Meet the artist: Hannah Jensen

On Friday the 6th of October endemicworld will be hosting ‘Wild – In The Making’ part one of Hannah Jensen’s latest solo exhibition.

A multidisciplinary artist most well-known for her carved work, Hannah graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in printmaking, and transferred her skills to the painted medium in her postgraduate practice, developing a unique stylistic approach.

With seven large-scale animal pieces to create, she will stage an intimate studio setting where you are invited to watch the artworks come to life. Hannah will be carving daily demonstrating her mastered technique of cutting into layers of acrylic on board revealing the colours below.

Jensen draws inspiration from her hours spent walking around her father’s game reserve in South Africa: capturing the jaw-dropping experience of standing face to face with a wild animal. Her work celebrates the exceptional beauty of each individual animal, emphasizing their magnificent textures, from fur to feathers, tusks to antlers: all are intricately hand carved.

From African Game to French Wild Horses, Arctic Mammals and Japanese Cranes, these striking animal portraits are a harrowing reality check of what will be left behind if we continue to destroy their natural habitats. With a passion for nature and travel, Jensen only hopes she has the chance to see them all in her lifetime, in the wild.

Find out more about show details here. >>

Find out more about show details here. >>


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