Olivia Bezett – Solo Exhibtion – Animal Dreams

On Friday the 21st of October Olivia Bezett releases a new body of work in her second solo exhibition “Animal Dreams”. So no better time to have a sneak peek at her studio and some work in progress photographs

Olivia Bezett first began drawing seriously at the age of 17, releasing her first work in 2015. Within a week of deciding to peruse this career full-time, Olivia was in her first gallery and had sold her first original piece.

Olivia finds inspiration in various things. Usually the animal inspires her to add something whimsical and unique to it. The surreal part of the artwork is never pre-planned, it just flows and develops a personality and unique feature to make it it’s own. Olivia’s exhibition is to show people how she herself now see’s animals.

Roughly 30-50 colours are used in every piece and some have gold foil details. They are colours that Olivia see’s in every animal, and every living thing. Whimsical, dreamy and almost fantastical illustrations steal your imagination. With her work now in galleries across New Zealand, Australia and Europe Olivia is excited about exhibiting her new work for her show called “Animal Dreams “.

Show opens October 21st 5:3opm at endemicworld 62 Ponsonby Road.
You can find the FB event page here >> 
Contact us to request a catalogue if you cannot make it to the opening night.


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