Our Print Club Favourites!

Every town has its spot to go and get the best limited edition screen prints from local illustrators, designers, street artists and the like. In London, it’s Print Club London. A solid archive of underground upper-comers, all in one amazing place where they hold classes for print artists, have gear to rent and do shows too. Here is our short list we want right now.



Blue Jolly” by Rosha Nutt Limited edition screenprint of 50. We like the summeryness and colours. Its also a big 500×700 sheet so nice and big statement styles on ya wall.



“Yo” by Casaandra Yap. Limited edition screenprint of just 25. Who wouldn’t want this print.



“Landscape 2” by Paul Wardski. Limited Edition screenprint of 50. Nice small square print, would go perfect in a bach down south. It reminds us of Rob Roy glacier in Wanaka.



“King Pheasant II” by Vicky Langdon. Limited edition screenprint of 5. We like low editions, we like birds, especially pheasents, love the colours and placement on the sheet.

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