Print Pairs: Bright and White

Sigh, the modern life is a hectic beast. It can therefore be helpful if our home and workspaces are places of clarity.

Clear out the clutter, strip back the surfaces and make a statement with a crisp white interior (our favourite tool in giving art the spotlight it deserves here at endemicworld). This week we’ve chosen 3 different spaces where white makes an impact, and as always, charming art prints to go with them.

Living room and hare art print

A bit of country charm never goes astray, and it’s safe to say that with stores such as Father Rabbit making it all too easy, we have no excuse but to pull off the style perfectly. This room could easily translate into a Villa or any older home with character.

A signed and numbered Clive limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell is also seriously made for this kinda thing… ‘hop’ to it!


kate hursthouse alphabet art print and interior

Kate Hursthouse is one our newest local artists creating stunning calligraphy and typographic work. Her Calligraphy Alphabet art print could work at any size as a statement or detail piece, but we’ve imagined it could sit in this space as a smaller A4 size print.

No need for hanging, just get the art print framed in a thick box frame and stand it up in amongst your other belongings on a shelf or window sill.

With her background in architecture and love of words, the precise nature of Kate’s work would compliment a simple and clean display such as this one.


Geroge Sand Studio philodendron living room pair

Loving this couch(I distinctly remember seeing one very similar in Bo Concept Store…). Again, white and grey are the perfect platform for giving your artwork space to breathe and make an impact.

The Philodendron Art Print by Carmel at George Sand Studio would lift the mood of this room. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to have leaves in your home!


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