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Print Pairs: Simple Elegance

This week’s art print pairs is all about simple elegance. In each room, the styling is basic and clean, allowing the furniture and art to do the talking.

We can all get so wrapped up in having the latest nick- nacks and home wares, but sometimes it is more about the perfect placement and grouping of cool things we already own.

I guess you could call it ‘curating’ your own belongings. It leaves more room for art, too!

Sleeveless art print Wild Wagon styled


This little corner screams summer, Pina Coladas and desert road trips. Can’t believe the vibe is created with just a couple of chairs, gorgeous cactus and one bright piece of art! Sleeveless art print by Wild Wagon would also work in this space.

Tangaroa OSLO art print contemporary styled

Image: Mike Tonkin,

Stylish and contemporary, this room uses browns to soften it and make it easy on the eye. Where black would be too harsh, it creates a more relaxing vibe. Feat. Tangaroa art print by OSLO

3 Green bottles weston frizzell styled print beach


Achieve the perfect summer hang out space by stripping back your interior to get the holiday bach feel at home. The limited edition Three Green Bottles screen print by Weston Frizzell throws more kiwi design into the equation.

For more awesome art prints, visit us online or in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. 


Print Pairs: Sophisticated Kids

For this week’s print pairs we’ve sourced some trendy rooms for kids and sophisticated art prints to match. Something a little bit different to the black and white we’ve been seeing around of late. There’s nothing wrong with monochrome, it’s just good to give the eyes a little somethin’, somethin’.

Sur Votre Velo bike art print by Greg Straight

image: Mikael Monson Photography 

Why not introduce some french into their little lives, with the Sur Votre Velo art print by Greg Straight. (Other than the ‘French’ words you use when they don’t go to sleep at night) The styling in this room definitely has a nautical, Hamptons feel to it.

Little Owl art print by Ashley Percival

image: Tom Cole, Mini Woonboek

This has got to be one of the most subtle, dreamy kids rooms we’ve seen in a while. Loving the muted tones and gold dots.

This wise looking Little Owl art print by Ashley Percival  would look so cute above the beautiful wooden bed head.

Berg art print by Pencil & Hammer

 image: Patrick Cline

One for the tweens. SUCH an amazing rug, art displayed in a mini gallery wall and a cosy hanging chair. The Berg art print pulls out all those pink hues, and is part of the new graphic range by Pencil & Hammer. TDF.

For more awesome art prints for kids, visit us online or in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. 




Print Pairs: The casual lean

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how we display art in our homes. Do we frame it? Do we pin or stick it to the wall with washi? Then there’s the hassle of making sure its actually straight.

Hallelujah, we have found a way to make hanging art prints simple… don’t hang it! Lean it. (Like your date when he’s trying to be cool.)

This week we have accompanied suave leaning positions with bold prints to fit.

Namaste Art print by Alisha Brunton leaning

image:, feat. Norm Architects

The Namaste art print by Alisha Brunton has everything this room needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Perfectly organic text, with simple composition.

Aztec in black art print by Cloud Nine Creative

image: via pinterest

This ledge is such a handy addition to a small bathroom; keep your beauty products dry, burn a beautiful candle, or bang an Aztec art print by Cloud Nine Creative in a frame to admire.

Helvetica typographic art print by OSLO

image: via pinterest

A whole wall- length side board free to stack with prints, books and treasures?! Yes please! This is also an amazing storage solution.

The art print featured is Helvetica by OSLO.

For other art prints by these artists and more, visit us online.

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Print Pairs: Accentuated Art

We are all for styling here at endemicworld. Hell, we’re all guilty of going a bit batty in search of  ’the perfect cushion’ (come on ladies, I’m sure everyone can admit to this one) or over cute pot plants or nick-nacks. But its time we let the art speak! Here are some neutral interior art print pairs, where the art totally makes the room.

Ascent Art print by Duett Design


This bedroom, including the colour palette and simple styling is perfect for anyone who leads a busy week. No fuss and refreshing, just like the Ascent art print by Duett Design chosen to match.


Voyage art print by Inaluxe

image: Design Milk

Inaluxe have just released 6 more colourful designs, including the Voyage art print. We swear this Aussie pair never get it wrong! Imagine a couple of these printed large and hung in the classy, comfortable lounge above.


Little Bay Photographic print by Jenna Smith


Large landscape and seascape photographs are trending hard at the moment. They are perfect in the lounge or bedroom where we relax and escape. Let your mind wander away from your daily life with Little Bay limited edition photographic art print by Jenna Smith.

To view more art prints by any of our artists, visit the endemic website, or pop into our store at 62 Ponsonby Road.



Print Pairs: Bold and beautiful

Autumn is fast approaching (and the leaves are a- falling), and with change of season comes a change in trends. Before we head into winter we thought it was time to throw some colour into the mix and give black and white a wee rest. Below are a collection of bold and strikingly colourful interiors and as usual, some fab prints to go with!

Seahorsing around art print livingroom


Ohhh my, this is one stunning living room. A mish- mash of vintage, retro, bohemian and scandi styles keep it fun and personal. Not to mention the cute, simple hanging system for tea towels or art prints; hunt down some coloured push- pins that match or contrast the artwork.

The Seahorsing Around art print by MakusArt would slot in anywhere amongst all the little treasures in this living room.

Do I spy two Swiden cushions on the couch? You can also snatch these designs up in print form here if the plush version isn’t for you.

Laura O'Connor Emerald art print office


This refurbished office space looks more like a cosy lounge room to us. Who wouldn’t want to do business here?

Liven up your own workspace with miss-match frames and lush velvety textures to make your clients feel at ease; these elements give the room a more informal, cruisy vibe yet still feel classy and classic.

Laura O’Connor‘s Emerald art print combines all of these elements and adds some edge to the space.

Mexico art print by Keryn Sweeney boho livingroom


The clever display of artwork really stands out in this chilled, bohemian space. Coloured and bejewelled frames don’t have to look so 90′s; group heaps of smaller pictures together in colourful frames to create one large artwork. Perfect for collections of travel photos and polaroids.

Haven’t been anywhere cool lately? Photographer Keryn Sweeney has, and we’ve chosen her Mexico print to match the worldly feel of this room.

Check out the way they’ve utilised the empty fireplace to display a print. Cute!

Want to find some prints that match your own space? Visit us online at or in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.



Print Pairs: Bright and White

Sigh, the modern life is a hectic beast. It can therefore be helpful if our home and workspaces are places of clarity.

Clear out the clutter, strip back the surfaces and make a statement with a crisp white interior (our favourite tool in giving art the spotlight it deserves here at endemicworld). This week we’ve chosen 3 different spaces where white makes an impact, and as always, charming art prints to go with them.

Living room and hare art print

A bit of country charm never goes astray, and it’s safe to say that with stores such as Father Rabbit making it all too easy, we have no excuse but to pull off the style perfectly. This room could easily translate into a Villa or any older home with character.

A signed and numbered Clive limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell is also seriously made for this kinda thing… ‘hop’ to it!


kate hursthouse alphabet art print and interior

Kate Hursthouse is one our newest local artists creating stunning calligraphy and typographic work. Her Calligraphy Alphabet art print could work at any size as a statement or detail piece, but we’ve imagined it could sit in this space as a smaller A4 size print.

No need for hanging, just get the art print framed in a thick box frame and stand it up in amongst your other belongings on a shelf or window sill.

With her background in architecture and love of words, the precise nature of Kate’s work would compliment a simple and clean display such as this one.


Geroge Sand Studio philodendron living room pair

Loving this couch(I distinctly remember seeing one very similar in Bo Concept Store…). Again, white and grey are the perfect platform for giving your artwork space to breathe and make an impact.

The Philodendron Art Print by Carmel at George Sand Studio would lift the mood of this room. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to have leaves in your home!



Print Pairs

It’s Saturday. We know none of you are doing any work, that’s why you are searching for cool design ideas!
Here’s our latest selection of Print Pairs for your Saturday procrastination.

Living room and Swiden art print

The Pool limited edition art print by Swiden  (available at endemicworld) would sit awesomely in this living room as part of an eclectic print wall. While the colours are matching, the different textures and sizes give a chilled vibe. Perfect if you loath the ‘matchy matchy’ look but want continuity in your room. Image:

It’s no secret we are in love with Jeremy Senior‘s new series of minimalist, clean photographic prints (and it seems you guys are too!). A clean, crisp interior such as this one found on Fancy blog, would really set off Jeremy’s ‘Cathedral Cove’ photographic art print. If you’re a fan of the framing style in this shot, come in to the store and discuss our bespoke framing options.
P.S: How lush is the black bed head?! Image: Fancy -

To go with the organic feel and dark walls, we’ve chosen Chloe Ruby’s Pinecones art print. Simple yet detailed, with a tiny pop of colour to brighten up the cosy room.
Here’s to the flatties who are forbidden to put holes in their walls! Put up a line and grab some bulldog clips for an instant hanging system that doesn’t cost your precious rental bond. Copper fairy lights would also look pretty sweet draped along it…


Print Pairs

It’s a little hard to get back into work after the holidays – but lucky for us, our work includes scouring the internet for stylish, inspiring interior design… it hardly feels like work some days!
To get you through the last days of the working week, we’re serving up another round of Print Pairs for you – some of the most popular endemicworld art prints, paired with the spaces we’d love to see them in!


This styled kids bedroom from a recent issue of InsideOut magazine (endemic fave!) is all kinds of rad.
We’d love to see our Play kids’ art print  - by NZ designer Peppermint Studio – on that white wall, as a fun finishing touch…


Protea art print by NZ’s Cloud Nine Creative. Did you know you can now search our print gallery by colour? Super handy when you’re designing your space to a palette!


We couldn’t resist… pink’s definitely super on-trend right now, and our Claris budgie art print by NZ artist Margaret Petchell also makes a sweet addition to this designer space! (It’s available as a framed or unframed print, but we’d go for a black frame for this room, to tie into the bold black accents of the light, throw and cushion.)


We’re huge fans of the new Ebb photographic print by NZ artist Jenna Smith. It’s both dramatic and calming, and would work so well in a similarly designed space, like this clean, contemporary Scandi living room (LOVE that greyscale geo rug!)


If this is the standard of nurseries these days, we wouldn’t mind going back into nappies! Love that vintage wicker armchair, and the paper origami pendant light too.
To get a similar look at your placem, choose colourful illustrated prints with a quirky, almost-retro vibe. Like this Don’t Worry Be Happy kids art print by NZ designer Kissy Kissy Kids!

Scandi interior with typographic framed art print

There’s no hiding our love for the modern Scandinavian interior aesthetic – think lots of white and soft grey, with punches of graphic black.
(P.S: Those two rugs layered look awesome!) our Aspire to Inspire art print, designed by Jenna Smith for The Block NZ’s Jo & Damo, would look wicked in this space.