Ho ho ho – Gifts for Guys



1.   Magnetic bear bottle opener for his fridge!

2.   Superbro art print, from NZ surfer, skater, dad and illustrator (I’m a poet and I know it) Greg Straight.

3.   Perfect for the designer dude. Pencil art print by Oslo.

4.   I want this for myself! Smartphone projector from Iko Iko.

5.   Camping is cool. Bear and Beer BBQ art print, by NZ illustrator Natasha Vermeulen.

6.  Al Brown is a bondafide legend amongst NZ men – especially men who love to cook. His new hardcover book Depot includes all the unpretentious and hearty recipes that have made the eatery – and the man – so loved.

7.  Chocolate! Craft Beer! Chocolate that tastes like craft beer (with hops and toffee malt)! This choc was made to enjoy with a bottle of his fave. From artisan chocolate makers and all-round good guys, Wellington Chocolate Factory. Get it from Iko Iko.

8.  The rockstars of NZ coffee – Coffee Supreme – have teamed up with the guys at Wellington’s Six Barrel Soda Co. to create this coffee soda syrup. YUM. Available from Paper Plane.

9.   Ask him if he knows about the cult guys’ lifestyle magazine, Monster Children. If he does, he will literally worship the ground you walk on for getting him this super limited edition box-set, curated by guest editor Mike D of the Beastie Boys. From Good as Gold.

10.   Home Sweet As Home art print by Good Graphic Design. Also comes in a wicked copper foil version.

11.   Every little dude growing up in the 80’s had (or wanted) a Chopper. Good Times for sure, Greg Straight.

12.   Iconic NZ men’s brand Barkers now sell grooming prods, including the famous Californian brand, Baxter. Loving that clean designer packaging.

13.   Shoes, watches, wallets… the details matter on a man.  So get him looking sharp with the sophistication of I Love Ugly’s leather time pieces and bill-folds.

14.   Flowers are for girls… a man needs a manly candle. Ah, the nostalgic, grown-man smell of Pipe Tobacco. From Paper Plane.

15.   Stormtrooper art print, from a super intricate, original pointillism pencil sketch – by NZ artist Alex Matthews.

16.  Masculine and minimalist – this sharp-looking travel bag by Swedish design company RAINS is available from Simon James.


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