Interior Inspiration

Happy Birthday, Queenie! Thanks for giving us the day off, so we can surf the net looking at inspiring interiors…

art print in fireplace

Digging this idea – a framed print becomes a fireplace cover.
(Whether its a working fireplace – to hide the mess and ashes – or not.)

prints and plate on a wall
So much to love here – but what caught my eye first was the decorative vintage plate on the wall.

art prints on wall

How’s this for a cute small office? Especially digging the contrast of old ornate frames with modern accents. Love those stripes too! via

Style doesn’t have to mean buying new. We love this coffee table made from stacks of a favourite magazine…

framing art prints with washi tape

washi tape art

I’m SO doing this next weekend – a few cool art and photo finds, framed with washi tape!

diamond print on wall

Heck yes, diamond-print walls!
displaying art prints
Vintage pants hangers make perfect art print hangers!


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