10 Auckland Art Week Events we think will be dope!

Auckland Art Week is coming up and there is gonna be heaps to do and see, we have put together a list of the events and exhibitions we are most looking forward to seeing.


The Corsini Collection: a window on Renaissance Florence

The Corsini family have one dope art collection featuring paintings from artists like Sandro Botticelli, Andrea del Sarto and Caravaggio it’s amazing!!! This exhibition is an opportunity to get up close and personal with some real bourgeois art from the Renaissance era.


Malcolm Harrison: a Celebration

A showcase of nationally acclaimed textile artist Malcolm Harrison, he is most well known for his quilting and embroidery work but we’re not talking the kind your nan does. Malcolm’s depth of skill and detailing in his work makes you wanna stare at them longingly wishing you curl up on the couch in one. Waiheke Community Art Gallery has the privilege of hosting his estate of painted works on paper, small sculpture, assemblages, poetry and illustrations for children’s books.


Robert George:  A memoir for Falling Light

Robert George’s style of films can be described as ethereal and dreamlike. His new commissioned film explores ideas of death and how we deal with that and what it means to remember. You’re most likely going to feel all the feels when watching this film so be sure to pack a hanky.


Inky Paste-Up Paper Paradise: Inky Palms

Over the course of Artweek the crew from Inky Palms venture down from K’Road to the Central City Library and try their hands at taking their typically zine-bound Risograph printed concoctions from the page to the wall in a playful paste-up paper street mural celebrating reading, writing, drawing and the form of the book in all its guises, drawing inspiration from the City Library’s Heritage collection.


John Crawford: On The Streets

John Crawford’s potrait photographs have always told stories about the subject. The subject’s of this exhibition are the homeless of Auckland streets.  The event is a charity fundraiser for the City Mission, with all proceeds going directly to charity. Such a major issue in New Zealand right now and a great event to get behind this Auckland Art Week.


Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Never Sorry director Alison Klayman’s portrait of China’s most outspoken domestic critic Ai Weiwei makes you feel grateful for freedom of speech. This documentary is a thrilling watch as you see Ai Weiwei continue to voice his thoughts about his motherland the poster says it all really!


Judy Millar: Rock Drop

To see a Judy Millar installation in such a dynamic space is pretty exciting. The works look different from all perspectives, making you feel like you can never quite capture it in its entirety. It quite funny how experiencing a space with one of Judy’s works can make you feel, definitely a must-go-see.


Karanga Maha: Pip Hartley, Tyla Vaeau Ta’ufo’ou, Tyler-Jade Whatarangi Flay, Hiram Vaeau

Karanga Maha can be translated to the call of the many. Karanga Ink is a studio of Maori and Pasifika artists who have over 25 years tattoo experience collectively their work often speaks to the wearer’s personal story; reflecting whakapapa, whanau and significant life events. This exhibition offers an insight into the artist’s practice and the wearer’s journey through a series of photographic portraits.


Marti Friedlander: Journeys

For more than six decades Marti Friedlander’s lens followed the lives of ordinary New Zealanders and helped shape an awareness of our diverse communities with an eye for the wild and spontaneous. Marti Friedlander – Journeys follows the artist outside Auckland, to the islands of the Pacific and beyond.


Hannah Jensen: Wild – In The Making

It goes without saying that this is definitely on our list and not just because we are hosting it. Hannah will be carving her large-scale paintings daily, demonstrating her mastered technique of cutting into layers of acrylic on board revealing the colours below.  Hannah draws inspiration from hours spent walking around her late father’s game reserve in South Africa; capturing the jaw-dropping experience of standing face to face with a wild animal.  The opening is on Friday 6th October at 5.30pm, 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. Everyone welcome!

Hope you all get out to see some Art Week action! Head to the website to find out about exhibitions, times and locations.



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