Jenna Smith Photographic Print

Born in Auckland, New Zealand photographer Jenna Smith grew up in Western Australia where much of her childhood was spent enjoying the beautiful beaches and lifestyle of the WA coast; a prominent influence in Jenna’s photographic work.

As a passionate photographer and lover of good design, Jenna is currently focussing on expanding her fashion portfolio alongside her architecture and interior work. Photographing seascapes and the water is Jenna’s first love, and she continues to bring these elements together within her work.

‘Depths’ is best seen big, it’s then the viewer can get a real idea of scale when it comes to this dreamy underwater shot. This not quite focused shot gives a slight sense of motion, movement with the waves as if your floating amongst the current.

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Depths photographic print by Jenna Smith
“Depths’ close-up

View all Jenna Smith’s photographic prints >>

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