5 Printmakers We’re Following Right Now

Arna Miller & Ravi Zupa

Arna Miller & Ravi Zupa

Husband & wife duo Arna Miller & Ravi Zupa have ignited (pun intended) our love for the furry feline. These hilarious matchbox woodblock prints depicting drunk cats in all kinds of all too familiar scenarios are a HOOT, from the size to the simple colour palette everything about them is perfect. Also, watch the quick video below of how they make the tiny prints and be even more impressed.



Elisa Webler

Elisa Werbler is a designer and maker based in New York City but it’s her serigraph gemstone series that caught our eye recently. Each print is made using 5 layers of transparent color, the overlapping of each layer results in the appearance of 10 or more colors. So clever how the use of shapes overlapping one another to create the look of a sparkling gemstone.



Ellen Von Wiegand

Ellen Von Wiegand is an artist based in South East London. It’s under her instagram handle @ellenvonwiegand that we found her mesmerising videos of her linocut prints. Everyone loves a good reveal and Ellen does them like a pro, cropping in and showing small details of work intrigue the viewer just enough to keep you guessing until finally she unveils the work. You gain a huge appreciation for the finished result by being invited in to view the part of the making process, we could watch Ellen work all day.



Michelle Maguire

Michelle Maguire is a prop and set stylist in Columbus, Ohio, but it’s her collaborative book ‘Salami Dreaming’ that caught our attention. It features eye-popping, hand-printed images of her blunt, funny, completely unimpressed Italian American Great-Aunt Doll, with colorful Aunt Doll anecdotes by Aaron Beck, Michelle’s husband. Aunt Doll, is who we all hope to be at 85. Michelle has managed to create



Uriel Marín

Uriel Marin hails from the east coast of Mexico and has trained extensively in fine art and the skills of print-making, etching and engraving. Our first introduction to Uriel was through the piece ‘Chapoteando’ which was bought in for framing by one of our customers. We were in awe! The sheer size of the work is impressive (1290mm x 890mm) and we were even more impressed to learn it’s a hand executed woodblock print! A definite high for the team for 2019!


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