Meet the Artists: Chloe Sawyer

We’re so inspired by the work (and prolific work ethic!) of emerging ‘young gun’ and endemicworld artist Chloe Sawyer (aka Chloe Ruby.)  Chloe’s work is feminine, delicate and whimsical, inspired by her love of creatures great and small and Chloe’s sunny, uplifting outlook on life. We’re big fans!

Chloe Ruby

Chloe with one of her original illustrations – also available as an art print in various sizes (framed or unframed)

Chloe Ruby Art Prints

Chloe with some of the framed art prints available on endemicworld 

You studied down at CPIT but you’re now in Auckland. What did you study, and what are you doing now?
I completed a Bachelor of Design in Applied Visual Arts last year in Christchurch and moved up to Auckland at the beginning of the year. I had planned to find a part-time job while I got my feet started as a practicing artist but I was overwhelmed with commissions that I never ended up getting a side job!

My work ranges from commercial illustration, personal commissions for people and any spare time is spent on my own artwork.

hug art print and tee

Chloe’s ‘Hug’ illustration is available on this Sophie Jo tee, and as a sweet art print (with matching ‘Kiss’ print too!)



Where do you create?
I have a studio in my house where I work all day, but when I need to get out I’ll take my work to a local cafe and take advantage of a new setting around people (and countless long blacks haha).

Working from home is definitely a challenge. I have to been really self disciplined and motivated, but coming straight from uni has been great because i’ve brought all of my work habits with me.

Chloe Ruby Lino Cut

Chloe uses loads of techniques to get the look she wants for each piece – from pencil sketching to hand-carved lino cut stamps

What are you working on creatively at the moment?
I have just finished some big jobs for the clothing shop Pagani doing illustrations for their Spring campaign, and illustrating books for the Ministry of Education.

Chloe Ruby art for pagani

Chloe’s custom illustrations for NZ clothing brand Pagani – love!

Right now I am so excited to have time to prepare some new work! I am working on a range of affordable mini prints, my work so far has been quite expensive and it’s so important to me that my art is accessible to everyone.

So hopefully i’ll have work to suit every budget ready for Christmas…

Chloe Ruby mini art print

One of Chloe’s new mini prints – work in progress…

Which NZ artists/designer(s) do you most look up to and why?
A couple of years ago Hayley King (Flox) spoke in Christchurch and I was so encouraged to see a woman who has created a full time career as an artist and mother. Her motivation and drive is so inspiring and also the steady development of her work is awesome to watch. She is one of those courageous women who see no limits and just shine.

Tell us about a dream project you’d love to work on…
I love collaborating and I love doing things that I know are making a positive influence on the world. So I suppose I would love to do illustration for humanitarian organisations. It’s been so cool seeing my work on new surfaces so working for clothing brands who have a huge priority on fair trade is something that would excite me.

Chloe Ruby Good Day


Chloe creates a new piece of artwork every week (free download for your desktop and iPhone wallpapers) for NZ charities Live for Tomorrow and Little Lot 

Fave music to create by?
Music is definitely so important in my work environment. But at the moment i’ve actually been enjoying listening to audio books haha. It’s a bit geeky but I love it, time flies by when I draw and listen to books.


Chloe posts loads of new work and goodies to her Facebook page – go check it out!


See all our Chloe Ruby art prints over on endemicworld

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