Print Pairs: Sophisticated Kids

Little Owl art print by Ashley Percival

For this week’s print pairs we’ve sourced some trendy rooms for kids and sophisticated art prints to match. Something a little bit different to the black and white we’ve been seeing around of late. There’s nothing wrong with monochrome, it’s just good to give the eyes a little somethin’, somethin’. image: Mikael Monson Photography  Why not introduce […]

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Styled: Displaying art prints in your home

This week we threw more art prints into different rooms, to give you guys an idea as to what they look like out in the wild! Be free, prints. Go forth and brighten walls… Waiheke Tapu Kaka screenprint by FLOX Punga with Pohutakawa print on ply by Greg Straight Detritis and Memories art print by […]

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Print Pairs: Bright and White

Sigh, the modern life is a hectic beast. It can therefore be helpful if our home and workspaces are places of clarity. Clear out the clutter, strip back the surfaces and make a statement with a crisp white interior (our favourite tool in giving art the spotlight it deserves here at endemicworld). This week we’ve chosen […]

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