

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Meet the Artists: Keryn Sweeney, Photographer

From the age of just six, Keryn Sweeney has loved taking photos. She’s a collector of moments, be they precious family moments (in her full-time business as a wedding and family portrait photographer) or moments from her own life, captured in catalogues of photographs of friends and travel experiences. A few years ago, Keryn also began capturing special scenes – both found and styled – for reproduction as art prints. 


Keryn beginning work on a floral series (in her studio)

Tell us about yourself – your background in photography, your day job, etc…
I have two sister companies. One being CAPTURED by Keryn which focuses on weddings, editorial and Fine Art prints the other is CAPTURED by Keryn KIDS which is my family photography side of things. I love them both, I approach photography the same way for each – just the moments are different. I have a candid documentary style when it comes to people.

I was gifted first camera when I was around six, and got right into it from around intermediate age. I have an endless amount of glorious photos of my friends posing for me and trees, lots of trees. I decided when I was fourteen I would become a photographer and only really started taking photos I would show people once I started photography classes in 6th form. I studied photography in Dunedin and have been a full time photographer for 10 yrs now.



As well as having a small workspace inside her home (top), Keryn has a standalone, contemporary studio at the front of her property.

What do you shoot on?
My go-to is my Canon 5d mark 111, but I recently inherited some cameras my great Grandad took to WW1 so have just got them restored for upcoming personal projects.

Keryn’s trusty Canon, and inherited cameras from her beloved Grandad 

What’s your favourite thing to capture on film?
I would have to say travel, there is nothing I love more than walking around the streets taking photos. Chatting to new people ( I’m quite chatty) and taking their photographs. I have had a few experiences where I meet people in my passing and gone on a little photoshoot with them, neither of us understanding each others language but everyone knows the universal sign for can I take your photo. It’s always a really beautiful experience.


Keryn is inspired by travel – this documentary-style snap was taken in Bali, during a morning walk 

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
Probably the stencil art my little brother made for me.



Keryn’s work in her own home (how good do they look grouped like that!)


One of Keryn’s framed art prints in her niece’s bedroom

What would be a dream project/collab you’d love to do?
Ha, anything to do with travel. I’ve been pretty obsessed with the idea of a Route 66 shoot for a while. I’m also wanting to branch out into more editoral work.

Tell us about a few creatives you are personally inspired by?
I have been a long time fan of the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton and Mario Testino. We have a ridiculous amount of talent here in NZ though, photographers Danelle Bohane and James K Lowe are producing incredible work.




A sneak peek at Keryn’s newest series of moody, fine art photographic prints -
titled (from top) Morning, Ranunculus Focus, and Red Anemone. This series coming soon to Endemicworld…


Two of Keryn’s photographic prints shot in the stunning New Zealand landscape, available at endemicworld

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Meet the Artists – Jeremy Senior

Award-winning Auckland-based photographer Jeremy Senior captures NZ nature and landscapes in a way few others would ever think to – his work has a dream-like, almost meditative quality to it; a sense of timelessness and spaciousness. Using long exposure techniques, and presenting his subjects in characteristic black & white or beautifully muted colours, Jeremy creates minimalist fine art prints that add a sophisticated, calming aesthetic to any space.  

Jeremy Senior NZ Photographer

NZ photographer Jeremy Senior

Is photography full-time job for you? If so, what was your journey to becoming a professional photographer / or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
My photography is heading towards being full-time. I’ve always had other work to support my photography passion, but in the last year I’ve been able to spend more time in photography which is great! It takes a while and a lot of hard work to get established. I’ve always been creative and hands on when it comes to work that I’m good at and enjoy, so my ‘other day job’ has been in the construction industry as a contract fencer for new housing subdivisions. I love being outside!

Jeremy Senior photographing water

Jeremy Senior photographer nz

Jeremy at work in his ‘outdoor office’!

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by? Who would you love to work with?
There are a lot of photographers that I admire. I love to look online at sites like flickr and I’m always coming across people and work that I would’ve never know about unless I looked! There are two photographers that really inspire me that I have followed for a long time, two guys from Canada, Michael Levin and David Burdeney. They have both become very successful at what they do and I’m always inspired by any new work they do. Both produce beautiful work and are masters of using light in a very soft way.

What are you working on right now?
When I started my landscape/seascape photography my focus was on black and white and most of my images in my portfolio are in this style. After 3 years of working like this I have decided to look at colour. My latest work has been exploring colour, some images are new and other images have come from shots taken over the last couple of years. I always keep every shot I have taken and once in a while I like to look back over my archive and revisit shots that might not have grabbed my attention initially. I have found that a lot of images suit colour rather than black and white.

Jeremy Senior photographic print on computer

Jeremy Senior art print

Jeremy re-touching his work; the almost meditative Cathedral Cove print

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
My wife is my biggest fan and she likes to have my work on our walls! I’m not going to blow my trumpet but we do have some large framed prints of my up and they do look great! We lived overseas for 4 years and we travelled a lot and brought back a few artworks which we love. One is a water colour of a Paris cafe scene and another print we love is a black and white etching of a village in the Cinque Terre, Italy.

Jemery Senior framed print on wall

One of Jeremy’s dream-like photographic prints on a wall in his home

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
A dream project for me which I always think about is to publish my work. I would love to one day have my work printed in a beautiful high quality book.

When are you at your most creative?
I would say I’m at my most creative when I’m outside amongst nature. I love to think and process things and I find that when I’m outside in a quiet place looking at nature, especially scenes that I want to photograph, I get excited and thats when my creative juices start to flow.


Clockwise from top left: Lion Rock photographic print; Cloud City (Auckland skyline) framed print; Watch Tower print; Cathedral Cove photographic art print.

See all photographic art prints by Jeremy Senior here




Meet the Artists: Joe McMenamin

Joe McMenamin’s work is a dreamy mixture of detailed drawing and painting. We love the intricate patterns Joe painstakingly illustrates, particularly his bird silhouette art prints, formed by thousands of tiny ink strokes. Joe also uses that highly-tuned artist’s eye in his day job as a photography teacher, as well as in wood-working (hand crafting all the plywood frames his original artworks are created on) and even knife-making. He’s a true talent who, it seems, is happiest when he is creating…

Joe Mcmenamin NZ artist

You’re a photography teacher as well as artist. How does each discipline influence/effect the other?
I make most of my art at school. I think it’s really important for my students to see me making authentic art, partly for my own credibility as a teacher but also so that they can see where art can take them if they pursue it.

While I don’t take photographs for my own work, the skills of composition, depth and contrast are similar in drawing and painting.

NZ Art Print New Zealand

One of Joe’s limited edition, screen-printed art prints available on endemicworld. 

Have you been drawing and painting at this level for alot of years (or is your art career quite ‘new’?) Tell us about some of the cool art projects/commissions/shows you’ve been involved in?
I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. My current style, in particular my patterns, has been developing over the last 5 years or so. Other than a few exhibitions, the NZ Art Show has been my main outlet for selling work.

In terms of other projects, I have had heaps of fun working with wood and steel in my knifemaking hobby. I love making things with my hands, which is why I make all of the plywood frames that my original paintings are on.

As well a being a skilled knife maker, Joe crafts all the plywood frames for his original artworks.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a new piece in my “dead or alive” series. This latest work features an elephant skeleton juxtaposed with a silhouette of Africa. I’m interested in the contrast of shape and line work, and how far I can push the detail. This work is also exploring the ideas behind life, death and the endangered African elephant.

NZ artist artwork in progress

The work-in-progress mentioned above - Joe manages to create incredible detail and dimension with a humble pen.

Who do you look up to, creatively (and why)?
My high school art teacher was Darryn George (he’s pretty famous actually) and he is the one who inspired me to go to art school, and eventually become a teacher. I remember his classes being really relaxed and fun, and he always had a big painting on the go. My own teaching is still influenced by the way Darryn taught me.

Fave music to paint/draw to?
Gang Starr, Arctic Monkeys and Fat Freddy’s Drop all get a lot of air time, although I mostly listen to Radio Active, the best radio station in Wellington.

art desk

Snaps from Joe’s creative home and work space.

Tell us about a dream project you’d love to work on?
I would love to illustrate a children’s book. I have three kids, all 6 and under, and I would love to make something that they could enjoy and get involved with. I already have a concept for the story, where my wife and daughter go away for the weekend, leaving my 2 sons and I at home having a boy’s weekend. If you knew my boys, you could imagine us getting up to some pretty crazy stuff!


bird art prints

Two more of Joe’s beautiful original artworks. (And there’s now only 1 of the 15 Blue Robin prints left!)


We ♥ Large-Scale Photographic Prints

We love large-scale photographic prints – they bring so much drama and style to a space. It’s not surprising they’re so on trend right now.

Here’s a few gorgeous interiors where photographic prints steal the show…

Photographic print over bed

art print over bed

One big photographic print displayed at the head of your bed – instant increase in bedroom cool factor.

photo print over chair

Cool chair + cool print = very cool chill-out corner.

large photographic prints on wall

Love the boldness of these heavy black and white photographic prints… they lend a real air of sophistication to this modern space.

photographic art print in stairwell

Sure-fire way to turn heads at home? Display a large-scale photographic print in a more ‘unexpected’ place.

photographic print and dining table

We’re digging how the colours in the rug pick up the colours in this photographic beach print.
It would feel like summer all year round in this place!

Karen Walker art print wall

This gallery wall of art and photographic prints belongs to NZ’s queen of couture, Karen Walker.

Get the look at your place with our range of photographic prints…

Camera Art Photographic Prints

These beauties are from a series of vintage camera photographic prints

Photographic Art Prints

Pat Shepherd’s concert photos make you feel like you were there. 

NZ photo art prints

 We have a range of ‘quintessentially kiwi’ photographic prints like these ones


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New! Photographic Prints by Pat Shepherd

For the first time we have photographic prints : – ) To launch this new offering we have teamed up with NZ music photographer Pat Shepherd who for many years has been shooting our finsest musicians all over the country. To top it off each print sold raises funds for the charity founded by Pat called!

Art Prints


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new coffee machine and prints at 62 ponsonby road

new gigantic framed Evie Kemp prints at the shop.

manual fragile stickers (we ran out)

AK City




Popup detail

Photographer Kristian Frires came by to take some snaps of our pop up shop at 62 Ponsonby. Nothing beats seeing it in the real.

We are open 10-6 everyday and to 8pm or later on a Friday. We also have super tasty Nice Blocks for peeps who spend over $50. Just what you need during a hot days Xmas shopping through AK city. And the kid scan charge it on the rocking Moose while you dig amoungst the print draws and chat to our smiley relaxed crew.