New Staff Photos!

Things are changin’! Our furrier mate has gotten bigger, and our team has changed since our last staff pics, (Jenna Smith has been off adventuring with her camera, but is keeping us well stocked with some pretty awesome photographic prints from her travels), so it was time for some fresh pics, just like school photos in the good olds days, only different.

Check out some of the outtakes below – surprisingly out of all three subjects, Cash was the easiest to get to stand still…

Photography by Sarah Starkey

Sam Kelly, Elliot Alexander, Endemic World

Sam Kelly, Elliot Alexander, Endemic World 2016

Sam Kelly, Elliot Alexander, Cash Alexander, Endemic World

And by the way, we have a Print Tech position available. We will be publishing the full job description here on the blog at the end of the week. Stay tuned if you want to work with us!


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