Guest Post: Kate Alexander designs a room at INEX

Last week stylist Kate Alexander from Places & Graces designed a room for the inaugural IN-EX interior and exterior expo  at The Cloud in Auckland. We caught up with her to find out about her art choices.

I put my room together in layers . It starts with the ceiling, walls and floor. Furniture goes in. Then the finishing touches – art, objects and plants. For me a room doesn’t feel finished until the art goes up.

My choices for the art in this room were based on colour, style and size.

Samantha Tottys graphic style of work feels at home in this space because the organic shapes mimic those of the curtain fabric, rug and objects.

The green nude art print from George Sands Studio was chosen for its relaxed whimsical style and the bold colour – putting it opposite a green wall ties the two sides of the room together.

By framing all three prints in raw oak they feel part of one family. The raw oak frame against the white print background gives the artwork a firm edge. And the oak is also reflected in the colour of the floor.

Size choice was all about balance. They are deliberately all different sizes. Little miss green acts as an accent to the large Square Totty, purposefully offset to create tension and interest.

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About The Author : This post was published by Kate Alexander. She was a stylist on the TV show “Creative Living“, published her first book “Finishing Touches in 2016, and offers styling and design services via her company Places & Graces.

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