Re-arranging, our favourite way to spend a day

We spent yesterday re-arranging the store. To some this might sound tedious but actually it’s one of the reasons we opened a physical space (that and being able to meet our lovely customers!).

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as creating vignettes of cool prints and objects. Sometimes we arrange by colour, sometimes by artist. Thanks to Junk & DisorderlyCheltenham Curiosity Shop and Real Time we have some beautiful vintage furniture pieces to work with.



4 Replies to “Re-arranging, our favourite way to spend a day”

  1. Hi, do you have a copy of that Flox Tiki print for sale ? The one in the shot of the store? What size and how much ? Cheers

  2. Yes we do, $120 (on sale from $169 due to the condition of the print, it has a few scuffs on the paper. New prints will be in next week.
    The pop up reopens Wednesday 30th Jan at 62 Ponsonby Road.

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