The Art of Display – Ideas for Unframed Prints

Eh – who says your art prints have to be framed? Sometimes, a more casual style looks even better than framing, and it certainly helps the wallet situation. Here’s a few easy ideas to display your unframed art prints…


Copper Nails

Copper Nails

Copper is super on-trend, and a set of copper nails is an affordable find at any hardware store (we’ve seen them in Bunnings and Mitre 10 Mega stores here in NZ). Hammer one in each corner of the print to make a real feature of the copper, or try just one nail in the top centre if you prefer a minimal approach (or if you’re displaying a few prints together).

Brass Clip


We’ve all seen prints hung by regular old bulldog clips, and that’s awesome and everything… but hello, brass. Brass is having a moment in interiors, and we think your art print deserves a little luxe. We’d hang one above our bedside table.

Washi Tape Frames


Create your own frame! Washi Tape is great because, if you’re careful, you can easily peel it off the wall (and your art print) without any trace it was ever there. Which also means you can change up the look as the mood strikes – four short diagonal pieces on each corner for a loose look, a perfect rectangle frame around your print, or maybe cut the tape into thinner strips and create wall art which forms part of an overall piece. Whether you’re into pastels, neon brights, awesomely-clashing patterns (print-on-print), luxe metallic or simple bold black, you’ll find the washi tape to suit.

Not Pin – Pon



We are obsessed with these new no-puncture push pins (called Pons!). Invented by a clever young American guy, who raised enough funding on Kickstarter to put Pon into production! You can now pre-order packs of Pon online.

Prints on Ply


Grab a sheet of ply, some favourite art prints and other printed material (wrapping paper you love, a fave photo or two, etc) and arrange awesomely. Done! A modern moodboard that you can move around your room or easily take to your new flat.

Magnetic Gallery Wall

art on a wall

Paint a wall with magnetic paint, and fix your art prints to it with tiny magnets.



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