5 Collage Artists You Should Know

“Collage-making, for me, is basically an act of painting, allowing me to indulge in an appetite for immediacy.” Abe Ajay, (American artist)

Megan Archer

A young artist with a distinct painting style, Megan Archer uses collage as a starting point for her oil paintings. A way to get quick ideas down, play around with composition and not have anything be fixed before she scans the collage into photoshop to further distort and abstract them. Some of her collage works aren’t destined for oil paintings and the quirkier scenes she releases as fine art prints, like this one here ‘We Drifted On By’.















Joel Kefali

Joel Kefali is better known for his work in film but it’s these abstract collage pieces he designed for The Sherwood Hotel in Queenstown that piqued our interest. We were so excited when an order for 20 of these prints at A0 size came through our website, we had to know the artist and see his other work. Sadly these were on offs for Joel but not sadly these are amazing and their exclusivity make them that much more covetable, if you go to the Sherwood look out for the psychedelic works in each room.














Bobby Neel Adams

Bobby Neel Adams is a photographer based in New York, ‘AgeMaps’ is a series of photographs that show the same person at two points within their life. The works have a rather sinister look about them that we can’t quite put our fingers on but are also mesmerising to stare at and notice the familiarity in the faces and imagine the lives lived between the two points.







Clare Celeste Borsch


The Mushroom Hunters’ is a large-scale three-dimensional collage by Clare Celeste Borsch based on the poem by Neil Gaiman. It took the artist six weeks to complete and the result is an immersive forest of flora, fauna, birds, amphibians, fungi and incests all carefully placed in this stunning scene.

“The women, who did not need to run down prey, had brains that spotted landmarks and made paths between them left at the thorn bush and across the scree and look down in the bole of the half-fallen tree, because sometimes there are mushrooms. Before the flint club, or flint butcher’s tools, The first tool of all was a sling for the baby to keep our hands free and something to put the berries and the mushrooms in, the roots and the good leaves, the seeds and the crawlers.” – Neil Gaiman, excerpt from The Mushroom Hunters










Gavin Hurley

Gavin Hurley is an Auckland based artist and one half of the Ponsonby institution Flotsam and Jetsam. When he isn’t dressing the always immaculate store front he can be found making original paintings and collage artworks. Recently we have seen Gavin playfully incorporate 3-D elements in to his work, our favourite has to be the images of his subjects ‘The Suits’ creating the artwork.


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