Cool things to help beat the back to work blues

We’ve found some cool accessories to pimp your desk and keep the good times rolling.


1. Tend your garden from your desk with this ‘Pop-up Allotment’.
From the Postcarden shop by Another Design Studio

2. ‘Shake Rattlle Roll’ mini-print will remind you to get on with it.
From 326, available at art print store

3. Waste time getting this ‘Cubebot Puzzle’ dude into some funky positions.
Design by areaware, available at

4. Have some fun with this ‘Wooden Voice Recorder’ designed by Richard Upchurch.
From the design store of design stores MoMA

5. Use ‘Bianca the Hippo Memo Holder’ to make sure you don’t forget things.
From the destination for office style

6. Skip lunch and get home earlier, ‘Lunch is for Wimps’ (anyway) framed giclee art print by Natasha Vermuelen.
From art print store


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