MEET THE ARTIST: Justine Hawksworth

Auckland based artist Justine Hawksworth recently sat down with a glass of Shiraz and talked about the many hats she wears, the projects she’s got in the pipeline for this year and shared some images of her family, home and studio.


What do you do? 

I am an artist/designer/illustrator/crafter/mother – all of those things all of the time!  Often one overshadows the other but mostly I’m creating art amongst my family and in between all of the activities my kids have on. I work in a spare room in our home in Mt Eden and manage my small company ‘The Bach Book’ from the kitchen table! For a while now my work has been based around NZ imagery, often over nautical charts and maps. I paint in acrylic on board and copper.

 What did you have for breakfast? 

Vogels toast with Peanut Butter and honey x2

Justine’s daughter Pip and their family dog Jae, rotating art wall in the background.

 What’s currently on your walls at home?

Heaps of nail holes! I move art constantly! A huge underwater photo by Jenna Smith, various canvases by Cam Munroe, an Andi Regan cable tie urchin, a print of my Mum when she was 18 on the cover of a Dutch Rowing magazine and an old whaling oar that washed up on the beach by our family bach. Our walls are full! too much stuff to list!

 If you weren’t making art/doing what you do what would you be doing? 

I’m never not making/doing some form of art or craft – I’m not great at sitting still and I get the shakes if I go for too long without creating something! I guess if I have to be doing something else it would be watching the sea with a glass of Taylors Shiraz in my hand.

 Current obsession? 

I guess Shiraz has probably been my obsession for some time now although I do try not to let that obsession get away on me!

The stairwell in Justine’s home that her and her husband, an architect, designed.

 Career highlight so far?

Has to be having my kids – they are the best thing I have ever created without a doubt. (I don’t think I need to go into how they came about!!)

 Dream project or collab or both? 

Being asked to design a label for a winery and being paid for it in wine!!

 Plans for the future? 

I have a few collab ideas in the wings for this year – one exhibition with Jenny McLeod, Glass Artist that I’m really looking forward to and hopefully a couple of workshops in Perth with some artists that I have worked with a few years back.

Your dream concert, an act you wanna see live. Living or dead.

Ella Fitzgerald – my Mum and Dad were big jazz fans and it has worn off on me – I would love to see her live.


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