“Cosmological Beginnings” – A Solo Art Exhibition by Cinzah Seekayem

It’s an exciting time for the crew at endemicworld.com, because on Thursday the 21st November at 6pm we open our first ever art exhibition! Our amp factor is off the scale as endemicworld artist Cinzah Seekayem will have a solo show or originals & prints.

Here is the Facebook event page

The exhibition will be released online Friday 22nd at 12pm.

Check out the slick teaser vid by Monster Valley and read more about the artist Cinzah below.

Cosmological Beginnings – A Solo Exhibition by Cinzah Seekayem from Monster Valley on Vimeo.

Cinzah Seekayem is an Auckland based Artist / Illustrator / Professional Mess maker.

He works in a diverse practice which ranges from intricate drawings through to digital illustration and large scale mural works. He works in a quirky illustrative style mainly focussing on character based art.

Cinzah draws directly from his own imagination exploring themes such as childhood nostalgia, daydreaming, nature, travel and studies of slightly deranged city folk. Often exploring intricate pattern making, the relationships between man and nature, and balance between ultimate chaos and harmony.  His characters become a reinterpretation of life around him.

Cinzah’s works are held in private collections in New York and Berlin and have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and mural productions throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South East Asia and America.







View more of Cinzah’s work


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