Fave Blogger Interviews: Rachael from Made From Scratch

Made From Scratch is an incredibly gorgeous lifestyle blog, created by New Zealand baker and homemaker Rachael McMahon. Several times a week, Rachael shares all the sweet things that make her smile – from drool-on-your-keyboard recipes to amazing styled weddings. A true blogging success story, Rachael has been able to bake her passion into a sure-to-rise business, as her wedding cakes and at-home baking classes are in hot demand.

Tell us about yourself first Rachael – what do you do for work, and for fun?
I’m lucky enough that my passion has become my work, my days are filled with blog posts, wedding cakes, baking classes and networking with some of the most wonderfully talented people in the business.

My days off are spent with my husband and puppy, catching up with our amazing friends over a delicious brunch or simply pottering in the garden!

The beautiful Made From Scratch blog, and blogger Rachael McMahon


How did you come to start the Made From Scratch blog and how has it changed since then?
I found out about blogs while we were traveling through America, when we got home I started planning our wedding and baking again after being out of the kitchen for two years.

Ben said that it would be fun for me to blog about our upcoming wedding and share the recipes that I make – by the time I’d finished making dinner one night he had designed and built Made From Scratch for me.

After posting everyday for about a year my gorgeous sister in law rebranded Made From Scratch to what it is today, it’s since grown into a daily lifestyle blog while I do baking classes and wedding cakes on the side – something I could never ever have imagined possible.

Always baking. I want to live at Rachael’s house!

Rachael teaching at one of her very popular home baking classes.

Who inspires you?  
My husband, family and friends – without them none of this would be possible, their support has been beyond amazing. I get inspired by lost of different things, it could be as simple as brunch with a friend, wandering through the hardware shop or admiring other beautiful blogs.

Tell us something we wouldn’t guess about you.
I used to do triathlons and long distant running while at high school – it feels like another life now.

What are some of your favourite blogs that you think we should go and visit?
I’m a huge fan of Adore, The Velvet Doe, What Katie Ate and The Big Day. They’re all so gorgeous and I always find something new and inspiring.

Just some of the recipes and ideas you’ll find on Made From Scratch.

Whats the best thing about being a blogger? What are the challenges?
The connections and friends that you make, they’re incredible. As well as being able to share work that inspires others, I’ll never be able to get used to knowing that so many people enjoy my work, it’s beyond an honour.  Being your own boss is hard at times, as you don’t have anyone to answer to but yourself if something goes wrong.

Like everyone, finding a nice balance between work and life is always tricky – especially when your life is your work. I adore what I do, so the challenges don’t seem too hard to deal with.


Finally, do you have any tips for start-up bloggers to get them over the global average 3 month lifespan?
Stick at it, even if you’re not getting a large readership to start with, someone somewhere will be following your blog and will absolutely adore it. Above all love what you do, if you’re genuine people will admire you for it.


For sweet styling, baking, weddings and more,
visit the Made From Scratch blog, or join Made From Scratch on Facebook.


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