Three, two, one: Mini Q&A with artist Kriselle Poy

Wellington based Kriselle Poy’s art prints are in the fresh produce isle here at endemicworld. Explosive colour combines with delicate watercolour patterns to create her refreshing, uplifting designs.

We’ve asked Kriselle a few questions about her practice as an introduction to you all.

Kriselle Poy Art prints endemicworld


What are three words that describe your artistic practice or the way you work?

Experimental yet considered, intuitive

Blue Fireworks Art Prints by Kriselle Poy

Blue Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy

Two things that most influence your style/subject matter are…

To me really the simplest of things like textures and patterns in our everyday life are the starting points for any work. You can get ideas from anywhere if you are open to it. One day I might like a certain kind of flower, the next day I might be into geometric shapes, then the next I might want to try a new watercolour technique and so it’s always changing. I just like to be really open minded.

Midnight Bloom Art print by Kriselle Poy

Midnight Bloom art print by Kriselle Poy

Do you have one favourite quote which you live by?

There’s this quote which is more like a saying, “Never lose your childlike sense of wonder”.

Fireworks Art print by Kriselle Poy

Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy


View all of Kriselle’s art prints online.

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