Print Pairs: Simple Elegance

This week’s art print pairs is all about simple elegance. In each room, the styling is basic and clean, allowing the furniture and art to do the talking. We can all get so wrapped up in having the latest nick- nacks and home wares, but sometimes it is more about the perfect placement and grouping […]

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Print Pairs: Sophisticated Kids

Little Owl art print by Ashley Percival

For this week’s print pairs we’ve sourced some trendy rooms for kids and sophisticated art prints to match. Something a little bit different to the black and white we’ve been seeing around of late. There’s nothing wrong with monochrome, it’s just good to give the eyes a little somethin’, somethin’. image: Mikael Monson Photography  Why not introduce […]

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Print Pairs: The casual lean

Namaste Art print by Alisha Brunton leaning

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how we display art in our homes. Do we frame it? Do we pin or stick it to the wall with washi? Then there’s the hassle of making sure its actually straight. Hallelujah, we have found a way to make hanging art prints simple… don’t hang it! Lean it. (Like […]

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Print Pairs: Accentuated Art

Little Bay Photographic print by Jenna Smith

We are all for styling here at endemicworld. Hell, we’re all guilty of going a bit batty in search of  ‘the perfect cushion’ (come on ladies, I’m sure everyone can admit to this one) or over cute pot plants or nick-nacks. But its time we let the art speak! Here are some neutral interior art […]

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Print Pairs: Bold and beautiful

Seahorsing around art print livingroom

Autumn is fast approaching (and the leaves are a- falling), and with change of season comes a change in trends. Before we head into winter we thought it was time to throw some colour into the mix and give black and white a wee rest. Below are a collection of bold and strikingly colourful interiors […]

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Print Pairs: Bright and White

Sigh, the modern life is a hectic beast. It can therefore be helpful if our home and workspaces are places of clarity. Clear out the clutter, strip back the surfaces and make a statement with a crisp white interior (our favourite tool in giving art the spotlight it deserves here at endemicworld). This week we’ve chosen […]

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Print Pairs

It’s Saturday. We know none of you are doing any work, that’s why you are searching for cool design ideas! Here’s our latest selection of Print Pairs for your Saturday procrastination. The Pool limited edition art print by Swiden  (available at endemicworld) would sit awesomely in this living room as part of an eclectic print wall. […]

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