59 Rivoli: Artists claim old building in Paris

This week we are admiring the French gallery space called 59 Rivoli, a building in Paris saved from demolition by a group of ever- changing and evolving artists. Entry is free.

Imagine all the old buildings that could be revived in this way! We know we’d certainly be keen for this in AK city…

Collaborative spaces such as 59 Rivoli are important parts of the art community as they involve the public, and give artists the opportunity to create an interactive dimension to their pieces.

For more on 59 Rivoli, click here. (You may need to get ‘yo French on’ to read it, but the pictures say it all really)

Entrance at 59Rivoli

Art at 59 rivoli

Mural art at 59 Rivoli

Stairwell at 59 Rivoli

Baguette art at 59 rivoli

mural art at 59 rivoli

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