Georgie Malyon – The Ritual – Solo Exhibition 2016

On Friday we celebrated new work by Auckland floral artist & stylist Georgie Malyon with her solo exhibition “The Ritual”. The show is up until September 6th in our Ponsonby Road gallery. Big thanks to Black Robin Gin for supplying some wonderful cocktails and all those who helped on the night.

“This new series of work by Georgie Malyon draws on an ongoing interest in floristry, the occult and the Dutch 17th century still life tradition. Floral arrangements are combined with glittering crystals of amethyst, quartz and obsidian. These are then illuminated with candles, and photographed against a backdrop of cotton or velvet drapery. Incongruous food items often make an appearance: red-backed crabs, chicken feet and animal bones. These uncanny juxtapositions are both intriguing and unnerving in equal parts, producing a sense of cognitive dissonance in the viewer. A witchy tableau, Malyon’s constructions are charged with symbolic potential. Like a spell or incantation, the images evoke both magical and everyday rituals connected to flowers as a reminder of the transience of life, the inevitability of death and the possibility of rebirth as the wheel of life turns.”

Browse all of Georgie Malyon’s photographic art prints here >>

Here are some photos from opening night. Photography by Sarah Starkey.

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