Meet The Artist: Nicholas J Boyd

On Friday, September 8th painter and sculptor┬áNicholas J Boyd will be having his first solo exhibition at endemicworld titled ‘Raw Attitude’.

Nick has been creating new works for the show and we thought we would fill you in on him and what he’s about.

Nicholas J Boyd is a self-taught artist experimenting with painting and sculpture. His yearning to create began at an early age remembering an internal nagging to want to build or make things inspired by his father building an optimist sailboat in the carport.

After a short stint at Otago University in 2004, Nicholas returned to Auckland where he picked up a paintbrush with proper intent. He found Jean Michel Basquiat and became enthralled in his paintings and life story. While completing a Bachelor of Communication he also completed an exchange study programme to Monterrey, Mexico. It was travel that opened Nick to continue experimenting with his art being surrounded by vibrant cultures, history, and different aesthetics of the countries he visited.

When Nicholas returned he took up residence at The Cross Street Studios in the heart of K Rd, started by a group of art students. After graduating Nicholas made the decision to devote all his time to artistic practice.

Cross Street Studios Arts Collective and more recently being a member of The Carwash Gallery/Studio Arts Collective were Nicholas’s art schools. Being around other working artists provided him with insight into how and why artists were using their time in their fields. He helped to organise, curate, hang and manage sales through these collectives. He was able to engage in conversations with other artists, to discuss techniques, to trade ideas and live a life surrounded by creativity and exhibition of artwork in all forms.

Nicholas’s artistic talents lie in his natural instincts and powers of observation and dedication to the practice and experimentation of his work. Travel and exploration whether it be geographically or in his own mind keep him motivated to continue to create in knowing that when pushing yourself beyond your boundaries what is around the corner is unknown and the knowledge gained by this exploration will further his artistic endeavors.

Find out more about show details here. >>

El Cardon, 2015, Oil on Canvas
Sistine Punga, 2016, Oil painted panels & hand-carved Rimu
Sistine Punga, 2016, Oil painted panels & hand carved Rimu
Nick in his studio working on Sistine Punga, which was part of Sculpture on the Shore in 2016.
Stretching Out, 2015, Oil on Canvas
Nick’s studio, WIP for ‘Raw Attitude’

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