Margarita Vovna – Travels for Voiage Exhibition

Margarita Vovna is set to showcase ‘Voiage,’ a visual diary of her travels and experiences as part of Art Week Auckland on Thursday 10th of October. We caught up with her after her return from a North American road trip to ask her about travel how it inspires her art and what we can expect to see at her upcoming exhibition ‘Voiage’.

1. You’re back from another overseas trip! Where have you been?

Canada and USA. I passed through many states, which feels like entering a different country each time. I took my motorcycle from Vancouver down through Oregon, California, into the desert as south as Yuma, explored Arizona and New Mexico, then headed North-East through Memphis, Nashville, Flint, and parking up in Toronto until next season.

2. What is it about that part of the world that keeps bringing you back to it?

Every trip is a huge learning experience. Traveling by motorcycle for many miles is in itself a unique way to experience a country, it tests you and opens you up. That part of the world was made for it, the landscape and people change daily and in my experience both come with diverse beauty and story. 

3. How does this kind of travel influence or inspire your work?

I have particularly been drawn to the desert states. I visited Tucson Museum of Art this time and it felt like that exhibit was made for me to see. Everything sung out, high contrasts and rich colours, Native American tapestries, romantic Catholicism, vast landscapes, powerful portraits and sentimental symbolism, but every day there is so much to be inspired by and soak up. I tried taking photos to keep the memory alive but by the nature of my travel there is not always time or safety to do so, I guess that’s where the art comes in. 

4. What is your upcoming show ‘Voiage’ about?

It’s a visual diary and reflection of this experience. My friend in New Mexico sent me off with a bunch of handmade paper for the show and made that comment and it stuck. Simply reflecting on the richness of everything I’ve seen and felt in a way that is honest and exciting for me. 

5. How is it different or not different from your 2018 show ‘Traverse’?

Last time I went all out and made 50 pieces. Unconsciously I’m doing that again, but condensed into fewer pieces. I’m using some materials novel to me in this practice like denim, leather and plaster. 

6. Best travel advice?

Stay open. Don’t go sliding horizontally in the rain on a major Interstate.

7. What can people expect to see at Voiage?

A fun show. Lots of tattoo style symbolism. Stories from the road. Beer.

Margarita Vovna working in-studio photographs taken by Tim D

‘Voiage’ Exhibition Opening
Thursday 10th October, 6pm-8pm
62 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland
10th – 17th October, 2019
See more event info here >>

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