Holly Schroder ‘Merging Faces’ Exhibition

1. Tell us about your upcoming show ‘Merging Faces’?

Merging faces is a two-week long solo exhibition held at Allpress Studios in Auckland. The show opens on Tuesday the 19th of March and runs until Friday the 29th of March.

It will feature around twelve large scale works and a light installation, this collection of work is based on various subject matter pulled from different environments and merged together through movement patterns such as twisting, colliding, shifting, intertwining etc. I am interested in both portraying movement through the works and literal movement through light animations.

2. Can you describe your making process and how this influences your style of work?

Each finished painting is the final product of a unique making process. A work will often start off as something quite simple, and through a process of manipulation it might develop into something really complex. This process could include transforming a static painting design into an animated video or gif and then turning it back into a static image again, each time it changes. Through this approach, it extends the work and creates interesting layers of movement.

2. What is the significance of the title?

“Merging faces” is all about taking different subjects and merging them together through lines and colour. These movement patterns have reflective elements around the movement of people and the merging of cultures in New Zealand and the world. Through compiling lots of subjects together in these works, I hope to create a sort of unraveling process as one spends time with the work, and for different things to emerge.

3. Where has inspiration come from for the works of this exhibition?

Often movements catch my eye and turn into inspiration for multiple works. I like how there can be multiple stories playing out in one work, and how each subject is connected and interacting with the subject next to it. This collection of work encompasses the quality of discovering hidden images.

5. Is this a new style of work we can expect to see more of from you at endemicworld?

My style is developing slowly and constantly as I change as a person. So it definitely won’t stay the same. Each piece will represent a static point in time. We will be releasing a limited edition print of one of the works from the show, this will be exclusive to and available for purchase through endemicworld.

5. What can people coming to the show expect to see?

Large works, lots of movement, lots of colour and some interesting light installations projections.

Merging Faces Exhibition Opening
Allpress Gallery
8 Drake Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland
Opening Night
Tuesday 19th March, 5.30pm

RSVP to [email protected] or go to the Facebook page event for more info.


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