Kiwi Series by Eric Orr

Bronx / New Zealand artist Eric Orr is one of our heroes. Famous for his robot head and street art history with Keith Haring in NYC subways, he has traveled to NZ enough for it to be his home away from home. We were lucky enough to meet him and share a beer on a sunny Auckland beach last summer. Ever since we have been meaning to show you one of our favourite pieces he did while in NZ.

This is Kiwi series # 3 – Acrylic, china pencil on New York City Subway Map, 2007.

This and two other Kiwi Maps by Eric are here in NZ. There were only four in total so they are collectable to say the least. To find out more contact Eric’s representative Jillian de Beer.

We look forward to when he is back in AK…

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