The Art of Display – 5 Easy Ideas

It’s been a long time since we posted great interiors… we had withdrawals!
This time, we went looking for inspiring ideas that are quick and easy to try out.

Art prints on patterned staircase wall

















Yes, a staircase wall is the perfect possy for a gallery wall of art prints. And we love the idea of making feature of the stairs themselves.

You could use washi tape on every second step, or just on the upper edge of each step. Or apply wallpaper offcuts/samples – all in the same pattern, or different-but-complementary styles. Very cool!
image source

art and prints in creative office space





















Clutter can be cool! Who says you have to frame all your prints? Not us! Grab all your favourite pieces of printed material (even an old airline ticket counts!) and put them up on one wall.
image sourceĀ 

art print on chair


















1. Take one old chair – from a Garage Sale, op shop or a hand-me-down from a family member.
2. Add one favourite print onto the seat.
3. Step back and admire.
image source

the art of display

A whole array of mismatching frames from the op-shop. Costs very little, but looks awesome.

art feature panel on wall

A few metres of fabric can make a seriously cool feature panel – and when you’re sick of it, just peel it off. How do you get it to stick? Easy – spray on starch, then iron onto the wall! (See tutorialĀ here).




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