New Year, New Look

Ah, January. Our FAVE time of the year! A new diary (blank pages excite us), and a chance to refresh your rooms – to create a new space for the new year ahead.
Here’s a few easy tips to creating a new look for your bedroom, on a budget…


framed art print on black bedroom wall

Black is back! If you’re a little nervous (or budget-conscious) about painting a whole room black, just go for one wall, behind the bed, as they’ve done here. Simple and chic – and it makes any art prints you have on the wall really pop!

interior design

Buying just a few contemporary cushions is a quick way to totally revive your bed linen. Have a few sweet little plants around the house or outside?
Pop one at your bedside to breathe a little more life into the space.

Art Print Picture Ledge in bedroom

See what we mean about the little plant on the bedside? Nice!
Rearrange your art prints around the house – taking from one room and displaying in another, grouping them differently than you have in the past.
These small ledge shelves are perfect for above your bed – display 2 or 3 of your favourite prints and add a small keepsake/memento to break it up.

chair and bed

Speaking of switching things around… try a fave chair as a bedside table instead!

photos as art on wall

Relive your awesome summer hols with a casual-cool collage as art on your bedroom wall. Pick and print a bunch of fave photos, arrange, and pop on the wall with washi tape.
Choose colourful patterned tape or stick with one shade – up to you! The best thing about washi tape is how cleanly it removes, so you can play around with where and how you display the photos.

framed print on bedroom floor

Sick of your bedside table? Try a stack of your all-time fave books or magazines. So simple, so effective, and no-cost.
And who said art prints have to be on the wall? Take them down and try a few leaned up against a wall. We like it. We like it a lot!
large framed art print in bedroom

Large art print leaning up against the wall, a stack of good magazines, a little bit of green foliage and a beautiful candle… BOOM, instant bedside style.


Framed NZ Art Prints

Four of our newest art prints over at endemicworld –
Work in Progress by Chloe Ruby (NZ),  Never Ending Fun art print by Oslo (NZ), Love Machine by Inaluxe, and Pinecones by Chloe Ruby (NZ)




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