Print Pairs: The casual lean

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how we display art in our homes. Do we frame it? Do we pin or stick it to the wall with washi? Then there’s the hassle of making sure its actually straight.

Hallelujah, we have found a way to make hanging art prints simple… don’t hang it! Lean it. (Like your date when he’s trying to be cool.)

This week we have accompanied suave leaning positions with bold prints to fit.

Namaste Art print by Alisha Brunton leaning

image:, feat. Norm Architects

The Namaste art print by Alisha Brunton has everything this room needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Perfectly organic text, with simple composition.

Aztec in black art print by Cloud Nine Creative

image: via pinterest

This ledge is such a handy addition to a small bathroom; keep your beauty products dry, burn a beautiful candle, or bang an Aztec art print by Cloud Nine Creative in a frame to admire.

Helvetica typographic art print by OSLO

image: via pinterest

A whole wall- length side board free to stack with prints, books and treasures?! Yes please! This is also an amazing storage solution.

The art print featured is Helvetica by OSLO.

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