Win! “Music is my Savior” screen print by iThink

Congratulations to Michelle Hayward from Dunedin, the lucky winner of iThinks latest art print.

Huge big ups to everyone who entered, to say thanks here is a $10 discount code to use when purchasing any iThink Art Print.

Enter the code “musiclover” during checkout and you will get $10 off !!
The code is valid until midnight Sunday the 13th.
You can also us the code in-store, just mention this post to us.

Have a mean weekend everyone, and thanks again for entering the draw, there will be more giveaways soon!

 >> This competition has ended >>

We have one of the cool new screen prints “Music is my Savior” by local designer/artist/DJ/typemaster  iThink to giveaway!

To go in the draw, just comment on this blog post (be sure to leave your name and email address). Too easy!

For an extra entry in the draw, link to this competition on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and let us know you’ve done that when you comment.

Entries close 12pm, Friday 11th October, winner drawn shortly afterwards!




72 Responses to “Win! “Music is my Savior” screen print by iThink”

  1. Jonah says:

    Awesome print, will look mean on the wall above my decks!

  2. Just LOVE this and have the perfect place for it in my monochromatic office!
    Would love to win it!

  3. Shared on Ses & Jen Stylefiles

  4. Myf says:

    Jumping on the Lorde wagon, she’s fantastic!

  5. Vanessa says:

    Love this!

  6. Mark Osborne says:

    This would make a great Xmas pressie for thew lovely Amanda…

    Nice work Jamie.

  7. Kara Foster says:

    Love this! Will share on my facebook page now. :)

  8. b33sty says:

    Another great music related artwork form iThink, which wall will I put it on??

  9. Fiona Clarke says:

    Looks Great

  10. Holly says:

    Yes please!

  11. Stacey says:

    Love this <3 cool art that rings so very true!

  12. LisaNailtek says:

    Will look fab in my salon, looks great

  13. Kellie Tatterton says:

    Music food for my soul.. luv this print Wea cn I actually buy ur prints …

  14. Chris says:

    This poster is definitely something to savour! Love the drips, nice touch.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Rad print, would take pride of place in my office / studio!

  16. Daniel Shrimpton says:

    Wow they look amazing!!!

  17. Jason says:


  18. REILLY HOPE says:


  19. Renee Boyd says:

    Nice !

  20. Maybe says:

    J ‘ AIME !!!! MOI VEUX **** true story music is my savior ****

  21. Anna Roberts says:

    music IS my saviour! Awesome print! (shared)

  22. Josh says:

    Very cool!

  23. Michael says:

    Looks awesome, yup – music sure is!

  24. Super cool lettering man.
    Nice work!

  25. Louise says:

    Awesome print. Hope I win so I can hang it in my new house :)

  26. Lisa says:

    Wow, this resonates more than I can say… and it looks amazing too. Love it.

  27. Nico says:

    Music is everyone’s savior. Let it reign free!

  28. andy says:

    lets put it right above my desk? yes? ok

  29. Brent says:

    Shot JR! Mean bro.

  30. Jo says:

    My walls are painfully bland (they also have small holes in them I am trying to cover) – I’d love an awesome piece of NZ artwork to accompany my specially signed KUPU poster I scored here in Melbourne from the Weston Frizzell fellas a couple of weeks back – please please please!

  31. Lana says:

    Yup….Many a problem worked out on the dancefloor…or in the lounge or the bedroom…as long as there’s music x

  32. Carl M says:

    Damn this is dope love it pick me and shared

  33. Imogen O'Meara says:

    My husband would love this!@!

  34. Michaela says:

    Wow what a great print. Yes please!

  35. Sian says:

    I think I just found the piece of art I was looking for x I had two things in mind…B&W text and words that ring true

  36. Jac says:

    Spending hours on sites such as Endemic is my sauvior!!!

  37. Emily R says:

    Love this so much! Has so much meaning for me. Shared on FB, Twitter and Pinterest

  38. Mike says:

    “The best thing about music is once it hits you, you feel no pain.”-Bob Marely. What an awesome piece, hope I win!!

  39. Ange says:

    Epic print – would be honored to win this :) Keep up the good work! XX

  40. Linked to my facebook.

    A lonely life, where no one understands you. But don’t give up, because the music do (Korn)

  41. forgot to add link. Fantastic artwork!

  42. Euan says:

    Great Print

  43. mark noble says:

    please let me savior that arty flavour

  44. Michelle says:

    Love it want it need it now!

  45. Keza :) says:

    Super kool :)

  46. Jenny K says:

    We Love iThink
    We have four
    What a score
    We’d love one more !

  47. Jenny K says:

    Posted on Pinterest & Facebook :)

  48. Jess dR says:

    That is sooooo cool! I love it! I have an appreciation for music & art. Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick Meeeeee!

  49. Kimiora says:


  50. All you need is your favorite music to help keep you on a real nice and smooth flow while you work. One day I’ll be just as good to produce top quality work like you bro! Truly an inspiration and also motivation to see some real wicked visuals!!! Sharing this!!!

  51. Damian L says:

    Music speaks what cannot be expressed , it soothes the mind and gives it a rest it heals the heart and makes it whole and flows internally to the soul

  52. Kathryn evans says:

    Music IS a savior to many… no matter how you feel you can always find a song that puts into words what you can not…

  53. lily says:

    great print, ive got just the spot for it

  54. Darren Rae says:

    LOVE this

  55. Keight says:

    So true ….I love it

  56. ben kennedy says:

    Mint Print!

  57. Billyjean says:

    Great print!

  58. Julian says:

    Love the black n white- Crispy! Noice work Junior

  59. Dena says:

    Love the bold black on white!! Will be ideal to hang above our 10 month olds cot . Start em young i say. #musicAppreciation

  60. carla casey says:

    yes yes yes yes please how cool.a piece of art history :-)

  61. Sam says:

    Music + art = salvation ithink

  62. Elliot says:

    Thanks for all the great comments folks, just an hour to go, good luck!

  63. Hopkins says:


  64. Matt says:

    Hot typography = melting. Awesome

  65. Alexandra Holmes says:

    Awesome! I love it! Can’t live without music! :)

  66. Derek says:

    Awesome artwork

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