The Art of Display: Pinterest Inspiration

Inspired by some of our recent finds on Pinterest, we’ve come up with a few new ideas for displaying art prints at our place (or yours!)…

art prints bedside table

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To Do: Create a mini gallery wall at our bedside. Pick one or two favourite art prints, and keep an open mind for other printed lovelies that could be turned into unique art – perhaps a souvenir from a memorable time, a favourite photo, or even an old sketch or a cutting from a magazine that is meaningful.

art print above desk

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Do you have an all-time favourite print? Let it be the guide for the room’s colour palette. Pick out the neutral(s) – white, grey, sand, black, etc – from the art for furniture and larger items in the room, and then select other colours and tones from the print for your homeware, textiles and accessories.

art print gallery wall

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If you choose a box-style frame (one that sits out a cm or more from the wall and the print), you can also display small items on the top of the frame, or on the bottom lip. Like they’ve done in this image, with the geometric paper decorations.

image source

An otherwise-ordinary corner of a home, transformed into a little pocket of wow.
We love how they’ve used their gallery wall to ‘frame’ the statement chair (in this case, used as a small table) – great little idea!

art prints on black wall

image source

Two words: Black walls!

image source

Art prints aren’t the only thing that look good on display. Do you collect anything? Hats? Scarfs? Plates? Vintage Books? Grouped items can look gorgeous on a wall!



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