Gift Guides: Desktop Goodies!

Hello, my name is endemicworld and I am addicted to Stationery.
It has been 9 days since my last purchase of something awesome for my desk…

art prints and other items

1. Keep your knick-knacks tidy, with this vintage-style tray – $84 from Father Rabbit.
2. Somehow this wooden Whale manages to be both cool and cute. Plus, it’s handy, it’s also a storage box for your paper-clips and what-not. $80 from Simon James online.
3. Ah, our favourite letterform, the ampersand. Ampersand design print, by Mash – available framed ($154) or unframed ($65) at endemicworld.
4. You can never have too much Washi Tape. $4.50 per roll, from A Little Ink.
5. Encourage yourself as you work, you Clever Little Bastard! This big and bold A2 print was designed by NZ illustrator Natasha Vermeulen for endemicworld. $79 unframed.
6. Witty little stocking stuffer – set of Crafty pencils, only $6 from Emma Makes. (She also has lots of other colours and sayings to choose from.)
7. The next best thing to owning an awesome, rare vintage camera, is owning a pencil sharpener replica! $34 from Wocolate.
8. We love the geometric pattern on this one, very cool. The mini-size, undated geometric diary by MMMG is just $12 and available online from Notemaker.
9. Cloud chalkboard, $29 from Chalkd.

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