Styled: Graphic Black Office

Inspired by our Helvetica framed art print by NZ design collective OSLO, we’ve dreamed up a designer studio in bold monochrome…

Black and white art studio

1.  This framed art print is dedicated to that legendary font, Helvetica. A designer’s best friend! Available in A4 right up to a big A2.

2.  Practise your hand-lettering with To Do lists or an inspirational quote, on a speechbubble chalkboard by NZ company Chalkd.

3.  How about a little dose of Mid Century style, courtesy of this retro-cool clock and calendar. Available from Collected.

4.  OK, time to get down to work. We love the simplicity and sleekness of the Shorthand Desk in ‘espresso’ colour (with two hidden drawers). From Freedom Furniture.

5. Your stationery’s gotta look good too, right? FRANK is a small NZ brand who embrace the one-for-one concept. Every item of stationery you buy, they give one away to a child who needs it.

6.  Whistle while you work, with a very stylish Tivoli speaker from Paper Plane. Connects to your iPod, CD player or any other audio device, so you can crank it up loud.

7.  Organisation gets super sexy with this industrial-style tiered shelving system from Freedom. It’s aptly called the Assignment shelf!

8.  A dream office chair – the Sidekick by NZ designer Timothy John. Comes in a range of colours, but we love the black-on-black.

9. Who said rubbish bins have to be ugly? Someone who’d never seen one of these Varpunen sacks, that’s who. Use for trash or as storage for treasures.

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