Olivia Bezett Art Debut Exhibition 2015

For those who can’t make it to Olivia Bezett‘s Debut exhibition, here are a few shots from the opening night.

18 year old Olivia Bezett’s first ever exhibition includes original coloured pencil drawings and hand- leafed limited edition art prints.

The opening night also marked the first exhibition hosted by endemicworld in the fresh new front gallery space.

The exhibition continues until Sunday the 3rd May, with Olivia drawing in the gallery daily.

Endemicworld Exhibition

Olivia Bezett Portrait

Olivia Bezett Original Drawings

Olivia Bezett Exhibition Endemicworld

Olivia Bezett Exhibition Endemicworld

Olivia Bezett Debut Exhibition
Olivia Bezett Original Drawings
To view a full range of Olivia’s open edition art prints, visit endemicworld.com

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