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Limited edition screen prints by Weston Frizzell

Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell made their mark on the New Zealand design scene by creating the unofficial ‘Supercity’ logo. They are also well known for their take on the ‘Behive’ matchbox logo, and their ‘Three Green Bottles’ screen print promoting their ‘Behave’ wine label.

Earlier in the month we made a mission to visit the studio of Weston Frizzell, and picked up some screen prints straight from the source!

Supercity screen print by Weston Frizzell

Supercity screen print by Weston Frizzell

Behave screen print by Weston Frizzell

Behave Screen print by Weston Frizzell

Supercity and Three Green Bottles are now available onlineTo check them out in the flesh visit 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.


I love Raglan! Screenprint by Denise Fort

The ‘I Love Raglan’ screen print by Denise Fort is inspired by Denise’s place of residence, her newly found home away from Germany, Raglan.  Since 2014 Denise has been working on her own brand with the aim to support fair trade and environmental friendly thinking.

The original designs for Denise’s screen prints are drawn straight onto surfaces, without any prior planning, guidelines or pencil marks.

Printed by Artisan Screen Printers on 300gsm ‘eco100′ environmentally friendly offset paper, with chemical free inks.

I Love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

I Love Raglan screenprint by Denise Fort

I love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

I Love Raglan art print by Denise Fort

 To view Denise’s Raglan print (and more!) in the flesh, visit us in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.


Walter Hansen: Tieke Tour ‘North Taranga’ Edition screen print

Presenting, the Tieke Tour ‘North Taranga’ edition screenprint by Walter Hansen.

Walter Hansen is a Wellington based designer, whose designs are meticulously printed and presented on carefully chosen paper stocks. Each print is signed, numbered and hand embossed; the printing method and materials become integrated into the design process.

Since the beginning, endemicworld has been enthralled by Walter’s intelligent kiwi designs.

View more of Walter’s screenprints here.

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint hero

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint signature

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint embossed

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint Lightbox

Photography by Jenna Smith


Nigel Roberts, Wood Cut Art Print Process

Nigel Roberts (aka Dagar) is the the king of typography. A multi-disciplined artist who racks up sleepless nights at his studio working on his art. Self-taught in the art of sign-writing, he is keeping a dying craft alive. Nigel is a co-founder of the Carwash Gallery and part of Young Gifted & Broke.

Browse Art Prints by Nigel Roberts


New Artist & Illustrator Toby Morris

While out there on a web adventure… we discovered a neat ‘lil gallery in Amsterdam, and that lead to finding XTOTL and the crazy talented cartoonist, designer, art director, artist, bearded man called Toby Morris. A few emails are exchanged, we learn he is on his way back to NZ after a stint in the little Euro town called Amsterdam. Smiles all round, as a few weeks later we are taking a personal delivery of his fine limited edition screen prints. Browse all of Toby’s art prints here.


toby morris art prints

toby morris art prints



Valentines gift guide …for her

Here is our pick of gorgeous gifts for your gorgeous lover.



1. Gift your girl the sweet smell of love from Ana Sui

2. A little bit rock, the ‘Amy’  Limited Edition art print from endemicworld by Peter Donovan will make any chick swoon

3. For the girl you have eyes for, the Corallo and Gold envelope handbag from Paris Houses new Love collection

4. This 9ct bottle opener from Douglas and Bec is the ultimate in bling functionality

5. Smitten enough to show it ? smitten enough to tattoo it

6.Rubys are red, this nail polish isn’t. It’s tangerine orange from Ruby boutique.

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Our Print Club Favourites!

Every town has its spot to go and get the best limited edition screen prints from local illustrators, designers, street artists and the like. In London, it’s Print Club London. A solid archive of underground upper-comers, all in one amazing place where they hold classes for print artists, have gear to rent and do shows too. Here is our short list we want right now.



Blue Jolly” by Rosha Nutt Limited edition screenprint of 50. We like the summeryness and colours. Its also a big 500×700 sheet so nice and big statement styles on ya wall.



“Yo” by Casaandra Yap. Limited edition screenprint of just 25. Who wouldn’t want this print.



“Landscape 2″ by Paul Wardski. Limited Edition screenprint of 50. Nice small square print, would go perfect in a bach down south. It reminds us of Rob Roy glacier in Wanaka.



“King Pheasant II” by Vicky Langdon. Limited edition screenprint of 5. We like low editions, we like birds, especially pheasents, love the colours and placement on the sheet.


New Swanee Screen Prints by Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy has been busy with his Swanee screens. These are fresh off the press last weekend and we are the first to get them. They are way cooler in real life. The swans a like suspended in space, just cruising like swans do.

All hand screen-printed, big A2 sheets, open edition, and starting at just $65!

There are 4 new Swanee Prints by Andrew Kennedy, check them out.